RadhaKrishn 4th March 2021 Written Episode Update: Mahadev Helps Krishna

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RadhaKrishn 4th March 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.comKrishna tells Radha that Mahadev got angry, but it created a good and superior god. Radha asks how can be result of anger be good. Mata Parvati asks Shani why did he spoil Mahadev’s meditation and made him angry. Mahadev angry asks Shani how dare he is to put his angry vision on Parvati. Shani says he got a chance to take revenge from his father for doing justice to him and his mother till now and asks Mahadev to move aside. Mahadev denies. Shani says nobody can stop him from putting his angry vision on his father. Parvati warns him not to fight with Mahadev. Suryadev apologizes Shani and requests him to calm now. Shani throws his angry vision on him, but Mahadev breaks it and grips him with Vasuki until he calms down. Shani says he will not calm down. Narayan requests Mahadev to forgive Shani as he will correct his mistake for sure. Mahadev, Parvati, and Suryadev meet Narayan. Narayan says its time to do justice for everyone. Suryadev asks what does he mean. Narayan says Shani is very powerful and affected even Mahadev, now nobody can stop Shani from becoming Karma phal data Shani dev and not even tridevs or anyone in the universe can escape Sani’s angry vision. Suryadev requests him to give him a solution to escape from Shani’s angry vision. Mahadev says he has to accept his mistake and Shani’s angry vision. Suryadev agrees and requests Mahadev to free Shani now. Mahadev says Shani is already freed as Vasuki returned to him, now he should go in front of Shani and bear punishment. He then with Parvati and Suryadev emerges in front of Shani and offers him weapon and powers to do justice. Shani says when he used to see father’s injustice towards him, he used to feel sad, but today he realized that every situation is with a reason or else a person who accepted injustice cannot become god of justice.Radha asks Krishna why didn’t Mahadev reveal his plan to Shani dev beforehand. Krishna says when a person who does justice with everyone finds out that someone planned good for him, he wouldn’t feel good. Radha asks if Shani dev doesn’t know how did he get his powers. Krishna says Shani thinks Mahadev gave him those powers. Radha says they have to find a way to escape from Shani dev’s angry vision and prays Narayan to protect them. Krishna says he has to do everything anyways. Radha says he is thinking himself as Narayan again. Krishna says he is Narayan, she should stop thinking and chanting Narayan’s name.Shani meets Mahadev and asks why did he call him before time as its not yet time to throw angry vision on him. Mahadev says he wants him to throw his angry vision on him. Shani dev says he speed up time and its wrong. Mahadev says what could he do when Shani wants to put his angry eyes on his respectable Krishna. Shani dev says Sri Krishna did wrong by ignoring him and his sister, so he is bound to put angry vision on him. Mahadev says if that is the case, he has to put angry vision on his first. Shani dev says still there is 1 pahar left for that, till then he will punish Krishna and return.Balram rushes to Krishna and asks if Shani dev will put his angry eyes on him. Krishna says yes. Radha asks how does he know. Krishna says Balram is Sheshnag and know everything. Radha says Krishna is talking weird, first he told he is Narayan and now is telling Balram is Seshnag. She asks Balram how did he find out that Shani will put his angry eyes on Krishna. Balram says Sam informed everyone. Radha says Sam is the culprit here. Balram says he will handle Sam, but right now Krishna should seek Mahadev’s help. Krishna says Mahadev is helping him by speeding up time and diverting Shani’s direction towards him. Balram asks why did Mahadev do that. Mahadev emerges. Krishna and Balram greet him. Mahadev tells them that to protect Krishna, he speed up time and cannot do anything else. Balram says he is god of gods and should help Krishna. Mahadev says even he cannot stop Shani, so he speed up time. Krishna says its not easy to bear Shani’s angry vision. Mahadev says he can do anything top protect his aradhya. Balram asks what will he do. Mahadev disappears saying he will find out soon. Radha asks why was there such a bright light. Balram says Mahadev is signaling to help Krishna.Mahadev emerges in front of Shani and asks him to fulfill his request. Shani dev agrees. Mahadev says until he finds him and puts his angry vision on him for 1 pahar, he will not punish even Krishna. Shani says he is trying to protect Krishna in vain as he will find him before time. Krishna tells Radha that nobody can hide from Shani, so Mahadev has to do something now. Yamuna asks Shani where is he going. Shani says he is going to find Mahadev as he requested to put his angry on eyes on him first and then Krishna, so he will find Mahadev first and then punish Krishna.Precap: Shani says he will break Radha and Krishna’s relationship Krishna tells Radha that they have to separate and accept their punishment.Update Credit to: MA

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