RadhaKrishn 26th March 2021 Written Episode Update: Radha and Krishna’s Last Holi

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RadhaKrishn 26th March 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on serialupdate.india07.in
Sam gets jealous seeing Balram, Revati and everyone playing color holi again. Radha closes eyes and imagines Krishna as Narayan and herself as Laxmi. She informs same to Krishna. He says he is telling her since long that he is Narayan, anyways Narayan resides in all men. Radha says she imagined herself as Laxmi and made him shukla with her adamancy, now she realized that she likes his dusky color and doesn’t want to change him. Krishna says whoever tries to change colors will fail. Sam falls into colored water tub. Balram asks Nishant and Ulmukh to throw color on their brother Sam. They do same, and Sam walks away fuming. Radha sees color on Krishna’s left cheek and says she applied color on left cheek in dream. He says she applied it in reality She says she will color him now and asks him to smile. He smiles and she runs behind him holding colors.Devi Gauri gets happy seeing Radha and Krishna’s holi celebration. Mahadev says he likes women who keep silent. She gets angry. He says he believes in silent love and the pure love like Radha and Krishna’s. She smiles. He applies color on her cheek. She says she will also apply color on his cheek. He says he won’t look good like her brother Krishna and likes ash color. She insists and applies color on his cheek and says today Mahadev is colored in her color.Radha runs behind Krishna and he escapes repeatedly. She finally catches him. He says only Radha can catch him. She says she will not apply color on him, but will decorate him with colors. She throws colors on him imaging throwing colors on him in Golok. They both then return to Dwarka and doesn’t find anyone. Everyone rush to them and throw colors on them. They both dance with citizens and throws color on each other. A holi song play s in the background. They both ride aboat while citizens throw colors on them. In the evening Krishna tries to clean Radha’s color with water. Radha stops him and says this is her last holi and she wants colors to go away themselves. Krishna says this may not be their last holi.Devi Gauri tells Mahadev that she got happy seeing Radha and Krishna’s holi and their dance. Mahadev says even she should dance like Gauri. She describes Krishna’s dances in different emotions. He says she should learn dance from her brother. She asks him to request Krishna as he is his aradhya. He says he was joking. She says she will seek help from her friend Radha. He says a friend will understand what other friend wants.Radha dreams of Krishna dancing and all gods watching it and informs Krishna. Krishna says her dream will always come true. She says she wants to see his maha dance/raas and let whole universe watch it. Krishna says he gets engrapsed in dance and is worried about the outcome after that. Radha says dance is like meditation and it will bring only good outcome. He says but. She asks him to show his dance. Devi Gauri asks Mahadev why Krishna is hesitant to dance. Mahadev says even he is surprised. Krishna hearing their conversation tells Radha that when its his aradhya and Radha’s wish, he will dance which the whole universe will watch.Precap: Krishna performs vigorous dance in anger.
Radha tries to stop him. Mahadev requests him to stop or else he will forcefully stop him.Update Credit to: MA

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