Qurbaan Hua 31st March 2021 Written Episode Update: Chahat saves Salog from falling in the fire

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Qurbaan Hua 31st March 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on serialupdate.india07.in
Chahat gets up to leave, he dupatta gets stuck in the shirt of Neel, she is able to free it with the help of Salog, she advises him to not be afraid and come to her room if there is anything which he needs meanwhile she would check what the problem is, she leaves the room, Salog sitting beside Neel starts crying exclaiming that he is the reason for his bad health and would not disappoint him anymore.Salog walks out of the hotel, he wonders why does he always cause disappointment to his father and prays that his friends should not have told his father that there was a competition in Shimla as then he would not have caused the disappointment to him, Rohan along with his friends plan to break the glasses of Salog when they meet him the next time, they see Salog who is crying so they walk towards Salog exclaiming that they are going to break his glasses, however Salog tries to request them however they challenge him to protect his glasses if he is able to, then he would be the winner and if he is not able to save the glasses then they would be the winner.Salog tries to run from them however is not able to and then rushes to the place where the fire is lit for Holi, Dua is walking with Chahat who asks why is she talking like this as now she would have to take the medicine for her headache, Dua asks what is the fire, Chahat reveals it is lit before the Holi, Dua questions if she has ever seen it before, Chahat recalls the time when she was stuck in the fire, the night Saraswathi di died.Chahat sees that some boys are playing around the fire, she sees that one of them is walking backfoot an is about to fall in the flame, she tries to signal him however he doesnot listen, she then runs to him and is able to save him just before he falls on the fire, she immediately hugs him wondering what the feeling is, Salog thanks her for saving him once again, Chahat scolds the children for bullying Salog, asking about their rooms however they run away saying that Salog is their friend, Chahat asks why is Salog crying because of the bad children, Salog explains the tears are not because of them.Chahat explains that Salog is crying because of the fear that he is going to lose the race and it is not right because he should at least give himself a chance, Salog reveals that he doesnot like physical activities but his fathers desires it, Dua after standing says that he should be grateful that his father wants him to participate and she suggests that they exchange their parents as then her mother would also see how it is like to have a child doesnot accept her advice. Chahat forces her to remain quiet, Salog is however not ready to accept that he can win any competition that involves physical activities, Chahat says that it is not the case as he would have some talent which no other would possess.They hear that the locals are talking about not remembering the Mantar for the pooja, Salog walks to them exclaiming how he would perform the pooja and taking the thali performs the entire pooja, which even amazes the locals who bless him exclaiming that his parents have given him good teachings.Salog comes to Chahat who explains that he was wrong to say that he cannot win because he was able to perform such a complex pooja which even the elders were not able to and none of his friends have the ability to perform such activities, he should therefore not consider himself to be stupid because he is more then capable and should at least take part in the race, Salog gets relived then agrees to take part, he coming back to Chahat kneels down touching her feet, he explains that he has taken advice from her but not sought her blessings, Chahat starts weeping, he goes back to finalize the pooja.Dua getting mad at Chahat asks if she is really her daughter as she is stopping her from not taking part in the competition and is advising others to win the competition, she is wondering if Chahat picked her from a garbage can, she leaves after getting mad, Chahat rushes after her.In the morning Salog calls to AlakhNanda asking her to not worry because he will try his best to win the competition and she should pray that he doesnot fall and get an injury, Salog exclaims that he wants her to pray that he doesnot fall.Neel coming into the room takes the mobile questioning why AlakhNanda is calling her when he asked her to not call Salog until the competition, Neel says that she should not talk like this with him because he is getting like this because of her actions, AlakhNanda asks that he should at least allow Salog to play Holi, Neel mentions that he has never stopped him because if he acts like other children then would also get strong, Neel ends the call, Salog then asks Neel calling him Baba which angers him and he asks Salog what do other children call him, Salog then mentions he has also prepared a thali for him, Neel seeing the colours remembers Chahat, he vows to never keep anything that forces him to remember Chahat, he throws the colour.AlakhNanda exclaims that neither Salog nor Neel are in the house for the Holi event which is why the house is seeming is quiet, Baleq coming from behind exclaims that she would never get the person because he would live with the name of Chahat and also die with the same name, he tries to apply the colour, AlakhNanda explains that she has started to love Neel so would try to fill the holes that Chahat has created and is sure that one day would be able to attain the love of Neel.Dua is seeing the function of Holi, she goes to Sahil asking him to come and play however he says that it is their event, Dua asks what is the difference, Sahil sits up trying to explain that they both are different people, Chahat coming form the door says that it is not the case, she hands Dua a thali advising her to go and play with her friends, Chahat immediately scolds Sahil mentioning he should never try to create differences in the heart of Dua, as she has seen Dadi Ammi, Misses Baig and Baleq use religion as a means to attain their own desires, she along with Neel vowed to provide such upbringing that creates tolerance.Chahat is talking when Salog calls her from behind mentioning that he has brought colours for her, Chahat agrees allowing him to apply it on her check however he refuses then placing the thali on the bed, he kneels and applies colour on her feet, Chahat gets a strange feeling of belongingness from Salog so starts weeping, Chahat gives her blessings by placing her hand on his check.Precap: Dua bumps into Neel dropping her colours on him, he asks what has she done, she mentions that she was in her way which angers Neel who takes her to complain with her mother, Chahat advises Salog to not be afraid of the children and teach them a lesson, she places a bucket fuill of water over the door, Neel opens it and gets wet, Dua starts laughing however Neel asks her to stop it, Chahat realizes that the voice is the same as Neel which worries her.
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