Punyashlok Ahilya Bai 10th June 2021 Written Episode Update: Ahilya promises Gautama

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Punyashlok Ahilya Bai 10th June 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on serialupdate.india07.in
The Episode starts with Gautama coming to meet Ahilya. Renu leaves. Gautama gets sweets for Ahilya. She says you have succeeded, you should have sweets to celebrate this joy. She feeds it to Ahilya. She says you have won in the test, but there is another victory, its very imp for you and every woman, you have to win your husband’s heart. She cries. Ahilya consoles her. Gautama says I m hurt, Khanderao is my only son, I pray for his happiness all the time, his happiness is connected to you, he is much upset with you, me, his dad. She says I gave you the right to get educated, he didn’t like my decision. Ahilya says I try always to convince him, you know what did my mum tell me, she asked me to win Khanderao’s heart, but he doesn’t listen to me, he doesn’t talk to me, what shall I do.Gautama says you should keep him happy always, I don’t know how will you do this, but you have tried hard and won the tests to get education, if you try this with the same dedication, you will win, I know Malhar wants to bring awareness in the society by getting you educated, but I want to explain you, there is much difference in a man and a woman’s life, if a woman’s husband isn’t happy, then the woman’s happiness is incomplete without him.
She says your real happiness lies in your family, you have to think of their happiness and sorrow.
Dwarka gets a headache. Yamuna takes care of her. Bana says this pain won’t go away, its a mental stress for us seeing Ahilya win, she can take Gunu ji’s place. Yamuna says Gautama made the fourth question easy, she knew she will win any way, so she is happy. Gautama says I asked the last question which was imp to me, you gave the right answer and proved what an ideal wife is, you know the duties of an ideal wife, I hope you will always fulfill your responsibility, a wife isn’t just a husband’s shadow, she can become his strength if she wants, Khanderao needs strength and support, he has fallen lonely. Ahilya holds her hand and asks her not to worry, Khanderao’s happiness is her goal now, its a promise. Gautama smiles.Dwarka says I don’t like any drama, you can go, this isn’t so easy as you think, Ahilya’s education will start but she has to undergo a long journey. Yamuna says we can put hurdles in her way. Dwarka says no, Khanderao has to do it, he is Ahilya’s husband. Ahilya goes to Khanderao’s room. She doesn’t see him. She goes looking for him. Khanderao says mum said right, I should let Ahilya do anything she wants. Dwarka comes to him and says you maybe feeling lonely, right, its sad, what can we do now. He asks her to say.She says you are innocent, you didn’t understand it. He says you explain me. She says fine, everyone knows that Ahilya will get educated, then she will dance over your head, you won’t give you any respect. He worries. Ahilya comes that side. Khanderao thinks. Dwarka fills her ears. She says a wife should follow her husband, but she wants to walk with you together, and then get ahead of you. Khanderao says now Gautama also went to her side. Dwarka says you can still do something. She sees Ahilya. Ahilya says I forgot to get the prasad. Dwarka thinks she didn’t hear anything. She goes. Gangoba and Tukoji give their opinion to Malhar. Malhar sees the map. Tukoji says if we have less number of soldiers, then this plan can be risky. Malhar says good job, we will do what Shivaji did with the enemies army, we will aim and stop the enemies from entering Malwa limits.
Gangoba says Guru ji refused to teach Ahilya, he said he won’t teach Khanderao also. Dwarka says then we shall go back. Malhar says whatever decided will happen. Gangoba asks how will they learn without the teacher.Update Credit to: Amena

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