Promo Alert!! Mann Ki Awaz Pratigya 2 new promo will drive you crazy

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We all have been waiting for the second season of Mann ki awaz Pratigya to make its a comeback to TV.   From having the original cast returning to the first promo showing the original clash between Pratigya (Pooja Gor) and Sajjan Singh (Anupam Shyam), the show has spiked the interest of the viewers to a whole new level. everyone is indeed excited about the show coming back.Of course, leading man Arhaan Behll was missed where he also became a household name due to his character of Krishna. And finally, a promo which has been dedicated to him has hit the screen and is one of the most trending things on the internet today. A heroic entry for Behll as Krishna, he gets a shotgun out and comes to unleash wrath on many but his dialogues is what matter where he says that 9 years ago, he became a gentleman in the end but not anymore. He brings on his madness alive and shoots at a car which explodes and reiterates that it’s not more talk only bullets. The promo is the perfect last tease before going into watching the show’s second season as it returns and also had the perfect amount of nostalgia attached to it.Have a look:

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