Prachi and Ranbir (Pranbir) story Part 5

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They went outside when they found Tanu talking to everyone.Tanu:”Dadi already performed the Roka ceremony, but I want my engagement tonight. Everyone should know that i am would be Mrs. Mehra.”Rhea:”ohh please. They aren’t yet divorced so you can’t ask for this.”Tanu:”it’s just engagement. Anyway, Pragya is bringing the divorce papers tonight. So they sign it and then just after that the engagement. Simple.”Everyone looked at each other. Tanu:”And Pragya… i want a copy of your divorce papers before you sign it.”Abhigya looked at each other. Rhea, teary eyes:”no one will come in between them anymore. I won’t accept it.”She hugged Abhigya. Tanu smirked watching them and looked at Prachi. Tanu:”don’t worry. If you behave well, i will let you meet Pragya, let’s just say once a week…. (everyone glared at her) or once a year…..”Tanu laughed. Pragya signed Dadi.Dadi:”if Tanu wants to have an engagement, then we will arrange for it. Tonight.”Abhi:”but Dadi…”Aliya:”Dadi, we can have it afterwards.”Tanu:”no, tonight itself. Otherwise i may seek justice in the court tomorrow. Come on, plan, plan.”Abhigya left from there while Tanu gave each one a work.Tanu, on noticing Prachi:”oh, you are also here. Well, if Pragya will be coming for the engagement then you will have to as well. I will bear you for a day. After that you middle class and worthless people will leave from here.”Ranbir clenched his fists and was about to say something to Tanu but Aryan calmed him down.Prachi left from there angrily. Shahana and the boys followed her. They went to the garden. Prachi took a pillow and threw it away.Shahana:” Prachi, calm down.”Prachi:”how, Shahana? Here i was thinking that Maa Papa will not have to sign the divorce papers and that Tanu, she was planning the engagement.”Shahana grew tensed seeing Prachi’s anger.Aryan whispered to Ranbir:”we made progress. Tanu aunty to that Tanu. Wahh Prachi. Why are you tensed?”Ranbir:”i have never seen Prachi this angry.”Aryan looked at Shahana and signed Ranbir.Aryan:”you are not the only one.”Shahana held Prachi’s hand and made her sit down.Shahana :”we will find a way. Calm down. We were going to the lawyer right? Let’s go.”Aryan:”lawyer?Shahana:”we want to cross check everything with the lawyer.”Tanu:”what are you youngsters doing here? Come on, it’s my engagement. Each of you have a work to do except that… whatever (pointing at Prachi) so come on.”Ranbir:”it would be better if you don’t give us anything because at the end we will ruin it. We won’t let this happen.”Tanu:”what a couple! You and your fiancé said the same thing. Right, Prachi?”She smirked looking at Prachi. Arhana and Ranbir all knew her intention while Prachi looked away.Tanu:”perfect couple. Rhea and Ranbir. Made for each other. And they love each other so much..”Prachi looked down in order to hide her teary eyes. Ranbir:”you have an engagement to plan, right? Aryan and Shahana will ruin everything… i mean help with everything.”Aryan and Shahana understood and smiled.Aryan:”yes we will ruin… do everything perfectly.”Shahana:”why not? I heard you wanted red and white roses for the decoration, no worries I will order the marigold… sorry roses.”Tanu irritatedly went from there. Aryan:”we will handle her. You go with Prachi.”Arhana left. Ranbir was about to go to Prachi.Prachi:”I will take my phone and come back.”After some time, Prachi and Ranbir went to see the lawyer.Ranbir:”we want you to cross check everything before tomorrow’s hearing. Please there must be something that we missed.”Lawyer agreed and all three started working.They verified everything what Tanu said that day. How it happened.Prachi:”can’t we request for another medical test?”Lawyer:”we might but she can refuse. If she refuses, no one can force her. And evidences might not be as clear as before. I already informed the labs to do another round of test.”Ranbir:”hope we get something for tomorrow.”Pranbir informed the lawyer about the recent changes. Lawyer:”as you said these are her wrongdoings but nothing connected to Abhi’s case. It will help us to punish her. But we need more concrete proofs for Abhi’s case.”Pranbir looked at each other.Lawyer:”give this to your parents. It’s their divorce papers. They can sign it. I made little changes that will prove these papers to be faked afterwards.”Ranbir:”but Tanu wants a copy. She might have it verified by her lawyers.”Lawyer:” i thought about this as well. So take this (he handed Prachi another envelope) these are real divorce papers. Give that to that Tanu. She can have it verified. She won’t find anything.Then when they signed, make them sign this one.”Ranbir:”done!”They were walking back home when Ranbir noticed that Prachi was sad.Ranbir:”we will think of something, don’t worry.”Prachi sat down on a bench.Prachi:”what are we going to do? I am holding my parents’ divorce papers. What should i do?”Ranbir held her hands.Ranbir:”we will find a way. We need to defeat her and for that we need to stay strong. There must be a way ok? No one can separate Chief and Pragya aunty.”Prachi hugged him.Prachi:”thank you… Thank you so much.”Ranbir stroked her hair.Ranbir:”for what?”Prachi:”for everything.”Prachi realised what she was doing and backed off.She apologized to him. And once again they were on their way back.Mehra’s house:Everyone was out and came in to find the house fully decorated with yellow and orange marigold flowers. Arhana were doing high five looking at their doings.Mitali:”it’s beautifully decorated…”Aliya:”Bhabhi is right, but Tanu will never select these loud colours.”Aryan:”you are right mum. That’s why we did this. She will never get what she wants.”Shahana:”now, we need to see her expression. It will be fun.”Everyone laughed.Everyone went to their room to get ready. Prachi went to Abhigya’s room to hand over the papers.She told them about the fake ones. Abhi:”means we won’t get divorced.”Pragya nodded yes. Prachi:”you keep the real one, and i will keep the fake one. I will exchange it at the right time.”Abhi:”but Prachi, how did the lawyer give you these papers?”Rhea entered just as Prachi was about to answer.Abhigya told everything to Rhea.Rhea:”ok then. I will help in exchanging these papers. Until then, the faked one stay with me.”She took it from Prachi’s hand.Prachi, hesitating:”Rhea, i.. i can keep it safe.”Rhea:”i will keep it safe, don’t worry.”And she left from there.Pragya:”she will handle it, Prachi.”Prachi nodded and left for her room.Shahana was already selecting her clothes.Shahana:”what are you wearing?”She took out a lengha (green and yellow).Prachi:”no Shahana. Not this…”Shahana:”wear it… you will look so pretty in it. Please for me. Please.”Prachi agreed reluctantly. And took the dress to the washroom. After her bath she put on the lengha and went in front of the mirror. She was putting her bangles irritatedly.Prachi, to herself:”this won’t work.” And went outside.Prachi:”Shahana… i wanted a favour.”Shahana:”tell…”Prachi:”please lend me your make up.”Shahana looked at her suspiciously.Shahana:”take it. It’s there. But you don’t usually use…”Prachi:”i know but i want to try it today.”Shanana:”ok…”And Prachi went to the washroom again. Shahana to herself:”what’s wrong with her? She hates make up and only does it lightly. And today….”After Prachi came out, Shahana observed her carefully.Prachi:”why are you looking at me like this?”Shahana:”you are looking normal…. i mean you didn’t use make up.”Prachi, avoiding eye contact:”i did. Actually i didn’t like the shade so i washed it.”Shahana just smiled at her. And then went to get ready.Prachi was getting ready when Abhigya, Ranbir, Aryan and Rhea came there. Ranbir looked at Prachi lovingly. Rhea also noticed it.Shahana also came out.Shahana:”what are you doing here?”Rhea:”we came to discuss a plan.”Ranbir:”what plan?”Rhea:”we will make that Tanu confess everything before the engagement.”Abhi:”And how will you do that?”Rhea:”we will make her drink. Everyone says the truth in a drunken state.”Pragya:”and how do you know that?”Rhea smiled sheepishly at Pragya.Ranbir:”i will arrange the drinks.”Pragya:”you also drink?”Abhi:”fuggi… should i tell them about you?” Pragya:”arey… we are talking over here. Let’s go, come on.”They left leaving Shahana and Prachi.Prachi was lost in her thoughts.Shahana:”what are you thinking?”Prachi:”that we should invite someone else in the engagement as well.”Shahana:”Abhijeet?” Prachi nodded. Prachi texted him and told him to play along maybe Tanu will reveal the truth to him.He agreed to come.Engagement:Tanu was fuming seeing that they did the actual opposite of what she wanted. But Dadi calmed her down. Rhea arranged for the drinks and prepared everything. Ranbir:”who is going to give her the drink?”Mitali:”I will. She won’t trust any of you.”Everyone nodded.Mitali went outside and served Tanu the drink but she refused. Mitali insisted a bit but she still refused so she returned back to the kitchen.Rhea:”what now?”Pranbir and Arhana looked on. Abhigya also came there. They were all tensed.Prachi, to herself:”we have to make her confess. What if we instigate her? But if i don’t give the money back to him then…”Soon everyone dispersed. Shahana called Ranbir and Aryan aside. On the other side:Rhea was with Abhigya and Prachi was looking at them. Tanu also noticed them. She smirked. Prachi left from there while Tanu followed her. Tanu:”what’s wrong, Prachi?”She stopped and turned around. Tanu:”you are feeling bad, right? I can understand you. Jealousy, bad, worthless… you, my dear Prachi, you are so stupid. Why don’t you become like me? Be selfish… fight for your love…”Prachi:”you are not fighting for love, you are fighting for yourself. Papa doesn’t love you.”Tanu:”he will… and you, you should listen to me. Aliya used to tell me everything. I know everything. Well, be selfish Prachi. Be like me. Snatch your love from someone’s else. Or else, be on my side.”Prachi:”what do you mean?”Tanu:”come on. Your mother already forgot you when she got Rhea’s love. You can emotionally convince her to go with you. Somewhere far away from Abhi. You also must want your mum for yourself. Right?”Parchi:”maa will never forget me. She is just spending time with Rhea. She missed 20 years and now if she wants some alone time, she has the right.”Tanu:”even you missed 20 years with your dad. Then why is no one bothered about you?”Prachi looked on thoughtfully while Tanu smirked.Tanu:”think about it…”Prachi thought for a long time. Prachi, hesitantly:”even…  if i want to go with her, i can’t. I don’t have enough money to handle both of us.”Tanu:”ohh Prachi. If that’s the problem, i will help you with the money. Come on, name your price.”Prachi:”no… i won’t trust you. I am not going to support you.”Tanu:”think about it Prachi. Last time…” Prachi thought:”ok… you give me the money and i will leave with Maa.”Tanu:”that’s a good girl… so I will transfer it to your account. I will make arrangements for it tonight itself.”Prachi nodded and Tanu left from there smirking.Once she left, Shahana came out of her hiding place. Shahana:”wow, i didn’t know my sister could act so well. But now what?”Prachi:”we get the money, we make her confess. I will make her angry once she gives us the money.” ———————————————-Hope you all liked it 

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