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iam kifu..this FF is related to Kasauti zindagi kay,beyhadh and Kumkum bhagya…. hope you all like it and here is the first episode ☺️.at basu family:komolika is seen standing in front of the mirror and smiling…komolika to herself: today is my engagement..iam so sorry mishka for snatching your dream..what to do?? I ..I suddenly fall for anurag and I couldn’t resist myself so snatched it from you by fooling you but you are unaware of it…you know that I always succeed in anything if I wish so I succeeded in this too.. because iam KOMOLIKA!!!..someone records her by hiding and goes away while komolika gets ready for her engagement and goes to anurag’s room…Komolika: hey look like your the only handsome guy in this world..Anurag: thank you for good compliment..komolika makes a face..Komolika: you only know to thank through words?? don’t you know how to thank your finance huh?? See now I will teach you how to thank fiance..telling this komolika gets closer to anurag..komolika : baby..I love you…telling this komolika tries to kiss anurag but anurag pushes her away…Anurag: don’t try to come near me…this is not a love marriage so it takes time for me to understand you…until then you should be away from me…suddenly Nivedita comes inside and is shocked to see komolika with anurag..suddenly Nivedita laughs and starts teasing anurag and komolika..Nivedita:’s not fair. You told that you will never see your bride till your wedding then what is this??I thought you belong to 19 th century but really you belong to 22nd century…I came here to check whether you got readied or not but here you are enjoying with my bhabhi…wait I’ll tell to maa..telling this nivedita was about to go but anurag stops her…Anurag: are misunderstanding. She only came here and I dint invite her or I don’t have any interest to enjoy with her before marriage…so kindly I’ll go now and you bring her down..telling this anurag goes down while Nivedita takes komolika covering her face but suddenly komolika’s phone rings and she excuses herself from Nivedita and attends the call…Komolika: hello…mishka dint you come for my engagement??Mishka(in tension voice): komolika please leave the marriage and come fast here …komolika gets shocked…Komolika: what???Mishka: yes..leave the engagement and come because Ronit is arrested…telling this mishka starts to cry while komolika gets shocked…komolika: mishka..please don’t cry…wait I’ll come there…please tell which police station??Mishka: iam standing near bus stop so come there we will go together…Komolika: ok..I’ll come fast…telling this komolika cuts the call and gets tensed..Komolika in mind: ohh god.. what is this??I fooled mishka to achieve this wish and but now what trouble is this?? This Ronit idiot…how much time should I tell him not to drink and behave bad with girls but again he drunk and got caught by the police…I should rescue him before basu family gets to know about it will I get out now. .komolika thinks for a while and gets an idea…Komolika in mind: I could not tell and go because if I tell then they will find out about ronit and me  then everything will get spoiled ….I should escape from window and I should reach here as soon as possible before engagement function stops or else if engagement stops then I can’t wait till the day when my engagement again happens because mishka will learn the truth of how I fooled her…I will never allow this to happen…telling this komolika locks the door and writes a letter and jumps outside through window….while Nivedita waits for komolika..Nivedita: how long will this komolika speak??? Today is her engagement but she is so carefree..I have to call her now or else good time will end…so Nivedita goes towards the room and tries to open it but she finds it locked and gets shocked…THE SCENE FREEZES ON NIVEDITA’S TENSION FACE…at Sharma house:prerna gets ready for her engagement while her mom comes in…Asha: you look beautiful prerna beta…prerna gets angry on her mother but controls as she can’t make her upset as her mother is suffering from heart disease…prerna: thank you maa…Asha: ok come beta…it’s time up for your engagement…Prerna: maa…I have agreed for this alliance only for you as you told that you will tell me where you sent maya after the engagement and promise me that you will tell me of where you sent maya after the engagement…prerna shows her hands to get promise from her mother and her mother also keeps her hand on prerna’s hand and promises her…Asha: I will surely tell you of where I sent maya for sure once the engagement finishes….asha takes prerna down for her engagement and makes her stand near the groom…and engagement happens..finally engagement gets over and groom (navin) whispers to prerna…Navin(whispers): I love you prernaji…prerna angrily looks at navin..prerna(whispers angrily): don’t even dare to utter those words again mr.uncle…i never love you and I will never love you and I agreed for this marriage as a sacrifice only and not to spend with you…prerna angrily leaves to her room while navin smiles seeing her…Navin in mind: how long will you be like this prerna?? Once you get married you have to come to me only right??hahaha…I love you darling..I loved at you at first sight so I made this alliance fixed by helping your parents which you don’t know….telling this navin smirks while prerna cries in her roomprerna: I only agreed to marry this uncle as you (asha) told that you will make maya come to the house only if I get married so only I agreed….now you have to say where she is maya as you promised to say of her whereabouts once I get engaged…telling this prerna cries more…THE SCENE FREEZES ON PRERNA’S CRYING FACE..precap: will anurag and prerna engagement happen? Nivedita falls on ….dear friends ☺️ please tell me of how is the first episode..If you have any doubts please ask me..

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