Parenthood on Riansh- one shot

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The red light of OT is switched on indicating someone’s operation. It’s Mrs.RiddhimaVansh labour The entire labour is a mess Riddhima is screaming and Vansh is out panick fainted Riddhima screamed again as a powerful contraction hit her…. The sound made Vansh wake up. He quickly regained his posture beside her Riddhima: Vansh I’m not gonna allow you to touch me once again it’s paining like hell Vansh: Riddhima calm down think about the cute little babies that will come out sooner think about their cute eyes small hands and legs and about their smile. Riddhima: (cutting him) ahhhhhhhh Vansh it’s really paining Doctor: give a strong push baby is coming out .. After a strong push,the entire energy of her. She was about to loose her consciousness but got awake on hearing a little cry… Doctor: congratulations Mr and Mrs. Vansh. The babies are absolutely fine. You are blessed with a baby girl and boy.. Doctor left them alone to enjoy their happy time Vansh eyes are teared up to see them. Finally he did it.. Finally his babies,his blood, his flesh.. Nurse took the babies with her to wash them Vansh sat beside Riddhima and side hugged her and kissed her forehead with his teary eyes Vansh: finally we did it jaan Riddhima: Vansh it’s me who did it. It’s me who bore the labour pains… Vansh: I know jaan.. But I still contributed something for our babies.. Ok leave it you take rest must be tired Riddhima: ok Papa of my babies now stop crying Vansh smiled and gave a her a kiss on her forehead soon she slept… Next day: They went to their home They were welcomed by the loneliness because Vansh left his snake family after knowing the truth about them.. None wanted their child . But they were happy with each other. Not to feel her lonely he stopped Riddhima at the door step and he went inside welcomed her with sindoor keeping it on her forehead and let her in… Riddhima is mesmerized seeing the view of their room with two cradles and the room is neatly arranged he took his babies to him and kissed their forehead and cradled them safely… Vansh made Riddhima to sleep soon she drifted off to sleep as she is too tired not for a second he closed his eyes…. Vansh went to their room and asked Riddhima to freshen up and Riddhima obeyed him They returned their room after having there breakfast after returning their room baby boy started crying Vansh got up with a full speed and went to him and gave him to Riddhima and Riddhima pulled down her blouse and placed baby’s mouth around her nip*le Vansh started stealing glances here and there and Riddhima understood his awkwardness and said “It is not your first time you are seeing them” Riddhima chuckled and Vansh blushed slightly Baby slept and Vansh cradled him again.. And went to his Jaan and made her sleep while caressing her hair Vansh is happy because his family got completed his children, his wife and every thing…. Vansh kept doing his work like cooking and cleaning and they both took care of there babies Riddhima went to balcony to take fresh breath and thanked stars to sending him as her husband he always take care of hers and he left his family for her meanwhile a hand slided around her waist and she know the owner of the touch it was her husband he rested his chin on her shoulderIn the meantime there babies started crying they went to them and took them to the balcony as soon as fresh hair hits their faces they drifted off to sleep again..And our RiAnsh enjoyed their time together with their babies.. It was 10 days to their babies born And it’s naming ceremony Vansh and Riddhima named the boy Rivan and girl RivaA morning:Time passed it was 1 year to their Riva and Rivan they were grown in the warmth of their parents…Couples cuddling with each other and the boy is giving open mouth kisses on his girls neck.Yeah it was Vansh and Riddhima Riddhima: Va..vansh stop it Vansh: Riddhima please it was a f**king year we cuddled up.. Riddhima: so my husband is so desperate Saying this she came upon him and sealed their lips together Vansh was about to kiss her again he stopped when he heard a familiar voice “papa” Riddhima opened her eyes listening.. “Mumma” They together went down and they were dumbstruck by what their children have done Riddhima: Riva and Rivan what is this and what the hell mud is doing here in the hall and your dresses!!!! Riva: moma you sed( said)  not to pay( play) ovtside( outside)  cho ( so) ve (we)  are paying ( playing)  here ( in her childish tone) Rivan: yass( yes)  moma Riddhima heart melted by their talks But she didn’t showed up she is acting firm And she looked at her husband’s direction who is adoring them Vansh: my bacche you are so cute Riva and Rivan together: we know popa we are choo kyotee Vansh just smiled wholeheartedly Riddhima: stop showing your teeth you have to clean them Vansh was dumb Riva and Rivan: popa let’s gyo(go) Vansh looked at them and took them to the washroom It was an hour they are still in the washroom Riddhima felt suspicious and went to check them She is shocked seeing the trio The trio is in bathtub Riva and Rivan are in his arms Rivan is playing with water while Riva is playing with her her father’s beard Vansh is smiling like a idiot while looking at his children Riddhima( at the top of her lungs ): what the hell!!!! The trio are shocked to see Riddhima there Trio together ( with puppy eyes) : we love you Riddhima / moma Riddhima’s lips curved into a smile as they know how to melt her Riddhima: Vansh clean the children and yourself and dinner is ready And Riddhima thanked again God for sending him in her life They reached their room after completing their dinner and the trio completed their dinner with their naughtiness They all slept cuddling with each other and Riva and Rivan started tickling their parents posing for a happy family Well I’m diya from wattpadPlease please let me know how’s this? 🥺

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