Our Limitless Love(A Riansh FF….)…. Ch-41

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Chapter -41.
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So let’s start,
Ridhima faints but before she falls on the floor , a pair of strong hands catches her.
He was aryan and sejal behind him.
(Hr baar vansh nhi hoga, aur yaad ho toh he is shot and this hospital )
Kabir was shocked by their sudden entries.
Kabir:- you both!?
Sejal:- will explain later, first let’s make her ly down on the couch.
Kabir hummed in agreement.
Aryan laid her down on the couch and sprinkled water and she got consciousness, and saw them, and for them out of blue she was shocked.
Ridhima:- you both here!?
Sejal :- yea, we heard your truth and rushed here.!.
Ridhima:- how, but!?
Aryan:- ishani had video called us and told us that there is something important that you are here for and though she told that she will join us through video call but we both should maintain complete silence.
But sejal sneezed but ishani diverted the topic.
After saying this sejal and Aryan hugged her but to there shock -:(aage pdho sb describe heei krdu)
Sejal and aryan:-Sorry riddhu .
(Hugged her) .
She jerked them and again started shouting .
Ridhima:- ummm(in sarcasm). Really I could have expect that hatred from raisinghania”s but you both were with me from childhood, always knew me and reason for every actions but that day even they became more important than me, where did that trust, love, faith, care vanished 4years back. Did it died that day or what! Hugh?.
I never expected that hatred will be from your side too.
I never thought that those who always could not stay away from me , longer than 12 hours, believed in the story that they saw and didn’t even asked me not ever called in those four years , to atleast know that even I am alive or not!?.
You were my like brother and sister right, when you didn’t trust me how can I expect them to do so..
She again stumbled and to the worst she fainted again but kabir caught of her hold and took her in his arms, looking at everyone around giving giving an expression of warning, death glare along with disappointment and disgust.
And came out of vansh’s room leaving them in guilt and took her to an empty room and called her colleague. To check upon her.
After checking her,
Dr:- seriously, I told you n not to stress her, now bear the consequences, now she will be more dangerous for herself!.
Kabir was not understanding so asked.
Kabir:-what you mean?.
Dr:- I mean that now try to keep her happy and don’t go against her wishes now she will get irritated and angry often and even in worst time she can can even try to suicide! .
Kabir was now broken, the sister he held in his hands and played with her , who always became his support in tough times now is in such a state that can lead to her death.
He went in and saw her lying unconscious , tears were rolling down his cheeks,.
Parallel to vansh’s room everyone was dumb struck seeing her in this condition .
Sejal:- she is not the same chirpy, childish ridhima (crying).
Aryan :- she told us the truth today sejal, we are not supposed to be called as her best friends or family also.
Aryan was expressionless while saying this.
Dadi :- I knew she was innocent but I couldn’t react that time. (Flip kr gyi n… Yaad dilau kya ki kya kya bola tha usse).
Sia and ishani had moist eyes.
The most broken and the one filled with guilt was vansh, because some where he knew he was also equally responsible for her condition through which she is going.
Angre was watching vansh with moist eyes, lying down and looking towards the ceiling. And he also knew he has be strong for him.
Angre:- boss, please take rest we will sort this out.
Now vansh bursted and started shouting :-
Vansh:- what will you sort out! Hnnn?.
Will you bring her back the same old childish cute choppy girl .we Lost her 4 years back now she is is fighting for her life because of me and US . she was saving us still we couldn’t save her. she is in this condition because of US .I will never forgive myself if something happens to her. Understood!
(Angre be like:- bs ho gya… Kuch bolo toh bhi problem n bolo toh idhr se udhr doctor ko dundho… Jokes apart guys).
He shouted so much that again his wound overcame and started bleeding.
Just then Kabir re entered with ridhima.
She was shocked to see him bleeding.
She went to him and glared everyone, her eyes were red with anger and concern.
She quickly changed his dressing and was going to give him anaesthesia to make him unconscious to prevent more stress and outbursts.
But ……
That’s all for today’s guys,
– what after but!.????
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And yes now clear it that the voice or shriek in chapter 38 while the truth was being revealed , it was of sejal through video call…..
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