#Opposites Attract Each Other #15 Hubby’s wish!

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Continued from last part..Riddhima : Treat? Which treat?Vansh : Ice cream!!He smiled widely.Riddhima : Okay, I’ll take you..Vansh : NOW!!Riddhima : It’s 11:30 pm..Vansh : Come..Riddhima : Nope.Vansh : So, you’re in debt..Riddhima : No way! Let’s go..They both got down in the hall where Bani was sitting. Bani : Ahem! Ahem!!Riddhima : What?Bani : Where are you going?Riddhima : Ice-cream party! Wanna come?Bani : Yess..Riddhima : Sorry, seats are full..Byee…Good night!They both left.Bani : Ice cream treat or…? She started giggling.Ice cream parlour :- As their car stopped before the ice cream parlour, the waiter came to them.Waiter : Sir, Ma’am, Dining is off, please give order here..Riddhima : Okay, say, Vansh!Vansh : Ice cream Sundae..Waiter : And ma’am?Before she could speak he said,”We’ll share..” and he winked at Riddhima who glared at him with dead shot eyes. Riddhima : Share? With you? Seriously?Vansh : Com’on sweetheart, you’re my wifey and wives should fulfill their hubby’s wish..By the way, you look cute in anger…Riddhima kept her foot on his, causing him pain.Vansh : Aahhh!!She smirks.Vansh : Vaise sweetheart, I wanted pain, but not this way haan..He winked at her. Riddhima : Shameless creature! She showed him her finger and said,”Don’t try to flirt with me..” Vansh : I wasn’t trying..I was just flirting..He winks again and she gets angry..Before she could do something, the waiter came and gave their sundae to them..Riddhima paid him. Vansh : Wanna taste?Riddhima : No, you eat..Vansh : Okay., then don’t be guilty..Riddhima : I won’t!! He started eating…He was making noises,”mm..Yumm…Jannat!!” Riddhima looked at him and wished to eat it, she grabbed her spoon and took a bite. Riddhima : Yumm..Vansh : I told you!!Next morning, Vansh woke up from the bed and found his wife getting ready in front of the mirror. He went towards her. Vansh : Good morning..Riddhima : Morning..He stood behind her and held her earring. Riddhima : Give me my earrings!!Vansh : Wifey has to fulfill hubby’s wish..He chuckled and made her wear the earring.He was going to make her put on a necklace when she escaped from there. Vansh : Again ran away? Till when, sweetheart??He went to take a bath. After five minutes, she came back as she heard the sound. She started getting ready. The shower turned off and Vansh came out draping a towel around his waist. Riddhima took a glance at him and covered her eyes. He noticed that and smirked. After 2 mins, Vansh : I wore my clothes, you can open your eyes..Riddhima opened her eyes but he was still like that. She was going to turn her face when he went to her and held her chin.Vansh : How much will you run from me? Now, get used to seeing my face..Mrs. Riddhima..You can scare anyone but not me..Riddhima : Just shut up and wear your clothes..Vansh : You make me wear today..Riddhima : Me?Vansh : Haan..Riddhima : Huh! In your dreams..Mom is calling me, I’m going..She went down. Suddenly, Vansh got an idea. Vansh : Now, you’ll have to fulfill my wish at night…My naughty brain has thought an idea..He smirked and then made a cute pout. No precap as I didn’t wrote the next one yet!!So, I’ve thought, I won’t say you to comment..If you liked the episode, find worthy to comment, then please do it otherwise it’s okay..The ff will end as I’ve planned whether I get 4-5 comments..Also, sorry about that strike, but I really didn’t knew ki this is happening..I wasn’t active too much!! So, yeah..We can’t stop writing because of some silent readers..I’d like to thank all who have commented on each part of this ff..I don’t remember properly but the names are Meenu DiJayshreePriyadarshiniYashi NiyatiSnowflake Aarushi PriyanshiParitaNehaSree PomuPriyankaAishaYashiThank you all and sorry if I forgot someone! 

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