Old connection between Ridani. OS

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Hello guys. Here is a different and new OS of mine.
This OS isn’t related to some events.
This OS is a speculating one that no one of us has thought about it before.
None of us has thought that Riddhima and Ishani could have been having an old connection before Riddhima could enter VR mansion.
Who has said that the first time Riddhima and Ishani has met on it on the cruise was the first time they have met on it?!
Actually, from the way that Ishani has reacted when she has seen Riddhima on it on the cruise could observe that Ishani is knowing Riddhima before.
Maybe that was the reason that makes her got that angry on her.
Maybe she wasn’t expecting to see a person who she was knowing her before.
From Riddhima shocked reaction we could observe that she knows Ishani and that what makes her got surprised to see her after all those years.
During the events that have passed, we could observe how Ishani shows that she hates Riddhima a lot.But who has said that this is the truth?!Ishani is a person who doesn’t appear everything inside her so she could merely pretend that she hates Riddhima to not make anyone know that there was an old connection between her and Riddhima before Riddhima could enter VR mansion and get married to Vansh.The way Ishani treats Riddhima on it shows how she wants her to get out of VR mansion, but does anyone has thought about the hidden reason of that?Ishani doesn’t want Riddhima to keep being at VR mansion and to complete being Vansh’s wife because she was knowing that Riddhima is the daughter of the married couple that she has killed them in the car accident.She wasn’t wanting to hurt Riddhima and make her suffer.I can observe that Ishani and Riddhima were knowing each other before.They were a very close best friends.They were doing everything together.They were very close and happily sharing that special bond.Then Ishani has known the identity of Riddhima.She has known that she has killed Riddhima’s parents.So she decided to be away from her to not hurt her and make her know that her best friend has killed her parents.Ishani wasn’t expecting that she will meet Riddhima once again.Riddhima was trying to get in touch once again with Ishani, but Ishani wasn’t giving her the chance.She was always trying to make her know that she doesn’t love her and she doesn’t want her to be with her brother Vansh just to be sure that Riddhima will not be hurt.In that moment, Ishani was very sad and shattered that she is seeing Riddhima heartbroken but she was also happy that she will make Riddhima out from VR mansion and don’t know something that could hurt her more than that hurt.Everything Ishani was doing it was just to hide that she is the one who loves Riddhima so much even when she got to try to kill her.This was an act to not make anyone know the old connection that is between her and Riddhima.That’s why Riddhima got to be rescued each and everytime.Riddhima wasn’t interacting with Ishani as she got busy being with her husband Vansh and that what makes Ishani a kind of jealous.Ishani was always getting used that Riddhima is her close best friend and she wasn’t familiar that anyone could be close to her.Everytime Ishani was seeing Vansh and Riddhima together she starts to feel very angry and uncomfortable.The only one who was noticing that old connection was Vansh.Yes, Vansh was the one who was knowing that Ishani and Riddhima were best friends before.He was knowing that Ishani wants Riddhima to not be with him because she doesn’t want anyone to be near Riddhima.That’s why he was facing Ishani and not making her succeed in her motive.So that means that Ishani was having an enmity with Vansh not Riddhima.Ishani isn’t like what she appears.She was trying to protect her friendship with Riddhima, but in a crazy way that could lead her to kill her own best friend just to not be with any other person.The end of the OS. I hope that it could has drawn a smile on all of yours face. I tried to do something totally different that I always write about it. I tried to make you all get out of the drama, suspense, and confusion that the original series is putting us on it with that OS. I hope that you could have enjoyed it. So please guys tell me your feedback about that OS. Do you were expecting that there could be an old connection between Riddhima and Ishani?! 😅😅 Also tell me how is the combination name of Riddhima and Ishani which is #Ridani? Please guys don’t forget your feedback in the comment section below. 

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