#Obsession#Rainsh ft. Kabir Rianh One Shot

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Pls ignore the spelling mistakes..P.s: Riddhima has suffered a miscarriage and Kabir has been blamed for it and has been ousted from the house and family….___________________________________________Riddhima’s POV~I woke in an unfamiliar room with some nurse running hither and thither I figured it out that I must be in an hospital room.All I remember I eating the Prasad given to me by Kabir and then a wave of pain coursing in my belly…..And then the whole world had darken in front of my eyes….PAIN…..I had felt it in my belly…I slightly touched my belly…My baby….Is it fine ???I asked the nurse to which she confirmed that I have suffered a miscarriage….Miscarriage……The whole room started to stir and I felt it becoming blur…and again it darkened around my eyes…._________________________________________Kabir’s POV~What the f*ck???How can the whole Clan of Mad people blame me for the miscarriage of My Riddhima…..I agree…I needed that baby to get my Riddhima back so, how could I kill it???It was definitely my last ray of hope…And now I being ousted from the house can’t even get a glimpse of my Riddhima.And this Vansh is definitely gonna make it difficult for me…Ahhh……I winced in pain…I felt some rod like thing has hitted my head very hard…Before I could see who had dared to hit me….I lost my senses…_________________________________________Author’s POV~Kabir woke up in an closed room. Hands tied to a chair. The only source of light in that room was the only light bulb which had been located just above his head.On the threshold of the door stood a tall, well-built man constantly staring at him…“Who the hell are u??? Where am I?? And why the heck am I here??”Asked Kabir….To this, the man only moved towards Kabir….As the man came near Kabir….He was shocked to see“Vansh…”“Hi half-bro…Nice to see u” said VanshKabir just only glared at him“Who the hell r u to bring me over here??”In answer to which Kabir earned some hard blows, kicks and punches from Vansh…“Well…I am The Vansh Raisinghania and I can do and have anything that I want..”“But why the hell have I been brought over here??”“It’s becz Kabir u dared to look and lust for something which only belongs to me…” Vansh retorted…Kabir swallowed knowing to whom was Vansh referring…“How dare u Kabir?? I have waiting for her for the past 3 yrs and u think that it would easy to snatch her away from me….Nada Kabir….only death has the power to separate us and that also I am going to make sure to die with her.” Said Vansh with a dangerous glint of obsession and possessiveness in his eyes….“3 yrs….” Kabir gasped.Looking at his confused expressions Vansh smirked and answered“So…..my dear half bro lemme clear ur confusion….I had seen Riddhima 3 yrs ago while she was tending an old lady near by the road and immediately fell for her. But knowing the danger that surrounds me in this dangerous business I tried to ignore my feeling….Par pehle pyaar ka jo nasha mujhpe chadha tha vo uttara nahi balki badh gaya aur iss hadh tak ki woh mera deewanapan, pagalpan ya phir essa kahu ki junnoon ban gaya……Meine Angre se kehekar uske peeche mere aadmi laga diye jo mujhe uski har ek pal ki khabar dete….Mein Riddhima ko apne pass kese lao yeh soch hi raha tha ki tum usse mere pass bhejne ke liye impress karne lage…I felt ki mujhe kuch mehenat nahi karni padege kyunki tum usse mere pass bhejne wale ho…U knw how much I have controlled myself on having u near her…”Saying so, Vansh grabbed his collar and punched and bashed him very hard until Kabir started bleeding….He further continued…..“I kept her as Siya’s physiotherapist to keep her near me but I didn’t knew that my one mistake would cause her to resign from the job….I somehow had to stop her…so….I married her forcefully against her wishes but it didn’t matter as she was with me……Per tumhe kya laga ki tum VR ke wife ke upar life taking stunts practice karoge aur woh chup bethega…”Kabir’s expressions immediately change to horrified ones….He gulped….Analysing the expressions on his face, Vansh said….“Tumhe kya laga ki tum fake DSR ban kar aajaoge aur mujhe pata nahi chalega…U are wrong Kabir….very little u knew that these stunts of yours were bringing her close to me…..Now since u r over here….I will make sure u pay ur each and every deed that u did with my Jann and also for the times u touched and came close to her….”As Vansh started moving toward the door Kabir asked…“If u knew any all this frm the very start them what any ur Vihaan Drama and also what abt Ragini and Ahana???”Vansh stopped in his tracks and answered…“Well….I am not answerable to u Kabir but since I are going to join them shortly lemme tell u….I knew that Ragini knew abt the murderer of my mother so I had to fake my love for her…….but the luck wasn’t on her side and I got to knw abt her betrayal so she had to pay for itComing to Vihaan Drama I had to do it all to clear the mess and to knw who dared to kill my mother and harm Siya…And talking about Ahana…she was mad behind me since college days and had proofs and all the details that proved Riddhima’s parents death was related to me and my family..but need not worry she had been taken care of and u will join her shortly…”Before Vansh could again move forward Kabir shooted another question….“If u knew so much abt me why did u keep me in your house??”“Well…if u see Riddhima hadn’t yet come on hating terms toward u so…I had to do all this And lemme tell u Kabir…Riddhima belongs only to me…I own her, her soul, her body, her love… everything related to her and nobody has that right on her…Not even our child…”Kabir gulped as the realisation started to dawn on him…“Apne dimaag pe zyada joor may dalo…kyuki tum thode waqt ke hi mehemaan ho aur ha…I have a good news for u…Your lovely mom is gonna join u over her soon…well….u see she has helped me alot unknowingly…”Saying so Vansh moves out of the room whereas Kabir is lost in his thoughts thinking…” Aaj pata chala Vansh Raisinghania ke dushamani se jyada uski mohabbat Jaan leva hai….All the best Riddhima…”And he was left there all alone at the mercy of Vansh’s men which he feared they are not gonna show…THE ENDSo guys pls let me knw how did u find it…And pls let me know abt my mistake as well…Se you soon…TADA… Ignore Spelling mistakes

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