Namak Issk Ka 31st March 2021 Written Episode Update Yug confesses his love for Kahani

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Namak Issk Ka 31st March 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on
In the previous episode we saw that Kahani tells Rupa about Gunjan’s plan to kill her. Rupa confronts Gunjan and slaps her. Kahani refrains Rupa from telling this to anyone else as it is an important day for the family. Rupa thanks her and says that she in debt. Kahani says that you have done me enough favor by loving me and taking care of me. She leaves as she has to cook food.Yug goes to Rani’s room, she gifts him a drape and says that she dint had money to buy something expensive so she made this from her dupatta. Yug says that there was no need for a gift. She asks why he got her those earrings then. Yug gladly accepts it and leaves to play Holi with the family. He dances while he chugs down glasses of bhaang.Raunak is planning something devious against Kahani. Raunak informs Iravat that Kahani is nowhere to be found. Iravat asks him to find her as it is her last Holi. Kahani on the other hand is praying to Lord Shiva. Yug sees her and calls her near him. He puts some color on her face. He asks her again why she cares for him so much and what is that she feels for him. He says that he understands that she will never confess her love for him but her big eyes says it all. He turns to the director and asks him to go ahead with the movie that he was talking about. He turns to Kahani and says that she has changed him and he loves him. Rani is overwhelmed with joy and tears roll down her eyes. She rubs her cheek against his to put color on his face.Yug says that today is Holi, its the days to dance with joy and sing. Nobody is going home, he says. They dance together.Rani makes a video of them dancing together. Raunak pulls Dadi to the celebration and makes her dance. He takes Rupa in a corner and says that he will paint her in green today. He asks her to put some color on him as well. Gunjan is searching for Yug. Raunak asks her to chill and asks why is she so worried. She says that she is worried because of Kahani.Iravat tells Raunak that today Rani will sleep on his bed but will never get up again. Gunjan confronts Rani and asks where Kahani is. Rani says that she has no clue. Gunjan says no worries she will come home only. Dadi says that they will have to do something. These protests won’t do any good.Kahani and Yug on the other hand are busy playing Holi.The episode ends.Precap: Iravat has laid wires on Kahani’s bed. Raunak and Iravat are planning to electrocute Kahani to death.Update Credit to: Swapnil Namaste, I am a Blogger and a Voice Artist. Born with a flair to play with words, I invigorate feelings through thoughts, woven with words for the world to imbibe.

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