Namak Issk Ka 10th June 2021 Written Episode Update

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Namak Issk Ka 10th June 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on
Scene 1
Yug brings Kahani to the police station and asks the inspector if they can meet Ravi Kant? He gives them permission. Yug and Kahani come to Ravi’s cell. Ravi smiles seeing Kahani, she looks away. Yug asks him if he is fine? He nods. Yug shows Kahani papers and says these papers say that Ravi will accept you as his daughter, he will search for your mother and give her rights, also part in the property. Ravi says I am ready to sign these, he signs the papers. Yug gives it to Kahani. Kahani says you really think that everything will become fine just a piece of paper? Ravi says just tell me what you want? Kahani says I want my childhood back, I want a house where I could spend time with my family, I want my mother, I want what any father would do for his wife and daughter. Can you give it? You can’t because your heart is small for that. You can’t give me that, she gives the papers to Yug and says you still can’t understand that I didn’t file this complaint for some money or property but for justice. Yug says fine, I won’t come in between you and this case but do come tomorrow, you have to get me married to Gunjan. He promises on Kahani’s head that if she doesn’t take the case back then he will marry Gunjan. Kahani says you are promising to break a relationship. Ravi says you don’t have to separate because of me, if Kahani wants then I am ready to face punishment. Kahani says don’t worry, I have lived punishment for years, I can handle myself alone. She leaves. Ravi tells Yug that I was in your position some years ago, I was weak but you have to be strong, don’t let time destroy your love. Yug says don’t worry. He leaves from there.Yug comes outside the police station and asks Kahani to sit in the car. Some men see them and talk about their fathers, how Yug’s father left him for a dancer, how Yug’s brother was behind his wife Kahani. Yug asks Kahani to ignore them. Kahani goes to the men and says you know a lot but let me tell you more, you are talking about Yug Rajput who loves his family and respects his wife a lot. He has the guts to hold someone’s hand if he loves her, if he holds someone’s hand then that person is the luckiest one. I love my husband, you can never become like him but try to be a nicer person. If you say anything against my Yug babu then I will back to the police station. The men get scared and run away. Kahani looks at Yug and says let’s go. Yug looks at her and holds her hand, he says think again, please agree. Kahani sadly looks at him, she kisses his forehead and silently goes to sit in the car.Update in ProgressUpdate Credit to: Atiba

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