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My Obsessed Husband #Riansh (Chapter-13)

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Vansh’s POV starts:-
So Finally I found my Riddhima, but when Aryan told me that their family members used to torcher her for useless things made my anger rose. But you need to control Vansh. First let Riddhima tell what she wants and then the result will be in front of her. We reached to our resort and as per my plan today we will get married on her birthday only. I came down after making her lay down on the bed she was in need of rest, and I need Angre to keep an eye on Aryan I know he will help her again.
After telling Angre to keep an eye on him, I came to the room where Riddhima, I saw she was about to fell so I scoped her in my arms but she started shouting to leave her so I did, It was ok till we had argument but my anger rose when she wasn’t telling me the reason. If she don’t have any issue then what is the problem in marrying me? Either I need an answer or she is going to marry me today only.
I asked her to choose the dress, she had a good taste. Then I asked her to leave, she looked at me with tears in her eyes. Sorry Riddhima but you need to tell me a reason and then after having a discussion on it I will marry you but if there is no reason then there will be no delay. She took her dress and left, I saw her moving she is once again angry for me. I need to talk calmly, I held her wrist and pulled her in the bathroom.
I saw her eyes were closed may be she got scared then on her lips and there I kissed her, she tried to push me and I held her more tightly. She won’t leave me, never. I then realized. Oh shit!!!! I kissed her without her permission. I left from there taking my dress, I will have to say many sorry from her and I will do after our marriage. I changed my dress and moved to her room and opened the door to see…….
Vansh’s POV ends-:
Author’s POV:-
Vansh was standing in front of her bathroom’s door.
Vansh: Riddhima open the door now…
He ordered her and kept on knocking but no response came.
He opened the door and saw……….
Vansh: Ridddhhhhhiiimmmmaaa…..
He shouted on top of voice that even Angre and Aryan who were downstairs heard his voice.
Both looked at each other and moved to his room, they saw that room’s door was open so they entered and saw Vansh was standing in front of the bathroom.
They entered and saw none was there.
Angre: Boss, Where is bhabhi?
Angre asked looking at his Boss who was tensed.
Aryan: Bhai tell where is she?
Aryan asked keeping his hands on Aryan’s shoulder.
Vansh: She again ran away, aah…
He said looking irritated and threw the soap cover in anger.
Aryan: Wow Riddhima I’m proud of you.
It was a mumble but it was audible to both. Vansh held his arm.
Vansh: You once again helped her, right?
Vansh asked looking at him in anger.
Angre: Boss he can’t do he was with me in the hall.
Angre told on which Aryan nodded and Vansh left him mumbling a sorry.
Vansh: I was in this room only just 10 minutes before she can’t leave so early she must be here around. Search each and every corner now.
Vansh shouted at them.
Angre: Boss I’ll look after it.
Saying so he left the room and after few seconds even Vansh left.
Aryan was moving when he heard a voice, he looked around and saw none. He opened the door and was leaving when something caught his attention. He turned around and saw Riddhima coming out of the closet in her bridal attire. He immediately closed the door and left towards her.
Aryan: Riddhima you are here only, wait then when bhai asked you why you didn’t replied.
Aryan asked in confusion.
Riddhima: I came inside to change but I heard him knocking at the bathroom’s door so I didn’t replied and ignored him but when he shouted my name I was scared and was about to come out. Then only I heard him saying that I ran away. Well if he thinks then let’s make it true.
Aryan looked at her in shock while she was smirking, he was shocked to see her like this for the first time.
Aryan: Then how will you run away from here.
Aryan asked confused.
Riddhima: Why will I run away now? I will stay here in this room till Vansh is searching downstairs but when he will start searching on this floor. Then I will run away back to Roshni’s place she had left a spare key there and she told about it to me even.
Aryan nodded and looked at her smiling and he left the room to keep his acting on.
Vansh was searching her downstairs in each and every corner. After few minutes all came to hall.
Vansh: Angre did you find her?
On which Angre shook his head.
Just then Riddhima took the opportunity and came down from the stairs and saw Vansh’s panicked face.
She moved and hid in a cupboard. All her actions was noticed by Aryan who was smiling.
Vansh: Let’s search upstairs and Aryan you search on terrace.
All nodded and left. Riddhima saw everyone leaving from one of the hole and came out, she moved out from the mansion and the cherry on the cake was that there was no security around. It was too awkward but she ignored it and left out from the mansion.
She was running while looking at her back to check that none was following her. She ran and held a pillar for support. Well it was a human being but it was dark so she wasn’t able to see his face.
Person: Water.
He said and passed her a bottle and she looked at back and saw no one was there and took the bottle and started drinking. Just then that person came in light and as she saw his face she spit out the water on his face.
Riddhima: Angre
She was shocked and without thinking anything she ran away from there while he took out the handkerchief and cleaned his face.
Whereas Riddhima after running came to a place where there was no one. It was alone place both the side it only held trees. She was running and then stopped holding a tree all this while in her brain she only knew that she had to run anyhow saving her life from that so called beast, Vansh Raisinghania. She was taking long breaths and then a hand came on her shoulder. Out of shock she closed her eyes and shouted on top of her voice.
Riddhima: Aaaahhhhhhhhh…….
Her voice held so much anger and frustration that person kept his hand on her mouth.
Person: What the hell you girl? Why are you shouting like an idiot?
She looked at his face who had beard and to a commitment he was handsome.
Riddhima: Woah I…I thought there was a ghost.
She said and panting and kept her hand on her chest. That person moved closed to her.
Person: Well I’m Kabir, who are you?
He asked forwarding his hand.
Riddhima: Why… Why should I tell you? I met you for the first time.
She asked out of shock and moved back
Kabir: I must say you are beautiful and hot. I would love to…………..
He said checking her out from top of her head to her toe. She looked at him in disgusting way.
Riddhima: What the….
She stopped when she saw him coming close to her she moved back but he didn’t stopped. She pushed him and his head hit the tree. Riddhima without looking at him ran from there and she had moved just a bit distance when her front hit a hard chest. Her head was covered in his chest, she slowly looked up and saw Vansh. He held her arm by sliding his arm on her and held her close to him.
He moved to Kabir and saw him standing there. He left her there giving her an angry glare, his glare was enough to tell her what it meant. He held him by his collar and give him a punch on his face.
He then pinned him to the wall and kept on punching on his face until and unless the blood wasn’t oozing out from each and every corner of his face. He didn’t stopped there.
Vansh: How dare to even look at my Riddhima?
Vansh said while throwing his subconscious figure on the road. This line was a shock for Riddhima who was looking at him while he was beating him like hell. Her eyes now just was staring at him lovingly. She kept all her insecurity aside and looked at him with her real point of view. This way was enough for her to give their relationship a chance.
Her eyes then fell on the soul who was just at the condition of leaving his body. Blood was oozing out from all over him. She closed her eyes and let the tears fall from it.
She moved to Vansh and kept her hand on his shoulder, he stopped feeling her and looked at her. He saw her crying and got up from him.
Angre came there in his car and looked at the scenario in front of him.
Vansh: Angre take this bastard to the hospital or he will die here right now.
He said looking at Riddhima who was blankly looking at him. He held her wrist and took her to his car while Kabir eyed Vansh with hatred in his eyes whereas with Riddhima he looked with………
Both reached back to their resort where Aryan was again shocked to see Riddhima back.
Aryan: I guess either her luck will never come in her favor or her luck is with Vansh bhai only. God knows where his other two eyes are I never saw at the back of his head.
He said it to him and saw them coming, Vansh both the knuckles was covered with blood as if he was punching the punching bags containing bricks. Vansh eyed Riddhima and held her wrist and pulled her to the room.
He closed the door behind. He made her sit on the chair and made her wear all the jewelries while she was just looking at him with blank looks. As he was done, he took out his phone and moved to a side and after talking for few seconds came back to her.
Vansh: Riddhima, come down now.
He held her hand and moved towards the hall where Angre and Aryan was there.

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Pavilion was ready and priest was sitting there waiting for them. Both came down hand in hand like a couple with a simple love marriage but who will know whether it was arranged marriage or a forced marriage or both.
Both sat at their Vansh didn’t bothered to look at Riddhima while she was just looking at him with blank emotions, she was trying her best to understand her emotions but her brain was out of service for sometimes.
Vansh didn’t said even a single word to her, not even asked now why she ran away? Even she had so many questions that how he found her so fast. Priest ask them to stand up for garland exchange, Vansh stood up but Riddhima didn’t she was blankly looking at the plate containing all the things for their marriage nuptial chain, vermillion. She had so many questions within her, she want to ask him she want them to be clarified but he was least bothered about it. Her thoughts broke by Vansh’s voice.
Vansh: Riddhima.
His voice held anger and irritation, she don’t wished to make him angrier so got up. Priest gave them their garlands.

Vansh looked at Riddhima while her eyes were filled with tears whereas Riddhima looked at his red shot eyes both looking at each other composed themselves and calmed down. Vansh forwarded his garland and made her wore

Riddhima was just looking at Vansh and realizing he made her wore even she did the same.

Vansh’s face didn’t held any reaction and bowing his head he gladly accepted it. Both sat down and priest started chanting. Aryan was just looking at the couple, he was truly confused what should we call this marriage? He should be it was a confusion for everyone. On the other hand, Aryan came after admitting Kabir in the hospital as soon as he came he saw the couple at the pavilion. He thought his boss would be hell angry and here he is getting married so calmly.
Priest asked them to get up and get ready for rounds. Vansh started taking rounds.

He held her hands but didn’t looked at him. Riddhima looked at him in confusion. Both ignored all the things priest was telling while taking rounds, well he was telling meaning of all the rounds but here they were in a big circle. Soon first 4 rounds were done with Vansh in front and then when priest asked Riddhima to come in front Vansh didn’t left her hand and she came in front of him.

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Riddhima was moving while her right hand was with him. Vansh was looking at her and a smile crept on his face as soon as his anger melt. For him this marriage held all those meanings which a normal couple. Indeed they were not a normal couple, they had to face many thing but a promise was made by them from heart to stay together. Vansh who had even ignored all the meaning that priest told for round he promised to himself to keep her safe to him until his last breath.
Priest ask them to sit both looked at each other and sat down there while he was chanting. Priest forwarded the plate containing vermillion and nuptial chain.
Priest: Fill her hairline, child
He said and Vansh looked at it and picked it up within his index finger and thumb.

He didn’t looked at her and her eyes were filled with tears until now.

While she was just looking at him blankly. Then priest ask Vansh to make her wear the nuptial chain.

Vansh gave her a smile which he knows she didn’t noticed as she was lost somewhere in the world named confusion.

At last when Riddhima looked at him in response she just got a smirk.

Tears which she was holding for so long dropped from her eyes then………….
Precap – First night.
Hope you liked the chapter…………
Do comment if you like the chapter, I don’t know it was good or boring.
But I felt it to be boring let see yours response
Sorry for any grammatical mistake as it was too long even taking the screenshot of all the pictures it took me many hours so sorry……….
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