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Viraat and Harman comes down with bags and baggage…touches feet to elders …Suddenly Rohan comes there and sees Harman for the first time after childhood times and hugs tightly…and so does Harman too.Rohan : Mama…how are you mama, heard a lots of stories about you from all but I didn’t thought of that I will see you again mama…(touches others feet and hugs viraat for saving his family )
Viraat I vow that I will never leave simran nor hurt her…(hugs simran and smiles)
Btw where all are going say me..Harman: I and viraat are going for investigation of heer’s where about along with Sant Baksh ji.Rohan: Mama I beg of you please let me go with you, she is in danger…for us only she is in danger today, so I can’t keep mum now…knowing these all things, Please mama , Please viraat take me with you…Preeto: When it comes about Heer, naa he cant take any oppression, our heer is very much lucky to get a bhai as him…he is one in a Million brother, after you Harman , if any body took fatherly figure for her it was our Rohan ,let him go with you my child…(she smiles)Simran : yes, naani you are right Rohan ji is very touchy about Heer…Rohan take care of yourself and please before you leave can you make me drink water with your hands…soon teej is coming, so I will think you have done the ritual ..Rohan nods and does it …and all sees it…Simran packs his bags with Viraat’s clothes as he is directly going from their home…Three of them leaves and reaches bus station….On the other side on a long cruise Heer and some other ‘kinnars’ were lying over one upon another…In the mean time, Heer befriends with Minal , an another kinnar who has been abandoned by her parents from the childhood and hence is bound to live a vagabond life with them…In that cruise some of the ‘kinnars’ were bound and some of them were willing to live a rotten life as kinnar just for having a lavish life without any dignity…Heer doesn’t like them at all …but few of them want to live a dignified life as a human with some moto and life…so they keep talking often about many things. It has been over a week they are running over a cruise..Heer: Minal what did you wish to become in your I always dreamt to have a beautiful married life before I knew that I was a ‘kinnar’…Minal: Heer, Being an unprotected child I aspired to go school and earn money at young age and wanted to do something for other ‘kinnars’ who were abandoned like me. You know you are truely lucky that you have a family who loved you and didn’t throw you out for being slamed by society…you talked of your dada,daadi, ‘Gulabo’ and your bhai earlier , I felt so good hearing of them.Heer showing little dissapointment over her family flushes her pain..Heer: Yes, lucky enough now they didn’t come to find me once..nor Viraat bothers for me now, he must be well settled now with his office and wife Nayan and soon he will get a baby and will have a great life ahead which I only recommended him before coming. (Sobs)Minal hugs her and consoles her..Minal : Dont think so , they must have been unknown of Angel and her conspiracies, she is the worst of creature who knows nothing but only money and money. She can go to lowest for money unlike Mallika the head of the this community in the state.Heer recalls Mallika , who once came to take her but she was convinced to keep me there for some days. But warned her too that someday she has to return to her real identity for sure.But she was not that rude as Angel. She thinks to make Mallika a fierce opponent to Angel till she is the head.Some ‘kinnars’ were dancing weirdly and practising to beg money showing weird gestures as shown by the sub head of the group. While looking at them, Heer frightens and vomits Minal by hook console her along with some others of them .She leaves Minal’s lap and shouts at them.Heer: Chee !!! Chee!!! Is this a life? Begging like anything dont you all have any dignity as ‘Human’. Or else you never heard of this word, how ugly way you all are giving gestures. Dont you wish to serve the nation instead of some few rich people . ‘Ragpickers’ are better than you at least they serves social service for their nation.
Where are you ‘Gulabo’, dadi, dadu…where are you all?(sobs).All looks at her with astonishment.

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