Mood swings or handling mood of family RIANSH OS!

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Hello guys this my 2nd os!!! My ff’s sangeet part will also come untill enjoy this one 💙 this can be long please please please read till the end 🥺🙏🏼😂❤️__________________________________________A very beautiful girl in her twenties is shown playing basketball at her college basketball court! Both teams wants same points!! After playing for 1-2 minutes! Her team won!!Tanya: yay!! We won! Congratulations to us and you riddhima!Yes she is riddhima (sabko pata tha yeh formality kyu 😂)Riddhima: I was 200% sure that I only will win  no one can beat me in basketball (smirking)Man: confidence is ok but overconfidence kills miss!Aryan: bro! Don’t mess with her she is all rounder! She is riddhima rai chand!Man: you don’t believe me? I’m Vansh Rai Singhania!! Basketball champion!! And you don’t belive me?!Riddhima: I’m the best! Am I Right Or Am I Right?! Boys and girls (smirk)All: you’re right!!Vansh smirks: impressive!! Let’s do one round!Riddhima:…Vansh: of basketball (smirks more) (agar tumne bhi wo socha jo maine socha congratulations apan sath mein narak jayenge 😂)Riddhima: ok Mr.. Whatever you are!!While they were playing game vansh “intentionally” touches riddhima’s waist (she’s wearing tight crop top)Riddhima stops for a moment and then touches vansh’s chest “intentionally” vansh stops while riddhima goals and boom! Our riddhima won!Coward: yeah! Riddhima won! Riddhima is a Rockstar!!Vansh: impressive sweetheart!Riddhima: thank you just a collage student (she don’t know that she’s brother of aryan)Vansh smirks and leaves!Riddhima reaches her home (RK Mansion “RIDDHIMA AND KABIR MANSION”) (again they are brother sister all thanks to siddhi madam 😂)Riddhima enters and her mom (kalpana) comes!!Kalpana: my baccha! You seems tired what happened challenged someone again?!Kabir: I think yes! And I’m 200% that my champ won that challenge!Riddhima: impressed with my bro once again! Yes I won!!Kabir: what my champ wants?!Riddhima: i want momos! No samosas no no I want ice cream!Kabir: sure? Which flavour?!Riddhima: Mango no vanilla no butterscotch no no! Chocolate flavoursKabir: uff these mood swings!!Riddhima: hehe! Now OK?! Go buy me ice cream!At evening :-Riddhima is reading books while her phone rings!Riddhima: hello! Yes Aryan?!Aryan: miss topper can you please please please! Come to my house?! I have so many doubts in this evil maths!Riddhima: hehe! Ok Mrs. Bottom topper!!Aryan: hahahhah! Done with your lame jokes! Now come I’m sending you address!Riddhima: ok!At VR mansionRiddhima enters and her leg twists! She was about to fall but vansh grabs her from her waist and saves her!RIANSH at same time: you here?Riddhima: aryan its aryan’s house he called me and that’s why I came but why you?!Vansh: hmm! You know my name?! My name is Vansh Rai Singhania! VR! It’s VR mansion so don’t you think that’s it’s not coincidence?!Riddhima: oh so you are the akdu cousin of aaryan?! Yes he told me!Vansh: what? He told I’m akdu! I’ll kill him!Aryan: hello baby doll! You came!Vansh: forget that you told her that I’m akdu?!Aryan: ye baby doll to Annabelle doll nikli (seriously 😂)Riddhima: aryan you know na annabelle  killed 3 people’s so you wanna become fourth one!Aryan: I’m I’m really sorry lets go!At aryan’s roomRiddhima to herself: he is soo gentlemen types bold, classy and all han wait why I’m praising her ughhhhh!Anupriya was passing by aryan’s room and sees riddhima!Anupriya: oho girlfriend and all han!Vansh: no she’s not her girlfriend!Anupriya: ok ok fine (laughs)Vansh to himself: wait what?! Why I felt that!! She can be aryan’s girlfriend no no she can’t ughh vansh what happend to you!AFTER 2 YEARS :-At these 2 years riddhima and vansh bond was very strong they were best friends! Sometime vansh visits riddhima’s home and sometimes riddhima! One day vansh called riddhima at garden! When ridz came! She saw that her father, mother and brother was there! Whole family of Vansh was also there! Riddhima was confused why vansh called her!? Why these all are here she was thinking but then suddenly she saw vansh kneed down!Vansh: riddhima! The day I saw you I fall for your beauty it was love at first sight but I took time to realize it and i know that you also loves me! Riddhima after 4 days it’s our wedding! Please say yes!Riddhima: yes! Yes I’ll marry you! I love you!IT’S WEDDING DAY! (guys I’m thinking it’s very long so I skipped haldi and all sorry)Vansh and Riddhima are doing pheras! It’s last phera and yes its also completed!Pandit ji: now you both sit!They both sits vansh putts vermilion on riddhima’s hairline! And puts mangalsutra on her neck! And yes they are married!All congratulates them! At night when vansh and riddhima enters in thee room! They sees decorationRiddhima: wow its so beautiful!!Vansh: not more than you!And pulls her by her waist! He started kissing her neck and then cheeks then her lips he takes riddhima at his arms and lays her down at bed! And started kissing her!Vansh: I love you sweetheart! (in a husky low voice)Riddhima: I love you too vansh!AFTER 7 YEARS! (uff these leaps in my os 😂)Two twin brother and sister is seen running and fighting!Boy: you little girl I hate you!!Girl: you little boy I hate you more!Boy: mom loves me more then you!Girl: dad loves me more than you!Boy: mammma (shouting)Girl: Papaaaa (shouting)Riddhima: offo what happened Vanya?!Vansh: and what happened to my champ riddhvik?(while everyone was busy in Riva Vari and Rivaan I used dottu’s real name 😂 dottu malum hai na 😂)Riddhvik: see this girl I hate her! She didn’t wished me birthday!Vanya: even he didn’t wish me birthday!Vansh: guys guys guys you both are twins and you have same birth dates?!Riddhima: ofcourse now just hand shake!Vanya: ok freinds?!Riddhivik: ok! Freinds!Vansh and riddhima laughs and hugs both of themFrom mood swings to handling mood of family she changed!END ♥︎_________________________________________Hy guys so in my this os there is happy ending not similar then previous os and my ff is coming stay tuned bye bye ❤️💙

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