Molkki 9th June 2021 Written Episode Update: Last 4 weeks in haveli for Purvi?

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Molkki 9th June 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on
Purvi requests Virender to free her after giving divorce with folded hands. Break this relation if it can save all your other relations. Help me once please. Strengthen your other relations. Virender wipes his tears. He holds her hands. I have started respecting you all the more today. You always think about others. Your sacrifice has both won and broken my heart today! I have become very small in front of you today. You have done real justice today by sacrificing your happiness. If you think this will make everyone happy then I promise to free you from this relation. Understand this though that you will always remain in my heart. You may leave the house but you will be in my heart till the time I am alive. They both look away to hide their emotions from one another. Purvi steps back while recalling their past memories.Purvi is walking away when Virender asks her if she wont hug him for one last time. Purvi breaks down. She runs and hugs Virender. Both of them are crying by now. Sakshi walks up to them. Virender steps forward. Sakshi says I have seen and heard everything. She calls Purvi a hypocrite. You are asking for divorce from Mukhi ji to protect my family yet you are hugging him to console you. If not as a Molkki, you want to control my husband as his lover. You are amazing Purvi! Purvi calls it a lie but Sakshi insists that she is right. By divorcing Mukhi ji, you want to prove that you have sacrificed your happiness for my sake. I am not indebted to you for this though. I know you are doing this to become greater in Mukhi ji’s eyes. I did not attempt suicide to invite pity from you. Don’t do any favor on me. I don’t need your favor or sacrifice. Virender asks her what she is saying. She looks at him pointedly. Purvi says I am not doing any favor on you. I am doing it for myself. It is true. It is not a favor on you. I never want anyone to be hurt because of me. I cannot see you, Mukhi ji and the kids like this. I cannot be happy by hurting all of you. I know that you are bothered by my presence. I don’t want to be that. You two have grown apart from each other because of me. You aren’t happy with each other because of me. I cannot see your family breaking because of me. Forgive me but I cannot do this. I can never break a family or see anyone in pain. I cannot live with this burden. I have decided to take divorce from Mukhi ji and leave for forever. This is my final decision. She walks away. Sakshi looks at Virender who is looking ahead helplessly.Juhi tells Manas not to worry. Ma is fine now. Manas says why worry when haathi is with us. He calls haathi strong. You saved Ma. We are very lucky to have 2 mothers. Juhi agrees. We feel very good when you and Ma are with us. Luckily, this will go on forever. They hug her and say I love you to her. Purvi is worried for the kids. You (Kanha ji) know that we wont be able to live without each other. Show me a way. How will I handle them after parting ways from Mukhi ji.Virender is sitting quietly in a corner. Sakshi sits next to him. Virender tells her to say what’s on her mind. Sakshi tells him to believe her that she did not want this. I did not try to kill myself to separate you two. I only cannot see you loving someone else so I thought to go out of your life. You two will have to part ways because of me. Virender tells her not to blame herself. You are not at fault. Maybe this is how it was destined to be. Bawri and I aren’t taking divorce because of your suicide attempt. There is no other way to maintain peace in the house. Neither of us are at fault here. It is fate! She says I know you are saying this after much difficulty. You love her very much. You wont be able to live without her. Virender says I love you like crazy too. I couldn’t live without you at one point of time. Time changed things though. Bawri took your place. I will survive someone once she leaves. I will be pained but it is true that life can never stop for anyone. Sakshi rues that she feels as if she has come between then. You might start hating me eventually. He says I can never hate you. You did not do anything wrong. She says you dint either. He puts everything on fate. We are in this because of fate. Leave all this behind. This has no beginning or end. Keep this out of your mind. Don’t focus on these things. I wont be able to see you like this. Decision has been made. Bawri and I will part ways. Sakshi asks him if she will be able to see him in pain when he cannot see her in pain. How can I ignore your pain and sadness when I know how affected you are once Bawri leaves? He says I was thinking that we all will be happy together once she leaves. What will happen to her though? She gave her everything to us and stood by us through thick and thin. She has done so much for us. How can I leave her midway? I am not able to accept this fact. Don’t know what will happen to her in future. Sakshi thinks that this is logical. What will happen to Purvi after divorce? I did not think of it though.Purvi is trying to write a letter. Virender comes there and looks at the papers on the floor. Purvi realizes she does not know what’s written in divorce papers. She gets up after noticing Virender. Virender says I had a word with lawyer and got the papers. He gives them to her to read. The proceedings will start once you sign it. Purvi takes it with shaky hands. They both avoid looking at each other. Purvi asks him how much time will this process take. Virender says it will take around 4 weeks. You can leave the house then. Purvi agrees. We will stay away from each other for these 4 weeks. We will get used to living without each other and even Sakshi ji will be at ease. Will you support me in this? Virender says I will surely try and leaves. Purvi is in tears. She prays to Kanha ji to give strength to her and Virender to live without each other.Next morning, Sakshi is in the garden. She notices Purvi picking the dry clothes. Why are you doing this? Purvi says I have been doing this since day 1. Let me do it till the time I am here. Sakshi says I don’t know how to thank you. You are taking divorce from Mukhi ji just to make sure we all are happy. You have done a big favor on me and the kids. Purvi tells her not to embarrass her. No one else would be happier than me after knowing that you all will be happy together. Sakshi says you too are a part of our family. A part of our family is breaking off because of me. Purvi tells her not to blame herself for any of this. I was destined to go through all this since day 1. I have given into it now. My happiness lies in your happiness. Sakshi hugs her. I don’t know how to thank you. You have done so much for me and even saved my life. You looked after my happiness like a small sister and you are forsaking them for my sake now. You aren’t even hesitant. I will never forget this favor. I will miss you very much. Purvi says you have given me a lot of respect and love in this house. Thank you. I will not forget that ever. I still became selfish but you did not. I am doing to gain my family while you are happy even after giving up everything. Thank you, Purvi. Title track plays. Purvi goes to wake up kids.Precap: Update in ProgressUpdate Credit to: Pooja

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