Mitaali Nag: Actresses are jealous and insecure about each others looks, work

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Mitaali Nag made her debut with the show ‘Afsar Bitiya’.  She is currently working in the TV show, ‘Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein’ and says catfights are another truth of this industry. Although there are good women as well, actresses are jealous and insecure about each other’s looks, work.In an interview with BT Mitaali said, “I help other women actors, my co-actors, and artists whenever I can,” she says, adding, “Catfights do exist within our industry. Women are jealous of other women over trivial issues too. Maybe jealous is not the right word, the correct reference here is of insecurity. And the issues of insecurity are sometimes very minor, like who is doing her makeup, I also want that makeup artist because her makeup is looking better than mine!”Mitaali went out her way to help other female actresses but didn’t had a good experience with that. She also says that her attitude is shaped by her own debut. “Unfortunately when I was new, I did not get help or guidance from any female actors around me. So, I paved my own way in the industry. Whatever I learned on my own in this profession, I try and impart the same knowledge to other actresses in the hope that they can be saved some of the struggles that I had to go through when I made my debut in this industry,” she says. Namaste, I am a Blogger and a Voice Artist. Born with a flair to play with words, I invigorate feelings through thoughts, woven with words for the world to imbibe.

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