Misunderstanding Love? #RIANSH Character Sketch

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I’m back again, wonder why! So this is the new story which will be there to entertain y’all with its first chapter after 25 March, so today y’all can meet the characters . I don’t guarantee this to be too long because it has only one track but definitely I’ll make it interesting. Please do support me like y’all have done for the previous two Fan Fictions. And since y’all know me, I don’t think that I need a introduction but this Fan-fiction does, so let’s begin!

Helly Shah as Riddhima Agarwal
Rrahul Sudhir as Vansh Raisinghania
Surbhi Jyoti as Ishani Agarwal.
Manasvi Vashist as Aryan Mehra.
Mansi Shrivastava as Ahana Raisinghania. 
Tanya Sharma as Sia Raisinghania. 
Rajeev Singh as Akshay Agarwal. 
Parineeta Borthakur as Roshni Agarwal. 
Zayn Khan as Angre. 
Reena Kapoor as Uma Raisinghania. 

“I’d take your life, bit by bit! I’d spoil your name and let you drown in the world of shame, just the way you did! You’ll taste the bitter flavour of shame. The whole world would laugh at you and taunt you. The difference would be that what you had declared would be false and what I’ll be declaring would be true!”
“If she gets to know that I was the one who ruined her, she’d hate me! She would hate me to the core and I won’t be able to bear that. She shouldn’t know about it. I was blind in my revenge that I didn’t notice anything else. I destroyed her, I was the one who ruined but I would never let her learn that.”
“I would take my revenge on everyone, whoever it is. If they plan to destroy me, they should also have a back-up to save themselves from destruction. Falling in love is not my cup of tea. And I really wonder why the hell is she behind me.”
“I can’t take it anymore, it wasn’t me who had done anything but the world will never believe that I’m innocent. I can’t live like this. Can I? I won’t be able to listen to everyone’s taunts.”
These aren’t any dialogues but just brief about the characters, their nature/ past.
Thanks to @Amnna because I was not about to post a new Fan Fiction any soon here, only on Wattpad but since she told, here it is!
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