Mere Sai 4th March 2021 Written Episode Update: Chihu Tai protects her son

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Mere Sai 4th March 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

UpdateGovinda walks towards the well. He cries thinking about his parents and the entire incident. He is pained to think of what happened to other villagers. He apologizes to Sai. I am going against your teachings today! I wont be able to live with this guilt. I promise you (his parents) that I will take birth as your son in the next birth as well. You will be proud of me.

Sai stops in his tracks suddenly. No! Chihu asks him what happened. Please say something. I cannot bear this anymore. Srikanth asks Sai as well but Sai starts walking again.

Govinda stands on the edge of the well.

Chihu is crying as they follow Sai.

Govinda looks determined. He jumps in the well.

Sai stops yet again. Srikanth and Chihu look on worriedly.

Govinda looks around him and is confused to see that he is on the ground. There is no well. Where did the well go? He turns around and notices Sai and his parents standing behind him. Sai tells him that the well is right behind him. Govinda turns around slowly and is stunned to see the well. He looks at Sai teary eyed. Sai says suicide cannot be a solution to any problem. Chihu and Srikanth are shocked to realise it. Chihu asks Govinda if he dint think of them even once. Dint you think how your Aayi will live without you? I have spent my entire life looking after you and you want to leave me? What did we lack? Why couldn’t you tell your aayi what’s bothering you? She breaks down. Srikanth asks Govinda how he can think that they wont support him. You could have come to us once. We would have worked out something together. We wouldn’t have left you alone. Govinda cries. I don’t deserve it. I have been mean to you. I have hurt aayi a lot. I am the worst son ever! Srikanth tells him not to think like that. Everyone makes mistakes. You also made some. Govinda says it was not an ordinary mistake. You may not know the entire truth so you are saying this. I stoop so low that I used aayi’s jewellery! Chihu says we know. Govinda looks at his parents in disbelief. He breaks down. Why dint you say anything then? Chihu says Sai told us that this will be your lesson for life when you will realise your mistake. Govinda folds his hands towards Sai. You also tried to explain me but I dint listen to anyone. Sai says people become stronger when they get up after falling. You have learnt your lesson. It was important for your life. You would have been more distracted if you hadn’t learnt your lesson. A lot many people learnt a lesson through you as well. Govinda rues that they wont be able to get what they have lost. Sai says everything happens as per Ram ji’s wish.

Govinda, Srikanth and Chihu return home. Tejasvini comes there with Santa and her men. Where is that Madhusudhan? He has eloped with my money! Govinda is shocked to know the amount. She asks him where she will find Madhusudhan. He calls her Vahini (DIL) but she tells him that she has no relation with a thief. He requests her not to say so. I really don’t know anything. Tejasvini says you only spread word about that scheme on his behalf. That thug was your family member. I want my money back right away! Srikanth reasons that they have nothing. She insists upon getting her money back. Govinda says we have lost our jewellery as well. She threatens them of the consequences. Govinda looks on worriedly. Tejasvini tells Santa to attack. Chihu stands in front of Govinda. Don’t you dare touch my son! I am the daughter of the same house where you have come as the DIL. The goons step back. Chihu says no one will be able to escape my wrath if I turn into my old avatar. You (Tejasvini) may not know it but Santa knows me very well. I will turn into the old Chihu Tai if anyone will dare touch my son. You used to shiver back then. I don’t need Sarkar’s name for it. Tejasvini looks at her goons who certainly look afraid of Chihu Tai. Tejasvini says you are elder than me. Be my guest. I will come back tomorrow with police if Madhusudhan isn’t here by then. I will send Govinda to jail otherwise. Let’s see how you will handle police then! She leaves with Santa and the goons.

Rambha tells Padmini to have faith on Sai. You will get Gautam back. Padmini says you don’t know my husband. He never looks back once he makes up his mind. Rambha says you may not have understood Sai well. Anyone who is close to Sai is bound to get out of their problems. Gautam with be with you soon. Padmini says he is not here with me right now which is why I am worried. He cannot sleep without hearing my lullaby. Don’t know if he has been able to sleep or not!

Madhusudhan is sleeping peacefully but Gautam is crying silently. Where are you aayi?

Sai says a mother’s lullaby is very strong. It puts those who are awake to sleep and it can also wake up those who are lost. Your voice will surely reach your son, Padmini. Please sing. Sai closes his eyes as Padmini starts singing. Gautam is able to hear her voice. He gets up and goes outside. He starts walking without support. He even stumbles in his step and hurts himself in the process. Padmini shouts his name suddenly. Sai’s eyes are still closed. Padmini tells Sai she feels that Gautam is in a problem. Please help him. Rambha suggests her to have patience. Sai does not speak to anyone when he is meditating. Gautam will be fine. Padmini says I am sure He can listen to me. A mother is asking for help for her son. Sai said that a mother’s voice can reach her kid. How can a mother not be aware of her kid’s plight then? Please do something, Sai. I am sure Gautam is in trouble.

Precap: Sai advises Tatya to take some men with him and go to Shirdi’s border. You might be needed there. There should be no violence though. Villagers surround Madhusudhan and his mother.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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