Mehndi Hai Rachne Wali 12th March 2021 Written Episode Update : Raghav reaches Mansi’s engagement.

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Mehndi Hai Rachne Wali 12th March 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.comRaghav says to Deshmukh’s that he is their new owner…Raghav says to Pallavi that he is here to remind him that she has just 29 days left, and he knows she will waste days so better she accepts her loss…Sometime back…Sharda and Vijay go help Pallavi get up, Asha ( Rahul’s mother doesn’t like it). Vijay recognises Raghav says you misbehaved with my daughter in temple and then your news, Sharda says he came earlier also I thought he is delivery boy, Raghav says people say a lot about me but I am your new shop owner, Vijay says its Jagdish, Raghav says he sold it to me, Vijay asks Pallavi why didn’t he tell him, Pallavi says she couldn’t in all the rush and says to Raghav that today is function and no work, they will do shop paper works tomorrow.
Vijay says its family function and we have close friends and family and don’t want to crowd it, especially those who can’t respect women as we treat them like goddess, Sulochana says Raghav is my special guest and will be in all functions and its my daughter’s wedding so I will decide who will come and who won’t I am anyways allowing some unwanted guests.
Amruta imagines Raghav walking to her and saying you look very pretty, just dress the same in every function.Raghav looking for Akash, Pallavi thinking how will she manage Raghav everyday now, Sharda walks to her asks.does she have ring, Pallavi says yes, Sharda says let’s clean up and begin rituals. Sulochana says to Amruta to be friends with Raghav by end of wedding, Amruta says it will be more than that, Sulochna says good.Raghav sees Akash and Kirti, and thinks os Pallavi trying to get them together. People gossip about Pallavi being widow but her behaviour to Asha. Amruta comes there and calls Asha for ring ceremony.
Pallavi gets rings, Asha doesn’t like it, Pallavi notices that and thinks why is she upset.Akash says to Kirti that he is Pallavi’s special’guest and made all these light arrangements, Raghav takes Kirti aside and asks what is she doing here, Kirti says Pakka is my friend I look at her shop accounts, Raghav asks what is this boy doing here and what is going on between you two, Kirti says Amma told me nonsense you told her, my life stay out of it and leaves. Pallavi sees Raghav and Kirti and thinks why is Raghav behind Kirti, he had also send a man to spy on her.
Sharda walks to Pallavi says its tome for Mansi’s second surprise.Pallavi tells Mansi that she is loved a lot and performs for her with Sharda. Rahul and Mansi like it.Pallavi stops Raghav asks what he is doing here, Raghav says to Pallavi that he is here to remind him that she has just 29 days left, and he knows she will waste days so better she accepts her loss, Pallavi says you don’t worry about me, I won’t give up, I will win. Milind walks to Pallavi says its time for family Photo Nikhil is missing tooNikhil tells Harish its risky to go customs now and he is at his sister’s engagement, Pallavi says to Nikhil how dare he do this didn’t he think about his family, Nikhil gets scared, Pallavi starts laughing and asks where are you going, Nikhil says exam dates are out going for notes, Pallavi says go tomorrow.Asha walks to Sulochna and Shard, says remember only married women for Haldi Kumkum function, Sulcohana asks Sharda to ensure, Sharda says don’t worry.Rahul says lets dance, Pallavi insists for Marathi songs, says we are brides side so our wish, Raghav asks why is that, Telegu songs are best, Pallavi says people arent, Raghav says I met you and you are very annoying, so only Telegu songs and starts performing, Rahul and Mansi join him and slowly everyone joins them including Pallavi.Pallavi’s blouse one hook loose two waiters starring at her back, Raghav sees that, goes to tell her but she goes to to get sweater for an aunty, Raghav follows.
Sulochana sees Asha walk away from dancing, asks.her whats wrong, Asha says we can’t tolerate Pallavi anymore, she looks after in laws, family, shop acceptable but wearing such clothes and dancing in front if so many people is not good, people are talking back about it, Sulochana very angry.Pallavi sees Raghav in her room scolds him says you don’t care but I do, I have self respect please leave, Raghav tells her about her blouse hook, Pallavi realises he is talking truth, tries to fix it and asks Raghav to leave and give her phone on his way back, Raghav walks to her. Asha sees them together.Pre cap: Raghav says to Pallavi why do you cross my ways you promised, Pallavi says I will till you approach people by means of troubling them
Sulochana asks Pallavi to swear on Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj that she won’t attend any of Mansi’s functions, Vijay raise shis hand to hit her, Sulochana stops himUpdate Credit to: Tanaya

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