Manu Punjabi on saying no to ‘Khatron Ke Khiladi’

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Manu Punjabi, who is a real estate entrepreneur is known from ‘Bigg Boss 10’. He entered the house as a commoner but managed to win the hearts of the audience. He is rumored to have been approached for ‘Khatron Ke Khiladi’ but he hadn’t participated. Manu still does not want to participate in any such reality show and says, “I can’t stand creepy crawlies, they make my skin crawl,”In an interview with BT Manu says, “That is why I cannot do a show like ‘Khatron Ke Khiladi’. It’s a reality show, and it’s the only genre of TV shows that I want to do- that of reality TV. But, it’s just not my type because of the weird, creepy tasks like insects crawling on you etc, required from the contestants. Just the mere sight of ants, insects even in a magazine page gives me rashes. How can I stand them on me physically?”He further adds, “I am not the image of a romantic hero and don’t see myself chasing heroines on screen, that’s not who I am,” he wants to essay more realistic roles.I cannot put up an act of something that I am not. So, if I am not a person who can go all mushy chasing a girl, I can’t possibly play that part convincingly on screen, can I? That’s why I can best do justice to reality shows or stage anchoring,” he says.Manu was recently in Chandigarh for a music video based on cricket. He says, “I was a cricketer and found it easy to relate to this music video. Besides, it had kids in it, who are always relatable for anyone. I have signed up for two more music videos, including one in Haryanvi,”

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