Made for each other..(Part-30) #IMMJ2

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Note: Guys,in today’s update there will be a football match as well.So I’ve chosen the team names from the La Liga table.So please don’t get confused.Vaise toh I’d suggest ki you first read the previous part…but if you remember the story,it’s well and good.Here’s the link for previous episode.Made for each other..(Part-29) #IMMJ2 Recap: Basketball match had started between Vansh’s team and Angre’s team.After the whistle was blown,the ball was thrown up and after it dribbled thrice,Angre,who was standing at center,grabbed the ball and swiftly ran towards their basket while passing it to his teammates.Although the opposite team tried blocking his way,but he passed the ball to his teammate and himself reached near the pole.After he received the ball and he jumped.He was about to throw the ball into the basket when………When Sufia,who was near the pole,tried to take the ball from him.But Angre was fast enough to throw the ball into the basket and score a point.Then the ball was given to Surya(Vansh’s teammate).And according to rule,he had to pass the ball to his teammate from outside the court.He passed the ball to Riddhima.As soon as Riddhima got the ball,she passed it to Sufia,who then scored a point.Angre was surprised to see this.He didn’t expect that Sufia,who rarely had played the game before,would learn the game this quickly and would become a pro.She threw the ball from quite a distance and it had directly fell into the basket.The match continued.The players were trying their best to score a point.After the time was over,scores were announced.Team 13(Angre’s team) had scored 34 points,while Team 7(Vansh’s team) had scored 47 points.And clearly Team 7 had won the match and they were now in finals.The final match was between Team 7 and Team 14.There were still 20 minutes for the match to start.The players who just had a match were relaxing while the players of Team 14 were warming up.Angre came to meet our trio.He stood at the door and called Vansh.Angre: Vansh!Vansh,who was discussing their strategy with his teammates,heard Angre’s voice.He excused himself and went to Angre.When he reached there,Angre pounced upon him and took him into a tight hug and said,Angre: Vansh…congratulation mere bhai.Vansh,who was surprised at sudden hug,got back to senses.he reciprocated the hug and said,Vansh(smiled): Thank you bhaiiii.They then stepped back.Angre: Vansh aaj ki party teri taraf se.(Vansh,today’s party is from your side.)Vansh: Pakka.(Sure.)Angre: Vaise,where are Sufu and Riddhu?Vansh was about to speak,when they heard,Voice 1: We are here and…Voice 2: and watching your bromance.Vansh and Angre turned towards the source of voice.Vansh: Riddhima…Sufia…when did you guys come?Sufia: We heard Angre’s voice and came here.Angre: Okay….I actually came here to congratulate you guys.Riddhima and Sufia(in unison): Thank you.They talked for few more minutes.After this,Angre spoke,Angre: Vansh,there are still 5-7 minutes for the match to start…Can I take Sufia with me?Vansh: Angre,there is no need to take my permission.It’s totally upto her.Angre: You are the captain of your team…and you guys were discussing something I guess.Riddhima: Jiju…we have completed the discussion….(eyeing Sufia)but if Sufu doesn’t want to go….then things are different.Vansh: So bhabhi…will you go with my bhai?Sufia,who had turned red like a tomato,listening to their talks,spoke,Sufia: Angre…let’s go from here.Otherwise their leg pulling session will continue for ever.Angre noticed that Riddhima was about to say something.He knew that she’s planning to tease Sufia.So before she could say anything,he pulled Sufia and quickly left from there.Riddhima: Dekha…kitni jaldi thi inn dono ko.Vansh: Yess…vaise Riddhu…can we both also go somewhere?..just like them.(winks)Riddhima: Sure…come,let’s go.Vansh(excited): really!!…but where will we go?Riddhima(while holding his hand in both of her hands) We will go to…(smirked)hell.Vansh: What!!Riddhima: yes…and there I’ll ask the devils to fry you in the oil in front of my eyes…and yes..even I’ll help them.Vansh: Ohh…but will they let you help them?Riddhima: of course..they will .Vansh(murmers): Of course they’ll let you help them..After all,why would a devil say no to another devil.Riddhima: I heard that.Vansh: So what!..I intentionally said that louder.Riddhima: If I’m a devil..then you are…umm….you are..haa…you are Lucifer,the King of devils.Vansh: Ohh really??Riddhima: Yess..really.Hearing this,Vansh starts moving towards her.Seeing him coming towards her,Riddhima started taking back steps.Vansh(coming closer to her): Then that means that I’m the king…and you are my slave.He was moving towards her.Riddhima’s back touched the wall..and by now,Riddhima was between Vansh and the wall.Vansh came close to her,which made her skip a beat.Vansh(huskily): So what can you do for your king,Ms.Devil?Riddhima sensed that her heartbeat was increasing with the decreasing distance between them.She tried to gather some words,but she was so lost that escaping from his eyes seemed next to impossible.She tried to say something,but all she could say was “Vansh”.Vansh smirked.Vansh(huskily): yes Riddhima!Riddhima: Vansh,what are doing?Vansh: I’m looking into your eyes….because in your eyes,I can see…Riddhima: What can you see in my eyes Vansh?Vansh: Riddhima,every time I look into your eyes, I see something beautiful…I’m so lost in it,that I forget the world around me.Riddhima: Really?Vansh: Really.Riddhima(soflty): What do you see Vansh?Vansh: Riddhima…in your eyes,I see…I see my reflection.Riddhima(shocked): What!!Vansh: What-what?…Isn’t it the most amazing thing in the world…I know you’ll definitely agree to this,right?Riddhima pushed Vansh,who was standing quite close to her.She then smacked his arm and spoke,Riddhima: No…I completely disagree to it…huhh.Vansh: And why do you disagree?Riddhima: You tell me,why will not disagree to it?Vansh: You mean that I’m not handsome?Riddhima giggled at this.Vansh(pissed): Why are giggling now?Riddhima: Vansh,you are living in a misunderstanding that you are handsome…but the reality is,that even a scariest ghost is more handsome than you.Vansh: Oh really?Riddhima: Yes…really.Vansh: So you mean to say that a ghost is more good looking?Riddhima: I think you have some hearing problem….I clearly said that a ghost is more good looking than you.Vansh: just a second…. do you mean that you have seen a ghost….but wait…even you look like a ghost.Riddhima(interrupting): Wait…do you mean that I am ghost?Vansh: Yes.That’s exactly what I mean….vaise Riddhima,do you also scare people at night with your ghost friends?Riddhima: Vansh,if this happens and I get a chance…then I’ll definitely scare YOU.Vansh: Huhh…haven’t you heard,..aaal tu jalaal tu,aayi balaa ko taal tu….this mantra is enough to save myself….And if needed,I’ll learn Hanuman chaalisa from dadi.Riddhima: You know what,let just stop this crap here…I’m so pissed right now.Vansh: But weren’t you the one who started this?Riddhima: ohh really?…you said that stupid my reflection dialogue of yours and now you are blaming me…huhh.Vansh: Riddhima,you know what,you are such an aafat.Riddhima: Kyaa!!…mein aur aafat?Vansh: Aur nhi toh…Angre(interrupting): No…Riddhima,you are not an aafat…but you are surely a forgetful person,who forgot that there is a final match,that is to be held after few minutes.Sufia: Angre,even Vansh forgot this…So don’t just say to my Riddhu.Angre: Sufia,I was about to say to him too,but..Sufia: But-what?…I agree ki Vansh is your bff cum brother,but Riddhima is also not alone.I am with her.Angre: Sufu,Riddhima is like a sister to me.They both are at equal for me.Vansh: Ohh…so this sister of yours is now being compared to me…Angre how can you compare her relation of several months to our relation of years?…It’s not justified.Angre: Vansh,stop this drama of yours.Vansh: now all this seems drama to you…acha hai.Sufia: Angre,how can you…Riddhima(shouting): Stop it guys…why are you fighting like kids?..and you two,when did you return?Sufia: When you two were fighting like kids.Vansh and Riddhima(unison): I’m not a kid.Sufia: Acha baba okay…atleast don’t shout.Angre: Btw Vansh,don’t you think that you guys should go for your match.It’s about to start….or are you planning to skip it?Vansh: Obviously man…we are not gonna skip the final…atleast not because of this dumbo(pointing towards Riddhima)Riddhima: Vansh,put your finger down or I’ll break it.Vansh: Oye tu haath toh lga ke dikha….meine punch vunch maarke tera muh naa tod diya toh mera naam bhi Vansh Raisinghania nhi.Riddhima: Vansh,you know what…just think of the new name for yourself…kyunki punch toh kya,tu mujhe pinch bhi nhi kar paayega..huhh.Vansh: Tu rukk z…Angre: Stop it!!…you guys are already one minute late…just go you idiots.Sufia: Why are you calling me an idiot?..I have not said anything to you.Angre: Meri maa…I’m sorry…ab jaayo naa tum log.Sufia: I’m not your mom…I’m..Angre: Sufia…can we fight after your match…please.Sufia: I was just teasing you Angre…you know that I don’t fight on such things.Angre: I know…even I was just pulling your leg.Sufia: Oh really….so you were pulling my leg…(smiling)..and what if I pull your hairs?Angre(smiling): I know that you won’t do this.Sufia: Wanna try Mr.Malhotra?Angre: Next time…fihaal you guys have match….and yes…All the best Sufu…you’ll win for sure.Saying so Angre placed a kiss on Sufia’s forehead and then hugged her.Sufia: I love you Angre.Angre: Love you too Sufu.Riddhima: Bhai…I know I shouldn’t be disturbing…but this is not the time for all this…once we are done with the match,you’ll get lot of time to do this…but for now,please can we go?Angre: Ohh yaa….sorry.All turned to go,except Vansh.Vansh: Guys…ek group hug toh banta hai….come on.All smiled at him and then they shared a group hug.Angre wished them luck and then went to sit with the audience.The final match between Team 7 and Team 14 had started.The players of both the teams were putting all of their efforts to score a point that would make their respective team win the final match.The players were dodging,passing the ball,and trying hard to score a point.After all two of the best teams of the college were competing against each other.The audience were also cheering for the teams to encourage the players.But as the rule says,the winner is always one.So here also Team 7 defeated Team 14 by 7 points.So yes,the ultimate winner was TEAM 7.The court shook with the cheers of the audience.The winner team was shouting and enjoying their victory.Angre came running towards them the trio and pounced upon them like a beast.The four of them were dancing and celebrating the win.The principal and the management staff along with sports teacher,gave the team a trophy and a cash prize.The runner up was also felicitated with the trophy and cash prize.After the basketball match were over,four of them went to the ground,where football match was being played.They grabbed themselves a seat and started watching the match.The present match was between Real Madrid(RM) and Barcelona(Barca).The score was 3-5.The players were trying their best.Real Madrid tried to reach near the goal post.The time was about to get over.The RM captain was able to score a goal,but the time was up and the final scores were 4-5.So Barcelona had won the match and now the team had to face Atletico Madrid(AM) in the finals.After sometime,the final match started.The teams were giving a really tough competition to each other.The first half was intense and competitive, with both teams denying each other space early on with a score of 2-0(AM-Barca).After an up and down first half, Barca put together one of their best halves of football in their recent matches.A player from Barca scored a goal and then they scored some more goals to turn a tricky game into a destruction.The final score was 3-6.So the winner of football matches was Barcelona.The team was felicitated with a trophy and cash prize.The team members were given certificates.After the felicitation ceremony,the players were provided with refreshment.After watching the football match,VARS gang went back to the main ground where the stalls were installed.While they were on their way to food court,Vansh and Angre were moving ahead of Riddhima and Sufia.They both were discussing about what they’ll eat once they reach the food court.Their matches had been tiring and now they were really very hungry.

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