Love or betrayed #riansh #Immj2 episode 3 riansh meet

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Hello tu family.  I am very shattered that immj2 is going off air but we all know in ott only limited episodes will come and one day it has to be end . We learnt that not to addicted with anything but Don’t worry we will support cast ❤ members in other projects . And most important please Don’t leave tu in that way we connected with each other .Tommorow means Friday I have accountancy clasd test so sorry for short update today . Silent readers please comment it motolivates me . So let’s start :-Vansh is driving a car with full speed and in opposite direction ridhimma is walking in the way to hospital and suddenly a small girl who is selling balloons comes between the vansh car . Vansh applies break and ridhu notice this and running 🏃‍♀️towards that girls . Vansb also come from car and both riansh touch together that girls in opposite  cheek . And then intense eyelock broken by little girl . Vansh in softly voice saidVansh – beta u are okay na .Girl – yes uncle I am okay.Ridhu – any injuries beta .Girl – no aunty I am absolutely fine .Riansh – but why are u selling balloons.Girl – I am orphan and I have to earn money to eat food .Both having tears in their eyes because ridhu also orphan from childdhood and vansh parents left this world when he was 3 year old .Vansb – okay beta please come with me I drop u a good orphanage where u will study and stand on your legs.Ridhu is touched by vansh behavior.Ridhu – no I will drop . U can go because I know the orphanage who is best for this child .Vansb – no I will manage u can go .Ridhu – no me .Vansb – let’s do one thing pls tell your orphanage name and then I will drop this girls there.Ridhu – Day dream orphanage.Vansh – same orphanage I want to drop this child .  I am very connected from this orphanage.  ( guys tell me in comment why he was connected with orphanage)Precap –  accidentThat’s all for today . How u like riansh meet .Sorry for short update.  Accountancy test is there and lots of copy work and art integrated project.I am very happy I have received 20 + comments.  Pls keep supporting and any suggestions pls tell .Lots of love family ❤. 

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