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THE EPISODE START WITH……Riddhima: i was…..Vansh: you were what riddhima?speak up!Riddhima: mafia!Vansh was shocked to the core. He was not able to react.Vansh: and you have hidden this think from me!(shouting)Riddhima: it was….Vansh: stop your lame reasons. (Angry)Now it was riddhima who becamed angryRiddhima: this is what you problem is. Don’t give any chance to speak what the other person want to! Why am i even interested to tell you. Who are you to me?Vansh: what are you saying!? I know you love me….Riddhima: ONE SIDED LOVE!Vansh: w…wh…at do you mean. (shocked)Riddhima: because you don’t love me you want to test my love MR.VANSH RAISINGHANIA.Vansh: what?Riddhima:i very well know your yesterday’s talk with angre.Vansh: how? Were you keeping eye on me!(furious)Riddhima: i have not. Someone called you yesterday on my mobile. So you picked it up but forgot to turn off. So i heard everything and today at morning i camed at your house. But you were sleeping so i took my mobile from there without informing you.Vansh: riddhima i love you but I don’t want any betray again but you did it today.Riddhima: i didn’t!(hurt)Vansh: enough!(shouting)Saying so he left from there leaving a broken riddhima.Riddhima: no! Enough of his ego. I am also tired of hearing his painful word.Vr mansionVansh: angre where is kabir?Angre: boss he escaped!Vansh: damn it! We have to think something else…..angre find out about riddhima’s past i want each and every detail.Angre was confused then also he nodded in approval.It was almost one week since riddhima and vansh seen each other or talked.After one week.Vansh: any info angre?Angre: yes boss i got to know something about her past.Vansh: shoot!Other side
Shehgal mansionRiddhima was playing with knife she was moving it very fast around her finger. Then she heard a voice.Ishani: again?Riddhima: i thought that after leaving that world i will be able to leave peacefully but this world is even more bad than that.Ishani: it’s not what you are thinking riddhima. Leave all this.Riddhima: no ishani. Now my life don’t have anything left. I will join that world again.Ishani: think 100 times before taking any step.Saying so she left from there.Back to vanshAngre: boss in her past she was a mafia and she left that world 4 years ago. She is no longer situated to underworld.Vansh: that means she was right i misunderstood her. Vansh vansh what the hell you did. She was right my ego is my problem. (To himself)Angre: boss!Vansh: ha…ha angre.Angre: should i work further?Vansh: no angre i will see this.Angre: ok boss.Vansh took his car key and left from there to riddhima’s Hospital. He entered and left to riddhima’s cabin. He saw no one inside.Sejal: vansh you here?Vansh: where is riddhima?Sejal: um she said she will come tomorrow. She is going to take a big decision.Vansh: ok thanks.Vansh left from there to shehgal’s mansion. He saw riddhima gardening there holding a rose.Vansh: gulab ka rang lal hota hai. (colour of rose is red)Riddhima: khun ka rang bhi lal hota hai. (colour of blood is also red)Vansh: ishq ka rang bhi lal hota hai. (colour of love is also red)Riddhima: dhoke ka rang bhi lal hota hai. (colour of betrayal is also red)Vansh: riddhima i am sorry. (Guilty)Riddhima: who is riddhima?Vansh: what are you saying?(confused)Riddhima: your riddhima died one week before only. Now what you want. (Blank)Vansh:i want to know your past.Riddhima was now very much angry remembering about her past. She was losing her control on her anger. She held the rose which was in her hand very tightly. It’s thron pinched her blood was coming out of her hand but she was not feeling anything. Vansh saw this and has thrown that flower out of her hand.Vansh: what are you doing!??(worried)Riddhima: vansh leave. (calmly)Vansh: riddhim…Riddhima: i said leave!(now shouting)Vansh was shocked to see her this much angry. He left from there without any further questions.Riddhima’s eyes became red she left to her room and was calming herself.Vansh was thinking what was the reason behind this much anger. He dialed ishani’s number.On callIshani: yes vanshVansh: ishani what is riddhima’s past today when i asked her she becamed very angry.Ishani: vansh you should have not asked this to her. Our past was very painful. (Low voice)Vansh: what is it?WHAT MUST BE THE PAINFUL PAST. SEE MY LUCK GUYS ON 10 MARCH MY EXAMS GOT OVER BUT THEN MY FINGERS GOT INJURED. I HAVE WRITTEN THIS WITH MUCH DIFFICULTIES I HOPE YOU ALL WILL ENJOY THIS . ALL THE BEST TO THEM WHOSE EXAMS ARE GOING OR GOING TO START. DO COMMENT AND TELL ME HOW WAS IT. SEE YA. TAKE CARE.

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