Love of sacrifices and trust (UPCOMING PROMO)

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Scene 1:Riddhima continuously ringing the door bellVansh finally opens the door and went inside in anger and started exercisingRiddhima: Why are you not listening to meVansh: Just leaveRiddhima pulls him towards her and looks in his eyes with tearsRiddhima: It had never happened that i went for meeting someone,If I had come to you then this is to tell you that I..She sat on knees and kissed his handRiddhima: I truly love youVansh stays stunned but look at her expressionless and started moving,  Riddhima all shattered stood up and again moved behind him and shoutedRiddhima: Once I leave na,I will never returnVansh turned to her and pulled her close tightlyVansh : See ,never dare to leave me okay, I will die without youRiddhima pulled him close by holding his head and kissed on his lips tightlyRiddhima: Never dare to say soThey both smiled .Scene 2- Riddhima is sitting in Vansh’e lap and they are trying to sing ,laughing all their heart outScene 3- Riddhima ,Riansh and Vansh are playing hide and seekVansh sees Riddhima and goes close to her from behind and grabs her waist ,she turns shockingly,he gives her love bite on neck and left and started finding Riansh.Riddhima stood smiling and blushing.Scene 4- Riddhima stands between Vansh and Riansh and applies yellow colour to her both cheeks and then apply to both of them via her cheeks.Scene 5- Riddhima lifts Riansh ,Vansh comes from behind and lifts Riddhima , and swirls ,all three laugh.Scene 6- Riddhima sends Riansh to school, doctor calls RiddhimaDoctor: Congratulations Mrs Rai Singhania,you are pregnant.Riddhima smiles and keep hand over her belly and hugs Vansh’s photo tight to her heart ,Riddhima: When you will come back, i will give you this news.Riddhima then sticks an angel sticker on their three group photo.But,Is destiny planning something else??Riansh’s scream is heard.To know more, read the ff ,” Love of sacrifices and trust”.

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