Love of sacrifices and trust (UPCOMING PROMO 3)

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Scene starts with Vansh in lavish black coat,formally dressed up waiting in a garden for someone.Suddenly the lights get on,he sees the beautiful decoration all around,Decoration was such as stars are shining all around then he heard the voice of a fountain,he rushed to that place ,he saw a girl in red saree swirling around the fountain. He kept looking at her ,Vansh : Riddhima…you are here…I was waiting there.Riddhima stops and looks at him with a beautiful smile.Vansh steps forward…Riddhima steps backward.Vansh tried to touch her but saw her standing behind fountain, there was water between them,but he could clearly see her face.Both smiled to each other.Riddhima ran ,Vansh ran behind her. He tried to catch her but she seemed to be disappeared,he stopped and looked around,Riddhima came from behind and blindfolded him.Riddhima whispered; Find me by feeling me.They then played.He could feel her,her laugh ,every gesture. He then stopped and removed the blindfold.Riddhima was standing in front of him.He was about to touch her but Riddhima said,Riddhima: Time has played with us,seperated us even before uniting.Vansh stayed stunned ,his smile vanished.Riddhima:Those airs ,which brought you my fragrance ,will cheat on you. But if you meet God,then ask him once,(Riddhima becoming serious)Ask him once that why he seperated usVansh screamed NooooRiddhima disappeared.Lights got off.Vansh screamed Riddhimaaa…To know more ,read the ff ,”LOVE OF SACRIFICES AND TRUST”.

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