Love of sacrifices and trust (UPCOMING PROMO 2)

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Scene starts with Vansh sitting at USA office and looking at Riddhima’s photographs and smiling and talking to her photograph,
“You know Riddhima,whenever I look at you,I feel myself alive,
Your smile ,your eyes everything ,
I still remember the day we first met and every moment of that day is in my heart ,deeply secured.
That day your Chirpiness, you bold natureTo take up any challenge in life ,everything was just perfect.When I look in your eyes Riddhima they make me feel as I am looking in a mirror which has my complete past and future in it. It’s not that I feel lost in just your eyes  your every gesture make me lost ,but your eyes has a different deepness in them. Riddhima you know ,without you, I can not even think to breath. Infact in those three years I tried my best to hate you but trust me ,I had to explain myself every moment that Vansh she had betrayed you forget about her ,hate her but you made Vansh raisinghania defeated. I got defeated in front of you whenever you came in front of me whatever I got left was ,was love to you. I know I had hurt you many times in there years but that was not because of my hatred but my pain ,pain that why you snatched the right to love you from me. But now ,when you have told the truth and released me from every pain ,I promise to ,riddhima you know ,you gave me riansh  ,(he got teary eyed) ,I daily ask God to not give me any new life ,(tears started rolling on his cheeks) ,just burn my soul with this life ending. Because no one ,even not me myself has right on my soul other than you.  Riddhima you and riansh  you both aremy breath trust me. I will die if you ever ever dare to leave me. You are my presence .He recieved Riddhima’s callRiddhima:When you will return ,I will tell you something.Vansh smiles.Next scene shows Vansh back in india and driving car with full speed  he gets stopped in traffic jam.A boy comes and knocks at his car door  vansh lowered the car glasspaneBoy: Sahab ji but these flowers to make your dear ones life happy.Vansh was in a hurry to reach home as he could not wait to get back home ,he just wanted to fly to Riddhima and riansh. He was also feeling restless ,he had no idea but his feeling was strong.Vansh chooses some flowersBoy : Sahab ji these are for offering to dead people.Vansh got shocked and shouted hard on that boy but then felt pity for him and brought all the flowers from him.He then made call to Riddhima.Vansh: come on riddhima  ,why are you not taking call. May be you had not gotten up this morning so soon.Vansh drives with full speed to his home.But is destiny planning something else?Riansh scream is heard.To know more read the ff ” love of sacrifice and trust.”

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