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SUMMARY SEASON 1 (TILL CHAPTER 60 – From Tia’s murder till Pankhuri’s arrest)Shivaay Singh Oberoi’s would be bride, Tia Kapoor is murdered a night before their wedding….The families are caught in a web of lies, accusations and deceptions as the investigation of the murder continues…. No one knows whom to trust and whom to doubt…. So many suspects and no definite answer to the name of the murderer….DCP Ranveer Singh Randhawa is made in-charge of the case with his partner and best friend, ACP Abir Rajvansh….Abir’s life takes a turn when his ex-girlfriend ACP Mishti Agarwal joins their team to investigate the case…. All throughout the investigation, Abir and Mishti resolve their issues and come back together to give another chance to their lost love and mend their broken relation….During the crisis, Shivaay’s long time best friend, Arjun Raichand, a reputed lawyer, comes to his aid, by making his sister Anika Raichand, also a reputed lawyer, solve the case for Oberoi family and find the culprit…. Anika along with her friend Prachi, and Shivaay along with his assistant, Ranbir, solve the case…. As the investigation continues, many deep secrets are dug out and revelations leave everyone astounded…. It is revealed that Tia was already married to Dushyant Rana and was only getting married to Shivaay, as her mother wanted to avenge the Oberois for years of enmity…. Shivaay falls in love with Anika in the process of solving the case….Gauri Mehra, the wedding planner for Oberois and Kapoors is also considered a suspect in the case…. Soumya, Gauri’s employee and Rudra Singh Oberoi help Gauri clear her name from the mess…. The three become really good friends throughout the journey becoming inseparable parts of each other’s lives….During this investigation, Omkara Singh Oberoi becomes friends with the crime reporter, Ishana Kulkarni…. Ishana’s life gets disturbed when her worst nightmare Daksh Khurana comes back to her life in the form of Om’s girlfriend Riddhima’s brother…. Fighting through all the chaos in her life Ishana falls in love with Om but never confesses it owing to not create problems in his personal life….Malhotras make an entry in their lives, as Arjun is getting married to his longtime girlfriend, Pankhuri Malhotra…. However the Malhotras have much to their deeds than the world knows….Ranveer and team investigate the case thoroughly and it is revealed that Pankhuri Malhotra is responsible for Tia’s death…. The police arrest her after finding sufficient proofs and when she herself confesses her crime….But is it the end or the beginning?Has Pankhuri really killed Tia by her will or someone forced her?Who would want Tia dead and why?Why did Daksh kidnap Ishana but not hurt her? What is Daksh hiding?Will Om and Shivaay find about Tej and Svetlana’s plans?Why did Mishti break Abir’s heart is the past? Who is back in Mishbir’s life?What turn will their lives take now? Will their love find its destination amongst these lies, secrets and revelations?Has the mystery really ended or has it just begun?So many unanswered questions, but you all need not worry…. All of these will be answered in the Season 2 of “LOVE, LIFE, SECRETS: Answers lie within”…. Coming soon….CHARACTERS FROM SEASON 1:• SHIVAAY SINGH OBEROI – Played by Nakuul Mehta
• RANBIR KOHLI – Played by Krishna Kaul
• RANVEER SINGH RANDHAWA – Played by Ayush Anand
• ABIR RAJVANSH – Played by Shaheer Sheikh
• ANIKA RAICHAND – Played by Surbhi Chandna
• PRACHI ARORA – Played by Mugdha Chaphekar
• ISHANA KULKARNI – Played by Vrushika Mehta
• MISHTI AGARWAL – Played by Rhea Sharma
• GAURI MEHRA – Played by Shrenu Parikh
• SIDDHARTH VIKRAM RANA – Played by Shaleen Malhotra
• ADHVIK MALHOTRA – Played by Adhvik Mahajan
• SHAANTANU MALHOTRA – Played by Zain Imam
• DAKSH KHURANA – Played by Karan Khanna
• RIDDHIMA KHURANA – Played by Shireena Sambyal
• SVETLANA – Played by Reyhna Malhotra
• OMKARA SINGH OBEROI – Played by Kunal Jaisingh
• RUDRA SINGH OBEROI – Played by Leenesh Mattoo
• PRIYANKA SINGH OBEROI – Played by Subha Rajput
• SOUMYA SHARMA – Played by Nehalaxmi Iyer
• ARJUN RAICHAND – Played by Pearl V Puri
• PANKHURI MALHOTRA – Played by Ishita Dutta
• DUSHYANT VIKRAM RANA – Played by Saurabh Kushwaha
• MALLIKA SIDDHARTH RANA – Played by Surbhi Jyoti
• TIA KAPOOR – Played by Navina Bole
• ROMI KAPOOR – Played by Krissann Barretto
• KALYANI SINGH OBEROI – Played by Navnindra Behl
• TEJ SINGH OBEROI – Played by Mahesh Thakur
• JANHVI SINGH OBEROI – Played by Mreenal Deshraj
• SHAKTI SINGH OBEROI – Played by Siraj Mustafa Khan
• PINKY SINGH OBEROI – Played Nitika Anand
• ROOP SINGH OBEROI – Played by Vishavpreet Kaur
• ANUSHA KAPOOR – Played by Anisha Hinduja
• SHEKHAR RAICHAND – Played by Sachin Tyagi
• SUMITRA RAICHAND – Played by Parul Chauhan
• VIKRAM PRADEEP RANA – Played by Naved Aslam
• KETKI VIKRAM RANA – Played Mansi Salvi
• NAREN MALHOTRA – Played by Anup Soni
• LATE POOJA MALHOTRA – Played by Smita BansalNEW CHARACTERS INTRODUCED IN SEASON 2MEERA RAJVANSH(Played by Supriya Pilgaonkar)Abir and Kunal’s mother, she has single handedly taken care of Abir and Kunal after her husband’s untimely death, loves Abir and Kunal a lot, always wished Mishti to comeback in Abir’s life and make their family completeKUNAL RAJVANSH (Played by Ritvik Arora)Abir’s younger brother, takes care of the family business along with his mother, loves his mother and bhai a lot, is engaged to his long-time girlfriend KuhuKUHU MAHESHWARI (Played by Kaveri Priyam)Kunal’s fiancéPRAGYA ARORA(Played by Sriti Jha)Prachi’s mother, separated from her husband years ago due to some personal reasons, loves her daughter Prachi a lot, considers Anika and Arjun as her own childrenABHISHEK MEHRA
(Played by Shabbir Ahluwalia)Prachi’s father, separated from his wife years ago due to some personal reasons, loves Prachi a lot and meets her secretly without Pragya’s knowledge, runs his own music companyPURAB MEHRA(Played by Vin Rana)Gauri’s father and Abhishek’s younger brother, knows the reason for Abhi-Pragya’s separation, knows his brother has a daughter but has never seen herDISHA MEHRA(Played by Ruchi Savarn)Gauri’s mother and Purab’s wife, knows the reason for Abhi-Pragya’s separation, knows her brother-in-law has a daughter but has never seen her, knows the fact that Abhi and Prachi meet in secret
HARSH AGARWAL(Played by Rajesh Khattar)Mishti’s father and a reputed college professor, loves his daughter a lot and wishes she gets back with Abir and leads a happy lifeANJALI AGARWAL(Played by Parineeta Borthakur)Mishti’s mother and a housewife, loves her daughter a lot and wants her to get married to Abir soonDEEPAK KULKARNI(Played by Rakesh Kukreti)Ishana and Devika’s father, a doctor by profession, wishes his daughter to have a better life than his younger daughterNAMRATA KULKARNI(Played by Akangsha Rawat)Ishana and Devika’s mother, a housewife, wishes her daughter’s life is safe from the past that ruined her other daughter’s lifeLATE DEVIKA KULKARNI(Played by Nyra Banerjee)Ishana’s younger sister, died three years ago because some tragic events in her life
IMPORTANT NOTES• Gauri and Prachi are unaware of the fact that they are cousin sisters. (The reason I did not mention Gauri’s family in the first season – even though no one guessed it or asked for any connection between Prachi and Gauri, even after knowing Gauri’s Mehra surname)
• Prachi is the only daughter of Abhishek Mehra and Pragya Mehra. (There is no Riya or Kiara)
• Abir’s mother and Mishti’s parents know the reason why Mishti had left Abir years ago.
• Mishti and Kuhu are not related to each other and have never met each other.
• Ishana’s parents know why Daksh is involved in Ishana’s life.
• Ranbir lost his parents when he was in his last year of college and his only family is the Oberoi family.
• Also, you do not have to remember all the characters, many of them will not play any important role in the second season, but they are just for you to know that they were a part of season one.
• Season two will mostly focus on the after math of Tia’s murder, and focus more on the sub-plots like – why Mishti and Abir separated years ago, why Daksh kidnapped Ishana, why Anika denied Shivaay’s love and many more.
• This season will be less of an investigation, and more of revelations, and confrontations.
• The older generation does not have much role in the story and so you can imagine other actors also to play the role. I like these people so I choose them, you are free to let your imagination flow.
• The story I am writing has no connection with what was shown in Kumkum Bhagya and Yeh Rishte Hai Pyaar Ke, the characters and certain events may have similarity, but nothing more.
• This season will focus less on the Oberois, and more on the other families introduced.
• The story for season two will start after a leap of three months after Pankhuri’s arrest.I am sure you all will give this season the same love, support and appreciation as you all gave to season one.So, get ready for another ride through, “LOVE”, “LIFE”, and lots of “SECRETS”.“LOVE, LIFE, SECRETS: Answers lie within – Season 2”
Hello everyone, I hope you all are doing well.Here is the introduction of the next season. I could not keep you all waiting for long, so here it is.Keep reading and smiling!!!
Take care and stay safe!!!

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