Love is never an easy road – A Sai-Virat-Pakhi OS

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“Seven years…. Seven long years…. I have spent seven years without you Virat, and I don’t know how many more will come? Every day I wake up with the hope of seeing you again and yet every night I go to bed with my hope, and my heart breaking a little with each passing day. Aai, Baba, and everybody else in the family tells me to stop thinking about you, and let go of all these feelings and move ahead, but how can I move ahead Virat, how can I even think of moving ahead, I can never do it, I can never let go of this hope, and this love. They all say you will never return now, but I know you will, you had promised me, you have promised your Pakhi that you will come back, and I know Virat Chavan never breaks his promise, right after all you are Virat Chavan, jyachi pakki jabaan.”Pakhi wiped the tears that were threatening to flow any moment from her eyes, and picked her bag. She looked at Virat’s photo and smiled before walking out of the room.
She walked down towards the dining room and smiled seeing the family sitting together for the breakfast. Pakhi walked towards them and wished them, and took her seat at the table, her eyes like always travelled to the empty seat beside her, for a brief moment the smile vanished from her face but she quickly brought it back and started serving the breakfast to everyone.Everyone present did observe her and how her smile had disappeared in that moment, and their hearts pained but not wishing to hurt her more, they all kept quiet and resumed their eating along with the everyday banters and conversations.Pakhi too got herself engrossed in listening to the others, not wishing to let her family be sad because of her.Life was difficult, but years of practice had made her strong, and she had to keep up the façade for her family.*****“Seven years…. Seven long years…. I have spent seven long years without my family, and without my, without Pakhi, and I don’t know how many more will come? Every day I wish that I could come to you all and tell you all the truth, the truth that I am alive, and I miss you all so much, but I cannot, because the truth is never easy to accept, and does not always bring happiness. The truth sometimes brings destruction, and as much as my truth of being alive will give you all happiness, the complete truth will only shatter you all, and the most painful moment would be that it’ll be like a knife stabbing Pakhi’s heart and the last thing I would want to do is be the person holding that knife. I had made so many promises to her, and I could not even keep one of them, I was so wrong, I couldn’t be Virat Chavan, jyachi pakki jabaan.”The door opened, and Virat quickly wiped his tears, and composed himself. The last thing he wanted was to let her see his tears, and his pain, for years he had concealed it from her, and he would continue to do it for more years to come.He turned towards her, and saw her arranging his breakfast just like the way she had been doing it for years now. She looked at him, and smiled, he smiled back. No matter how much sad he would be, her one smile would brighten his day, and he would see a new ray of hope.He walked towards her and took his seat; she served him the breakfast, and sat beside him. Virat smiled at her and forwarded the first morsel towards her, he would start eating only after feeding her the first bite. She ate from his hand, and feed him, it was their routine.*****“Seven years…. Seven long years…. I spent seven years with Virat and I know there are many more to come. Every day my day starts with his smile, and every night I go to sleep seeing his smiling face. I don’t know how to thank God for sending him in my life, he has done so much for me, that no matter how much I try, I would never be able to do enough for him. I still remember the day you had brought him home, he was all injured, and we had taken care of him. That one year was so crucial, day and night we only prayed for his recovery, and he did recover. But our happiness was short lived, and you left me forever Aaba. That time, I was all broken and shattered, but he collected all those broken pieces, and with extreme patience, care and love joined them back together. If not for him, I would have lost myself forever. It is so true Aaba that everything happens for a reason in our lives, I was destined to meet Virat, and fall in love with him.”Sai smiled seeing her father’s photo hung on the wall, and took his blessings. Virat had already left for work, and now she too had to go to her office.She walked towards the wardrobe to get her things, when her eyes fell on a diary kept between Virat’s clothes, she had always observed Virat writing things in his diary, but had never talked about it to him, but now that the diary was here in front of her, she could not resist, and moreover Virat would never know.She took the diary and sat on the bed, she opened it and was surprised seeing the photo kept inside, it was her photo, it was taken about three years ago on her birthday, she smiled knowing that Virat too loved her the same she loved him, he may have never said it, but his actions always conveyed his love to her.She looked through the pages, and was about to read when another photo fell from in between the pages, she picked it up and looked at the photo confused, it was Virat and a girl’s photo, it looked like it was taken years ago, and during some wedding function, she was thinking who it was, because Virat had never mentioned about anyone, neither his family, nor his friends. She was thinking how to find out who the girl was when her eyes fell on something written behind the photograph.“Virat loves Pakhi, and Pakhi loves Virat – Tying the knot soon”It took few moments for Sai to register the words, and comprehend their meaning, but as soon as she did, she felt a sharp pain inside her heart, and the photo and the diary fell from her hands, and tears filled her eyes. The illusion she had been living in from the past five years, had shattered and she was shown the harsh reality.Virat doesn’t love her, he never did, he only care for her, but love, it was not in their equations, maybe from her side, but not from his, Virat loved Pakhi, and he still loves her.Sai could feel her heart breaking inside her as the harsh truth revolved in her mind. She looked at the diary, and after some moments picked it up and started reading it.12 August 2020,
“It has been seven years to the day Pakhi and I had got engaged, we had made so many promises to each other, and had seen so many dreams, but neither of them could come true, nor could I keep up any of the promises, nor could I fulfill any of her dreams. The girl who loved me unconditionally and the girl whom I loved more than anything only got pain and sufferings in return of her love. I wish I could ever return back to you Pakhi, I wish I could talk to you once, I would have shared everything with you, all that happened in these seven years, and you would have understood just like you always did years ago. I miss you Pakhi, and I miss my family.”27 August 2020,
“We were supposed to get married on this day seven years ago, but we could not. I wish I had not postponed the wedding because of my mission, I should have stayed back, and then we would have been together. Like always I chose my duty over you, and I lost you forever Pakhi, I lost us forever.”13 September 2020,
“It has been six years to the day I had woken up from the coma, and the first thing I wanted to do after waking up was come running to you, but I couldn’t. Kamal Sir and his daughter Sai had taken care of me in that one year, and I can never thank them enough for it.”25 September 2020,
“Six years have passed, we lost Kamal sir on this day, and Sai lost her everything. She was so broken and shattered, that it killed me from the inside seeing her living like that. I had then promised myself that I would take care of her, just like she took care of me. And that’s why I never let my team or my family, not even you Pakhi, I did not let any of you know that I am alive.”10 October 2020,
“Pakhi today was Sai’s birthday and like the past four years, we celebrated it together. I feel so happy whenever I see the smile on her face, it makes her look so beautiful, and gives my heart peace. It was six years ago, that she lost her father, Kamal Sir, and for the next two years I had tried everything to make her smile again, and now that I have succeeded in making her happy again, making her lively again, and making her smile again, I feel so content. I wish I could ever share this happiness with you but I guess I’ll never be that lucky.”Sai continued reading through the pages, and with each word Virat wrote, she felt her heart breaking and her dreams shattering, but what hurt her more was the fact that Virat had silently suffered all these years, and had never expressed his pain, all because of her. She was the reason he was away from his home, his family, and his Pakhi.*****Like always Pakhi was getting ready for her work, when Mohit knocked on her room’s door and informed her about the arrival of someone waiting to meet her. Pakhi was wondering who it could be, because since the last few years, she hardly visited any friends or relatives, and spent her time in office and then at home with her family. She walked down the staircase towards the living room, and was confused seeing a girl sitting along with the family. Pakhi could not recognize the girl, she had never met her.Sai, who was sitting with the Chavan family saw Pakhi walking towards them, her heart pained, but she knew she had to do it, it was for Virat and his happiness, he had sacrificed everything for her, now was her turn to do the same, sacrifice her everything for him.Sai stood up from her place and walked towards Pakhi, the two of them looked at each other, Pakhi did not understand who the girl was, and Sai did not understand from where to start.Sai: You are Pakhi, hai naa?Pakhi: Yes, but sorry I did not recognize you, have we met before?Sai: How would you recognize me, we have never met before today. I am Sai, Virat’s friend.Hearing Sai, all family members were surprised, Pakhi and Virat were childhood friends and neighbours, and Pakhi did not know any Sai who was Virat’s friend, he had never mentioned about her.Pakhi: Virat’s friend?Sai: Haa, but that is a long story, and I’ll tell you later, for now I have come to tell you something very important, something you should have known years ago.Pakhi: What is it, what should I have known?Sai: Virat is alive.“Virat is alive” the words resonated in Pakhi’s mind, and she looked at Sai with tear filled eyes, Sai nodded at her, and Pakhi felt life coming back to her.*****Virat was pacing around the living room waiting for Sai, it had been a day, she had left saying she was going to her cousin’s wedding, and for some reasons Virat felt that she was lying to him, and he so wanted to go along with her, but because of some work he couldn’t and with no other choice left, he had to let her go alone, but now he was getting worried for her, she had only called once informing that she had reached the place, and after that there were no calls or any messages.The doorbell rang, and Virat immediately ran towards the door and opened it.Virat: Sai, you….Words remained stuck in Virat’s throat as he saw Pakhi standing in front of him, seven years, it was seven years ago, he had seen her last, and since then he had been wanting to see her again, but now that she was there in front of him, he did not know how he was supposed to react.Pakhi without wasting a moment hugged Virat tightly, Virat did not hug her back but only kept staring at Sai, who was standing behind Pakhi looking at them with a smile and tear filled eyes. The moment she had been waiting for the past seven years had finally arrived bringing back all her lost happiness, bringing her Virat back.He was supposed to be happy, Pakhi was there in front of him, his Pakhi, she was there with him, the moment he so wished to live in the past seven years was finally here, but he could not be happy, he felt as if he was going to lose something very important.Pakhi sensed that Virat was not hugging her back, she felt something different, this was not her Virat, it felt she was hugging a stranger, she did not know this Virat, she broke the hug, and looked at Virat whose eyes were fixed on Sai, and she followed his gaze, and looked at Sai.In that moment Pakhi realized, things had changed, they were not the same as they were seven years ago, Virat had changed, he was no longer her Virat, and Virat’s love had changed, it was not her, but someone else whom Virat had started loving.Pakhi took some steps back and moved away from Virat.Her actions made Virat look at her, his eyes travelled from Sai to Pakhi, and Pakhi to Sai, and he did not know what to do, in front of him were two very important persons of his life, and he could not make the hardest decision of choosing any one from them.Pakhi, the girl who had always loved him unconditionally, the girl he had made promises to, and the girl who had been waiting for him all these years.Sai, the girl he had fallen in love unexpectedly, the girl he had promised to always look after, and the girl who he had been with all these years.Sai: Sahi hi kaha hai kisine sache pyaar karne wale aakhiri mil hi jaate hai. What did you think Virat that you would never tell me so I would never come to know?Virat: Sai….Sai: We can talk later Virat, you have met Pakhi after years, go talk to her, be with her, she needs you and I know you need her too. I’ll see you both later.Sai smiled at the two, and turned around, tears filled her eyes, but she could not let them flow, not in front of him, she loved him a lot, but would never let him know it, maybe things do happen for a reason, and that is why she got to know about Pakhi, maybe she was supposed to bring back to lost lovers together again.Without waiting anymore, Sai started taking steps towards the gate.Virat moved ahead to stop her, but stopped seeing Pakhi, he looked at Pakhi, and then Sai, and then Pakhi again, why did life have to be so difficult. He did not know what he should do, he couldn’t leave Pakhi alone, and nor could he let Sai go.Pakhi: Don’t think so much Virat, go and stop her. Don’t let her go.Virat looked at her surprised….Virat: Pakhi….Pakhi: Talk to me later idiot, first go and stop her, if she goes from here, you’ll regret it a lot.Virat looked at Pakhi and she signed him to stop Sai. Virat smiled at her and she smiled back.Virat shouted Sai’s name, and Sai stopped in her tracks, she composed herself, and turned around hiding her tears. Virat ran towards her, and before she could understand anything he engulfed her in a hug, and Sai was shocked for a few moments. Virat hugged her tightly, and her hands also travelled towards his back and she hugged him. After a few moments, Virat broke the hug, and they looked at each other.Virat: What did you think, you’ll walk away and I’ll let you go, never, I had promised to always be with you, and I’ll never break that promise.Sai: Virat….Virat: I haven’t finished yet, so keep quiet and listen to me. So, as I was saying, I’ll never let you go. I know this isn’t the perfect time for all this and I know even the situation isn’t ideal, but I don’t want to delay more, I cannot wait for the right time, and then lose you forever.Virat took a deep breath before continuing, Sai was looking at him, not knowing what he was going to say.Virat: I love you Sai, I don’t know how and when I feel in love with you, but when I realized it, I only felt happiness, and nothing else. I did not confess it you earlier because I had hidden many things from you, about my past, and I wanted to let you know everything first but I guess life had other plans. Sai only kept looking at him, the moment she had waited for all these years was finally here, and she could not express the amount of happiness she felt. Virat took her hands in his hold, and she looked at their hands, and then at Virat.Virat: Sai, I love you and I’ll never let you go away from me, nor will I ever leave you alone.Sai hugged him tightly, and Virat smiled hugging her back.Sai: I love you too Virat, I love you so much.Sai realized something and broke the hug moving away from Virat. Virat looked at her surprised, Sai looked the other side, and saw Pakhi standing there and looking at them. Virat understood what Sai was thinking. Realising the situation Pakhi walked towards them and stood beside them.Sai: Pakhi, I am sorry….Pakhi: Why are you sorry Sai, it is not your fault, in fact I should be thankful that you brought me here and made me meet Virat, now my heart is at peace that he is safe and he is happy.Sai: But Pakhi….Pakhi: Don’t think so much Sai, maybe things happen for a reason in life. Virat and I could not get married, and you came in his life, because you both were meant to be. I am Virat’s past, but you are his present and his future.Pakhi smiled at them, both Virat and Sai felt sad for her.Virat: I am sorry Pakhi, because of me you waited all these years, and now that we met, this….Pakhi: Virat, I am glad that we met, and don’t be sorry, have you forgotten before being anything else, we have been friends, and friends are happy in each other’s happiness, and I am happy for the two of you, and I mean it.Virat and Sai looked at each other and then hugged Pakhi, Pakhi was surprised for a moment, but soon hugged them back.*****Maybe things in life do really happen for a reason, and we never know what lies ahead for us.Love is never an easy road, and it was not easy for anyone, not Sai, not Virat and not Pakhi.*****Hello everyone, I hope you all are doing well.This is my first ever attempt on writing a Sai-Virat-Pakhi story, I hope all fans of GHKKPM will like it, and so will all the other readers. Do share your views and let me know how it is.Keep reading and smiling!!!
Take care and stay safe!!!

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