Love Is In the Air Episode 48

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Abir enters the ward. Mishti is lying in the bed with the oxygen mask. His anger for Rohit and Rajdeep burns like a molten lava as he sees her condition. Making no sound Abir walks to Mishti. He gently caresses her head and remembers her medicines.
He turns to leave but suddenly stops. Abir feels a hold on his hand and looks down to see Mishti holding his hand. His cheeks get drenched with tears flowing down. Trying hard to control them he removes her hand off his and walks out to get the medicines.
Akash’s office
Kartik Anurag and Naksh are there with him. Ishani and Naina too come there
Kartik: Where could Rohit be?
Akash: My team is searching them Kartik we will find him soon. I have already posted guards at the hospital. Ishani Kabir is still inside right?
Ishani: Haan Akash. I just now checked with friends there, he is still inside
Naina: My petition against Mr.Mehta’s bail is coming for hearing tomorrow
Naksh: We can be at peace only if he goes inside
Kunal: Yeah such a devil
Just then Akash’s phone rings
Akash: I guess Rohit is caught
Saying so he attends the call. Seconds later shock waves are seen in his face
Akash: What? When? Take him to the government hospital nearby soon. Ill be there in sometime
The call disconnects
Anurag: What happened?
Akash: Rohit has hung himself at his apartment. He is critical now
Kartik: Will this be a drama or is it genuine?
Akash: Reports have to say that. Ill take your leave
Akash rushes out. Everyone is tensed. The scene freezes
Singhania Sadan
Akshara: Naira beta where is bhai?
Naira: In Akash bhai’s house muma. He will be back soon.
Akshara: Is everything alright?
Naira hugs her
Naira: Haan muma. Aap tension mat lijiye. Im too tired, Ill go and sleep maa
Naira runs to her room. Akshara senses the change in her and gets happy.
Scene shifts to Hospital
Abir is sitting with Mishti. His phone buzzes and its Akash
Abir: Haan bhai
Akash: Abir..Rohit has attempted suicide
Abir: What? Maybe he is guilty for the fire accident
Akash: No idea as of now. But we suspect a foul play stay careful
Abir: Okay bhai
The call disconnects. Abir turns to see Mishti trying to open her eyes. He shouts for Keerthi who runs inside hearing the voice.
Keerthi: What happened?
Keerthi sees Mishti and has a smile . She performs certain tests .
Moments later
Keerthi: She is perfectly alright. Just needs tonight’s rest. Nothing to worry Abir
Abir: Thank you didi
Keerthi: Atlast confusion got over? (Giggling)
Abir: Haan you are bhabhi’s bhabhi so didi for me
Keerthi: Good. Abir I will be staying tonight
Kuhu runs in and : So am I
She gets happy to see Mishti ans hugs her
Kunal: So am I
Abir: Arrey tum dono kyu?
Kunal: Official night duty bro
Mishti: So you are not staying for me? Im not talking to you
Kunal: Not like that..woh Mishti
Mishti starts to laugh
Kunal: Dont laugh, its me who has to get angry with you. Made us all tensed
Mishti: Sorry
Keerthi: Stop it Kunal, she needs rest lets go out
Everyone except Abir. He goes near her and sits holding her hand
Mishti: Abir..woh…
Abir : Shsh..take rest. Lets  talk everything in the morning
Prerna’s room
She jumps on seeing her phone ringing. Its Abir
Prerna: Abir..
Abir: Bhabhi  Mishti has gained consciousness. She is fine now
Prerna: Thats a great news Abir. I can sleep now
Abir: I knew that bhabhi thats why I called you. Please dont worry she will be fine
Prerna: Thank you so much Abir. Take care of yourself as I know that you will look after Mishti well
Abir: Ji bhabhi
The call disconnects. Prerna starts to dance in joy and jumps on her bed. She slowly dozes off  without noticing the shadow outside her room.
It is Komolika out there executing the first part of her plan.
Komolika: Prerna…you cannot take my Anurag from me. He is only mine. Now lets see what you do.
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