Love Is In the Air Episode 47

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Hey guys sorry that I am unable to reply personally. Thank you so much Vaishnavi , Kifu , Jasmine , Sapna , Ishana and Mishbir fan. Mahikagaur dear the episode you asked for has been uploaded the next one will be uploaded tomorrow. Arya and Nikki dears sorry for delay. Thank you so much everyone for your patience and love. Here is the next episodeEpisode startsAs the couples are lost in their world Anjali is still admiring Kartik like there is no tomorrow in the world.Thats when the college bell rings breaking the thoughts of everyone.Kartik clears his throat. Anjali turns redKartik: Anjali what are you doing here?Anjali: Sir woh I need off today afternoon, I need your signatureKartik: Why do you need off? Are you alright?Naira stares at him. Kartik catches her stareKartik: I meant is there any medical reason for your off? You haven’t mentioned a thingAnjali in mind : How concerned you are for meKartik: Miss Anjali…Anjali: Sir Papa is unwell so Im going homeKartik: Okay fineJust then Prerna’s phone ringsPrerna: Hello…Moments laterPrerna : What??Kunal….are you….Prerna drops the phone and falls Naira holds herNaira: What happened Prerna?Prerna: Naira ..woh….woh…Mishti….Naira: Mishti? What happened to MishtiAnurag wants to hold Prerna but the situation prohibits it which makes it worse for himPrerna: Mishti is missing. Kunal says he is unable to find herKartik: What? Mishti is missingAnjali looks at Kartik in aweKartik (manages himself and):But who is Mishti?Naira understands it and : Mishti is Prerna’s sister sirAnurag: Then go soon and approach the police. Naira you also go with your friend.Naira: Okay sirNaira takes Prerna out. Anurag and Kartik grow restless. They exchange concerned glances.
Kartik: Anurag sir I am going for office. Papa has called for a meetingAnurag: Okay Kartik sir. Im going to meet the venue manager for my sister’s wedding. So Anjali call someone from the department for your class.Kartik and Anurag rush out to catch up with Naira and PrernaNaira: Kartik you have to handle AbirKartik: He knows?Prerna: Abir and Kunal found her missing…woh…actuallyFlashbackKunal is very much worried for Mishti. Just then Abir comes thereAbir: Kunal where is Mishti ?Kunal tells the happenings to AbirKunal: She is very worried about himAbir: Yeah Kunal. That Rajdeep Mehta and Rohit have ruined her happinessKunal: But your arrival will make her happy. Ill call herKunal goes in search of Mishti to the ward but she is not there. Both Kunal and Abir search for her everywhere but they are unable to find. They bump into KeerthiKeerthi: What happened Kunal?Kunal:Bhabhi…sorry  Mam wohKeerthi: Bhabhi is fineKunal: Bhabhi Mishti is missingKeerthi: What?
Keerthi too joins them but ultimately they find her nowhere. Thats when Kunal calls PrernaRealityKartik: I suspect Mr.Mehta and Rohit in thisPrerna: Those brutes wont let her in peaceAnurag: Is Akash informed?Naira: Bhabhi has informed him alreadyKartik: We have to find Mishti at any costThey speed their way to the hospitalHospitalAkash Naksh and Naina have reached thereAbir: Akash bhaiya where will she be?Akash: The team is on searchKartik Naira Anurag and Prerna rush there. As soon as they reach cries are heard close to a godown near the hospital. Everyone rush there to see the godown on fireLady in the crowd: I saw a guy sneaking in with a girl. She is inside in the fireAbir believes that the girl is Mishti. Without a second thought he plunges inside the godownKartik : Abiiirrrr..Kartik is about to go in. Anurag and Akash stop himAkash: Kartik dont be a fool like Abir. Forces have gone in. They will bring Him out. Mishti will not be hereMeanwhile inside the godownAbir enters and his eyes search for Mishti. Moments later he sees Mishti hiding from the fire in a corner. She is suffocating in the smoke which is clear from her faceAbir: Mishti…On hearing his voice Mishti runs to him amidst the falling pieces of roof with fire. She hugs him and faints in his arms due to suffocationAbir takes her in his arms and struggles in the fire. The fire gaurds rush in and take Abir out along with Mishti. Kartik and Naira run to himKartik: Abir why did you run into the burningAbir: Its a reflex like how you jumped into the water to save bhabhiNaira: Kartik shut your mouth and lets rush her inside firstMishti is rushed to the emergency ward. Everyone is waiting outside with anxiety.
Akash: How did she get inside?Kartik: Akash the answer is obvious its Rohit and Mr.MehtaNaina: Why doesn’t that fool leave us even after Rupali’s recovery?Anurag: Naina dont worry..we will handle himJust then Keerthi and Kuhu come outNaksh: What happened Keerthi?Keerthi: She has fainted due to suffocation thats it. She had a cut on the forehead but its sutured and treated well. She  will gain consciousness in some timePrerna: Then everyone go home. Ill stay here with herAbir: Prerna bhabhi you go..dont tell aunty and uncle about this they will be worried. Ill stay backPrerna: ButAnurag: Prerna..he wants to take care let him do and what he said is correct dont make them worriedPrerna: If they ask about the suture?Anurag: We will manage it. Now lets all go. Take care AbirKartik: If you need anything just give me a ringAbir nods and everyone leave. The episode freezesPRECAP: ROHIT HANGS HIMSELF. KOMOLIKA STARTS TO EXECUTE HER PLAN

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