Love Is In The Air Episode 46

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Episode startsAbir: I dont get you MishtiMishti: Abir..Nishant had proposed Kuhu earlier but she cited being with Kunal and rejected him after he was adamant over her and now when she goes with him he mayAbir: Achaaa…..Kuhu must not have done thisMishti: Ab kya karen?Just then Abir’s mobile rings , its KartikAbir: BhaiKartik : Abir a good news Naksh and Keerthi’s shaadi has been fixed. Sagaai on next SundayAbir: Wow bhai..that’s awesome. Its an occasion to celebrateKartik: I have to tell Akash too IllAbir: Bhai Akash bhaiya is here..waitAbur puts the call on speakerKartik: Akash Naksh Keerthi sagaai on Next SundayAkash: Woohooo..that’s awesome. Ill meet him ASAPKartik: We are leaving for Singhania house you come thereAbir : Ill come too bhai…They disconnect the call and leave for Singhania Sadan forgetting Kuhu’s issue. The scene freezesNishant’s bikeKuhu and Nishant are travelling in his bike. The bike stops suddenly making Kuhu fall on NishantKuhu: Nishant carefulKuhu steadies herself and gets downNishant: Sorry sorry..get on Ill drop youKuhu: No thanks we are nearby Ill walk homeKuhu walks forward. Nishant grabs her dupatta and pulls her closerKuhu: Nishant what are you doing?Nishant: I always knew that you will come to me baby and you are here..I love you tooKuhu tries to get away but Nishant pulls her closer. His hold tightens. Kuhu is about to faint when she sees Kunal at a distance. On seeing him her strength doubles and she gives a strong punch to Nishant and runs to Kunal. She throws herself on himKuhu: Thank God you cameKunal: Why wont I come for you?Seeing them together Nishant is irritated and walks away. As he disappears from their eye sight Kunal pushes Kuhu awayKunal: Pagal ladki…you very well know his feelings. Because of your anger on me why are you giving wrong ideas to him?Kuhu: Woh mazak thaKunal: When will you understand the difference between danger and joke Kuhu? Even after seeing Mishti and Naira di why dont you realise the consequences
Kuhu sobs. Kunal holds her hand and takes her home but his face is expressionless like a stoneHospital Next dayMishti: Thankfully you went there on time Kunal but how?Kunal: I was secretly following them in my bike at a safe distance from his bikeMishti: Good job. That rogue is fool too. When a girl comes in a bike with him how can he think that she…Kunal: When we know that he is rogue and a fool why should we go with him? Just now you and Naira di have come out of a similar issue naThe mention of the matter brings back Rohit’s words to Mishti. She starts to shiver .Kunal: Mishti what happened?Mishti: NnnnothinggggKunal: Mishti dont lie to meMishti tells about the happenings to himKunal: This Rajdeep Mehta is a big fool I guess…he sent Rohit on bail chi chi..what a cheap act of revengeMishti doesn’t say anything and leaves from there. Kunal is worried for her. The scene freezesCollegeAnurag and Kartik are busy discussing the subject matters as they step out of their department. Naira and Prerna are chattering as they walk towards them. The men are lost in their respective girls. Kartik feels as if his breathing is difficult as Naira gets closer to him. Anurag on the other hand is feeling that his feet are off the ground as he looks at Prerna. The girls notice this. They whisper to each other and giggle. As they approach Anurag and Kartik, Anjali comes in their opposite direction with her eyes fixed on KartikNaira: Prerna this is the girl whom I talked aboutPrerna: Naira …dont worry KG sir will not love anyone elseNaira: I know that but look at her looks..she is seeing as if she could eat himPrerna: Oohooo madam is possessiveNaira: Whats wrong in it?Prerna: Anjali doesn’t know that she is sighting Sherni’s boyfriend.Prerna Naira and Anjali reach the department door at the same time. Kartik’s eyes of course are on Naira. Naira’s eyes shift from Anjali to Kartik. She sees her majnu at a loss of words for her. Prerna and Anurag are locking their eyes with each other. Anjali unaware of anything is still admiring Kartik.PRECAP: MISHTI IS MISSING 

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