Love Is In The Air Episode 45

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Hey all Guess what Exam results were out yesterday and I have aced them. It was all because of your wishes and prayers. Thank you so much guys. And college starts tomorrow so I went on to purchase things because of which I wasnt able to post. Hereafter posts will be coming in the evening and episodes will be uploaded on alternate days. Hope you will understand and support me.Episode startsNaksh is shocked. He waits for Naira to come but Naitik urges him to get ready. Naksh comes down after getting ready. He notices that Naira has just then reached home and Kartik is there tooNaitik: Naksh has come lets go AksharaNaksh : Muma …woh…Akshara: Kya hai duggu?Naksh goes to Naira and in a whisper: Naira please tell muma about Keerthi…you know it rightNaira: Bhai its better if you tell it yourselfNaksh clears his throat and : Muma I love Keerthi I cant marry anyone elseAkshara and Naitik are shockedAkshara: What? I never expected this from you dugguNaitik: Naksh you could have told this earlier na..we already promised the girl’s family that we will be coming todayKartik: So what uncle? Lets tell them that Naksh is not interestedAkshara: But Kartik they are already waiting for usNaira: Then lets tell them in person..bhai you say about it to the girl herselfNaitik: That is good. Lets goEveryone leave for the girl’s house.  Naksh feels bad to hurt the girl but he has no other choice. The journey proceeds in his dilemma as Kartik drives the carAnurag’s carPrerna: Anurag where are we going?
Anurag: Its a surprise. Actually a bigger surprisePrerna: Any clue?
Anurag: Patience my dear patiencePrerna is eager and excited for the surpriseThe car enters Basu House along with Kartik’s car which enters simultaneously into the gatesEveryone get down. Naksh is confused about everythingAnurag: Aaiyiye jamaai sa..andar aayiyeNaksh is taken by surprise on hearing this. Before he could react Mohini comes outMohini: Im so glad to welcome my to be son in lawAnurag: Dont look at me..its you sister who did itNaksh :Naira?All eyes turn to NairaAkshara: Naira was the reason for us knowing about your love storyFlashbackNight of concertBefore Kartik calls NairaNaira is muttering in her room. Akshara comes thereAkshara: Naira what happened?Naira: Muma Im too lonely. Kartik has prevented me from going to the concert.
Akshara: So what Ill take youNaira: Passes arent there mumaNaitik entersNaitik: Beta Naksh received two passes on post. He has just left Ill call him and ask him to take youNaitik picks up the mobileNaira in a hurry: Papa woh pass was for bhabhiAkshara and Naitik are shockedAkshara: Bhabhi? Naira?Naira: Woh muma…Naitik: Naksh loves someone ?Naira realises that she has blurted the truth and there is no chance to back outNaitik: Naira boloAkshara: Who is that girl?Naira: Muma bhai loves Dr.Keerthi.Akshara: I should have guessed this when he put himself in danger for her.
Naitik: Why didnt he tell us?Naira: Bhai wanted to tell after the trip papa healthAkshara: Even Kartik told during his accident as he wanted to tell but dugguNaira: Aisa nahi hai muma bhai wanted to tell onlyAkshara: Then lets talk to Keerthi’s parents after talking to NakshNaira: Muma you are going to plan the marriage?Akshara: Haan beta..we were searching for a bride and when your bhai has found one himself then we can proceed with it na…Naira : Then I have a plan mumaNaitik: What plan?Naira: Bhai did not tell about his love to you na..then lets prank him..that we have found a girl for marriage for him then he will confess himself. Before that you talk to Keerthi bhabhi’s mom and arrange for the proceedings . We will keep bhai in tension and then reveal it to himRealityNaksh: ShetanNaksh starts to chase Naira. Naira hides behind KartikNaksh: Kartik..tum bhi shaamil the in ke saathKartik : Haan wohIn Kartik’s cabin flash backNaira: Oh so meri mood kharab ho sakta haiKartik: Sorry na babaHe gives her a peck on her forehead
Naira: Oops I forgot itKartik: Forgot what?Naira tells about the happenings to KartikKartik: Acha so you are so naughty haan..Naira: Haan woh toh mein hoonKartik: Its good to see you like thisThe door is knocked and Anurag walks inAnurag: Sorry sorry I justNaira: We were discussing our plan only sirAnurag: Mom is so happy that it is happening, she was worried for Keerthi’s marriage and we were worried how to tell her about the love. You made it easier for Keerthi. Oops im getting lateAnurag leaves.RealityMohini: Come inside all of you.
Naira: Aunty where is bhabhi?Mohini: Keerthi is in her room beta. She is mad with happiness after I told herEveryone walk in. Naira runs to Naksh and in a whisper: Now you can so no to her if you wantNaira starts to giggleNaksh: You will pay for thisKeerthi comes downNaira: Bhai woh dekho bhabhiNaksh is lost in Keerthi while Naira runs away. She bumps into KartikFlash back playsKartik’s cabin after Anurag leftNaira: Im getting late too byeNaira turns to leave Kartik holds her and pulls her closerKartik: Why am I getting to know all this at the last?Naira: I wanted to tell you first but you cut the call. Even I gave you a hintKartik: Oops sorry Naira woh…Naira: Thats why I named you mendakThey burst laughingRealityAnurag: Hello everybodyNaira and Kartik are brought to reality by himAnurag: As Naira brought to light the love of Naksh and Keerthi..I want to confess somethingMohini: What is that Anurag beta?Anurag: Maa I love Prerna…He points to Prerna. Prerna gets shyMohini: Anu…? Are you kidding?Keerthi: Maa bhai is serious.Mohini: Im getting surprise over surprise. As a single mom I was so worried of their marriage but my kids have thrown me into a state of surpriseAnurag: Maa are you okay with it?Mohini: Arrey Anurag beta when you are so matured why wont I be okay with it?Naira: So its double celebration one for my friend and one for my bhaiAkshara: As Keerthi and NakshKs decisions are known already can we proceed with the happenings?Mohini: Sure Akshara jiPrerna is on cloud nine. Anurag comes to herAnurag in  a whisper: How was the surprise?Prerna smiles ans bends her head in shynessAnurag: When I heard Naira’s plan I decided to confess our love to mom. Now its only your parents who are leftPrerna: They wont say noAnurag: How are you so sure?Prerna: No one can resist such a handsome son in lawAnurag: Did you just call me handsomeKartik comes to themKartik: Sorry for becoming a haddi ..but the bride to be’s bhai is needed thereKartik takes Anurag with him. Naira hugs Prerna as she gets red with happiness. The scene freezesHospitalKuhu is searching for her keys and is frustrated on not finding it. Kunal comes thereKunal: Do you need any help?Kuhu: HaanKunal: Whats that..Ill do anythingKuhu: Get off from my sightKunal: Kuhu..Im sorry yaar..for everything. Please forgive meKuhu: Kunal Im already frustrated that I cant find my key dont irritate meKunal: Ill drop you na Kuhu…Kuhu: No thanksShe goes to her colleague passing that wayKuhu: Nishant will you drop me home?Nishant: Why not ?Kuhu leaves with Nishant. Kunal is irritated. The scene freezesAkash’s officeAkash: Rajdeep has done everythingNaina: Its all for Rupali NaMishti: I heard from the staffs that Rupali Mehta has come out of comaAbir: Still he is vengefulAkash: Vengeance has no full stop AbirAbir: If Kabir and Aryan come out thenMishti: Keerthi bhabhi and Naira will be in dangerAkash: Already Komolika has recoveredNaina: What? When ?Akash: Before Naira’s surgeryNaina: Ill immediately file a petition against the bail of Kabir and AryanAkash: Abir warn Kartik and Naksh about it tooAbir: Sure bhaiMishti’s phone rings. Its KunalKunal tells her the happenings. Mishti is angryMishti: Kuhu is out of her mind. How can she go with Nishant?
She disconnects the call and throws her mobileAbir: What happened Mishti?Mishti: Kuhu has gone mad. She is thinking that she is irritating Kunal and giving ideas to NishantAbir is confused. The episode freezesPRECAP: NISHANT TAKES ADVANTAGE. SAGAAI DATE IS FIXED. ANJALI ADMIRES KARTIK 

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