Love heals everything (KaiRa FF) chapter 22

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Hey guys, sorry for disappearing again, as I said my exams, practicals and Islamic classes everything was going on a full swing and a little bit tiring also. I can’t promise to write on daily basis as I am not sure of it but whenever I will get some time I will write them for sure so getting back I think you remembers the story line Last precap:- Naman’s revenge and Naira in trauma.Kartik: don’t worry Naira I will make sure that you always smile like this. And I will be more than happy to be the reason behind that. I love you Naira Naira: Kartik and gayu di loves each other I should help them but don’t know why I am feeling this nuisance feeling.Other locationA man is seen sitting in darkness with a spot light focusing on him revealing him to be Naman he is smiling evilly at the picture in his hands Naman: You insulted me in front of my whole family and threw me out of the house. Just wait and watch Naira what is gonna happen with you.The scene freezes with his smirking face. Singhania sadan (next morning) Kaira are descending the stairs together while our majnu was on his favourite track of staring while she was blabbering something looking through the files.Naira: so we have to do this as soon as possible because this deal can cause a big profit..( then she notices that he is lost) Kartik.. Are you even listening.Kartik:(coming out from his Naira world) wohhh… Yeah I was listening so what next.Naira: Hmmm… Woh..Then they hears some shout and ran towards the direction. Karishma: Mishti you always do this now what will you explain this to your Naira didi Haan answer me? Karishma said shouting on her while mishti stands there sobbing with hiccups, hearing the shouts while family including kaira reached there and the scene infront of them shocked them to the core and everyone turns their gaze towards Naira who was staring the scene blankly. Everyone could sense her mind but kartik was there standing cluelessly. Akshara: Mishti beta what gave you done you know na (glancing at Naira)Mishti: I’m sorry taiji I didn’t mean it, sorry didi I swear I didn’t wanted to break this chain.Little did the kid knew that chain was her life the pendant it have had her soul in it. It was the last memory of her Arjun. How could she be this much careless Mishti was kid but….(her thoughts were broken by kartik who shook her) Naira: mumma.. (her voice started to break) this was his last memory na? (coming toward the chain and looking at it affectionately) why God did this with me first he snatched him them his memory. (controlling her tears and gathering strength) I will fix it. May it be anyway, I will do this I can’t let go his memory like this. Then she started to gather the parts of the chain insanely. Whole family was sad for her, akshara was on verge of crying. Kartik also can’t tolerate his live being like this. After gaining some courage he spoke Kartik: Naira I will help you with this and I know someone who can fix this out. While going to office we will give it to him okay?Naira:-( gaining her senses back) hmm thank you so much kartik come lets go and mishtu dint need to cry okay didi is not at angry.Mishti:, thank you didi I love you.Naira smiles looking at kartikEPISODE FREEZESPrecap:- Kartik consoles Naira

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