#Love from the heaven..#41 Is it the end??

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Episode starts as..,Riddhima is lying on the bed with a lot of wires attached to her, doctors continue her surgery. Tears start rolling down from their all’s eyes. Aryan comes and keeps hand on Vansh’s shoulder.Aryan : “Koi vaada na kr, koi iraada na kr              Khwaishon mein khud ko aadha na kr              Yeh degi utna hi jitna likh diya hai khuda ne              Iss takdir se umeed zyada naa kr”             (Don’t do any promise, no intention              Don’t get weak because of desires              This will give that much only, decided by god              Don’t expect much from fortune)#JK10They all start crying more bitterly. Vansh runs out.Vansh : Why? Why is she lying there? Why do people who do good fall in bad conditions? What was  her mistake? Why is she not talking to me? Not laughing at me? Not in my embrace? He starts crying. Inside : Uma : My daughter..Ajay consoles Uma. Sejal : Riddhu, wake up please, hope this surgery goes successful..After a while, a doctor comes out, surrounded by them all.Vansh : How is she, doctor? Is she awake? Doctor: We can’t say anything, please bring these medicines..Vansh : Angre..Angre takes the paper and goes to bring the medicines, Vansh holds the doctor’s collar. Vansh : If something happens to her, I’ll not leave you..A nurse comes and says,”Doctor..Doctor, please come” The doctor goes inside.Tere bin .. tere binTere bin nahi lagda dil mera dholana..Tere bin nahi lagda dil mera dholnaSab chadd jaaye tu na mainu chodhanaTere bin nahi lagda dil mera dholnaVansh : She’ll come, she has to come, for me, for them, for everyone, she is a fighter, she can’t lose her life so soon, she promised me that we’ll marry, her life can’t be over too early, no never.There’s no one whose eyes are not wet, crying for her, everyone has a wish, that she should come back…Uma : Why God takes pure souls soon?Vansh : God..God..God..Saying so, he runs to Lord Ganesha’s idol. Vansh : Bappa, she has a lot of faith in you, why did you do this to her? I’ll not let her leave so soon..You’ll have to save her for herself, for me, for her parents, for her friends, for her enemies to show them their place. He takes the diya and keeps it in his hand and remembers their moment.Yaad aate hai woh lamhein Jo humne tere saath guzaare theyBas wohi kuch pal hai jo bade hi pyaare they#JK10The doctor comes to them all..Doctor : Sorry we couldn’t save….“Is it the end?” is the question in your minds, in Vansh’s mind, in family’s minds,let’s see what the answer will be..By the way, Thank you for 35+ comments..Let’s see what will be the future of this ff..And if their will be epilogue means this journey is over and if episode then….By the way, this is a treat for you, I was meant to update other ffs but kind me…(winks) Stay safe!! Stay at home!!  

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