#Love from the heaven.. #37 Secret??

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Hello everyone! Don’t forget to read it till the end, wanna clear up a confusion.
Episode starts with..,
Vansh helds Riddhima by her waist pulling towards him. He nuzzles his nose on her shoulder.
Riddhima : Vanshh..
Vansh : Shh..
He moves his face towards her when her phone rings. Riddhima goes to pick the phone. 
Over the call : 
Riddhima : Hola (Hello)
Woman’s voice : Hola niña (Hello child)
Man ‘s voice : ¿Está todo bien? (Is everything alright?)
Riddhima : No Tara Mom y Rudra Dad (No Tara Mom and Rudra Dad)
(So, woman is Tara and Man is Rudra)
Tara : ¿Qué sucedió? (What happened?)
Riddhima : Ella ha escapado (She has escaped)
Rudra : ¿Qué estaba haciendo la policía en ese momento? (What was the police doing at that time?)
Riddhima : No sé (I don’t know)
Vansh spoke in between,”What happened Riddhi?” She immediately hung up the call. 
Riddhima : No..th..ing..
Vansh: Why were y’ talking in Spanish??
Riddhima : V..It’s our code language..
Vansh : Code language??
Riddhima : For a deal..
Vansh : Ohk..Come, let’s take a rest..
Riddhima : No, we’re going to Amritsar, this place is not safe..
Vansh: Okay..
They all packed their bags. 
In the car : 
Riddhima : It’s 9pm now, we’ll reach by 1 am, you all sleep..
Siya : And you?
Riddhima : I’ll manage, I’ve someone..
Vansh : Who’s that??
Riddhima : My black coffee..
They all chuckle. 
Riddhima : Now sleep..
They all slept. She quickly took a transparent sheet and covered the whole car’s glass with it. Then, she takes bulletproof tyres and changes the tyres of the car. 
Riddhima : All set to go!
She starts driving. Tara and Rudra call her. 
Tara : Riddhima, are y’ alone?
Riddhima : Yes,I’m Tara mom, but they all are sleeping, so we’ll continue in our language, German this time..
Rudra and Tara giggle. 
Riddhima : Ihre Schläger haben uns angegriffen (Her goons attacked us)
Rudra : Geht es euch allen gut? (Are you all ok ? )
Riddhima : Ja (Yes)
Tara : Haben sie von Ihrer Identität erfahren? (Did they got to know about your identity?)
Riddhima : Nein, ich habe damit umgegangen (No, I handled them)
Tara : Danke Gott (Thank God!) Was nun? (What next?)
Riddhima : Wir ziehen nach Amritsar (We’re moving to Amritsar)
Rudra : Okay, pass auf dich auf (Okay, Take care)
Riddhima : Yupp! Gute Nacht (Yupp! Good night)
Tara : Gute Nacht (Good night)
The call hangs up. Suddenly bullets start firing on her car. She smirks. 
Riddhima : Oops! You are late , I already have made everyone safe..Better luck next time!
That’s all for this part..But y’ are not going anywhere before reading this note : 
Actually, Admin and my bro found that my IP Address and Pranjali’s IP Address is same..Then, I remembered that there are 3 families in our house, living on rent, now he’ll be finding about them, this need to be sort out soon..Will be informing y’ about the proceedings. And yeah, why will I do this on my posts?? So, ya, out of those 3 families, it’s someone..Don’t worry, we’ll find out and tell y’ all..
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“Alles gute zum Geburtstag Mama”
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