Love Beyond Limits (A RIANSH LOVE SAGA) Chapter#15

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Chapter 15: “Awkward conversations!”
The episode starts with the goon about to stab Riddhima when Vansh rushed towards him punching him hard on his face.
Riddhima’s wound was bleeding continuously. She was writhing in pain. Her eyes were red and teary with the pain. She was feeling dizzy. She was about to fall when Kabir and Aryan rushed towards her to give her support. Both of them held Riddhima from either side. Vansh was continuously punching that goon without even paying heed to the fact that he was already unconcious. He was full of anger as if he was not in his sense.
V(angry): How dare you touch her!! I will kill you!!
Riddhima tried to stand straight and in a low painful voice, pointed towards Vansh,
R(painful) Kabir!! Stop him!!
She was taking heavy breaths. Kabir asked Sejal and Sia to hold Riddhima. They did so and made Riddhima sit. After that Both the boys stopped Vansh and then, they started beating the other goons. Vansh came back to his senses and rushed towards Riddhima. Riddhima was sitting on a seat with Sia and Sejal on her sides. Vansh came and sit in front of her on the ground.
V(concerned): Riddhima!! Are you alright? Try to breath Riddhima!! (To sia) Sia!! You are a doctor do something!!
S: Bhai! Her wound is bleeding continuously. First, I need something to stop her bleeding.
Vansh looked here and there as if finding something. He put his hand inside his pocket and brought out a handkerchief. It was the same handkerchief that Riddhima gave him in the cafe. He gave it to sia.
V: Here! Take this!
Riddhima with her half opened eyes looked at the handkerchief and remembering it, a small smile crept on her face. She looked at Vansh who was staring her. A small smile also crept on Vansh’s face. Sejal placed the handkerchief on her neck to stop bleeding. Sia got up!!
S: I will get the first aid kit!!
Riddhima looked at Vansh and spoke in a low painful voice,
R: Please don’t sit on the floor. You are embarrassing me. I am absolutely fine.
Meanwhile, Kabir and Aryan had beaten the goons so much that by now there were many wounds and scratches on there skin with continuous bleeding. They were not able to get up. Angre came at the moment with police. Vansh looked at him in anger.
V: Where were you Angre? (Sarcastically) Didn’t you come so early? Were you coming on a bicycle?
A: Sorry Vansh! Actually, there is a big traffic jam in the whole Mumbai. My resources told that There is some high profile case of a mafia group. Today, It was their court hearing. So, All the Ways leading to court were blocked on security purpose.
Listening to Angre’s words, Riddhima’s eyes widened but she normalized herself before anyone could notice. But unfortunately, Vansh noticed it. He thought to himself,
V(to himself): What was this reaction? Why she became shocked at Angre’s words? Did she know anything about that case?
All this while, police was arresting the goons. Riddhima was sitting at her seat and Sia came to her with first aid kit. But she refused,
R: Sia! I will do it later.
She tried to stand up, for once she stumbled but supported herself and held the handkerchief by her one hand saying,
R: Sejal! I will hold it myself. Let me do my work now. Its more important.
Sejal: But Ridhi…..
R: (cutting her): Please!! Not now!!!
Saying so, she moved towards Kabir and Aryan. She whispered in Aryan’s ears,
R( Whispers): Good job! Now you know what you have to do with them.
Aryan nodded and left with the police and all the goons.
After that, Riddhima started speaking,
R: Kabir! 1. Please arrange some safety vans and made all the staff to reach home safely. 2. Talk to Dr. Rana and shift all the patients in his hospital. This hospital will remain shut untill all the safety measure are insured completely and all the investigations are done.
Then, she turned towards Vansh.
R: Mr. RaiSinghania! Take Sia, Sejal and ishani back home. And After appointing a nurse with your dadi, I will get her discharge papers ready. Angre will take her home safely. I will insure the security myself. Dr. Shekhawat will come to your home himself tomorrow to check her. (Taking a deep breath) And please!!!… No arguments.
V(murmurs): Stil Mr. RaiSinghania!!! Can’t she call me Vansh? Even in this state she wants to show her attitude!!
R: What?
V: Nothing! Fine I will take them all home. And you???
R: I am fine. I will bandage myself. You all just go home please.
After this, Riddhima forced everyone to leave. She was left behind with Angre. She spoke,
R: Angre! Please stay here. I will check Da…Ms. Suhasini once and then, you can take her. You just complete all the formalities for the discharge.
Riddhima was taking heavy breaths. She was having severe pain in her neck as she had not bandaged her wound yet. She started walking with stumbling broken steps. Angre observing her condition
A: You are not fine. You should go home. And first, Bandage your wound. Why don’t you call a doctor for this?
R: Its not needed Angre. I will bandage myself. First, I will insure everyones safety and after shutting down the hospital, I will go home. Let me check Ms. Suhasini once.
A: Dadi!
He said as if he wanted her to call dadi as “dadi” not Ms.suhasini.
R: Yeah! Your Dadi!
Saying so, she went in. Dadi was awake. She looked at Riddhima. Riddhima was having hard time controlling her tears. Dadi noticed her injury.
D(panicking): Riddhima beta! What happened to you?
R(checking her reports): Its nothing. I am fine. Don’t worry. Tell me How are you feeling now. I know you would be feeling weak but you will recover with time if you take healthy diet. Your family is good. They will insure your health.
Angre came in too.
D: Thanks beta! For saving my life and then Saving my Grandchildrens’ life. Sejal and Sia told me this.
Riddhima sat down beside her.
R(bowing down her head): Its nothing. I just did what a doctor should do! Saving lives is my first priority Ms. Suhasini!
D: Won’t you call me Dadi now?
Riddhima looked up at her with teary eyes.
R: I….I Can’t…
D(Caressing her cheeks): Please call me Dadi! Can’t you fill one request of your patient?
Riddhima controlled her emotions, absorbing back her tears before they come out. She smiled at dadi and nodded in approval. Angre was smiling. Something struck him.
A: Riddhima! Where is Aryan and Kabir?
R: I sent them for some work. They won’t be coming now. They will be back by tomorrow. Why are you asking?
A: Just like that! So, you will stay alone tonight?
R(casually): Yeah! Whats wrong in it?
D: Riddhima! Look at your condition. No! You will come with me in VR Mansion. I won’t let you stay alone speacially for tonight. You have done so much for us. Let us do something for you too.
Riddhima was shocked by Dadi’s words. She stood up in shock as if the whole incident of that day freshen in her mind.
R:(shocked): No! I won’t!…Angre! You can take her home.
Saying so, she left abruptly without even letting them to speak an further.
Dadi looked sad. Angre spoke,
A: Don’t worry Dadi! Your wish will be fulfilled.
D: She won’t come Angre.
A: She will come.(smirks) If someone of her competition forces her to do so.
D(realizing what he said): You mean Vansh?
Angre nodded.
After that, everyone left from the hospital.
In the VR Mansion,
Dadi was convincing Vansh to bring Riddhima for one night.
V: Dadi! You know I won’t allow her here.
D: Its the matter of one night only Vansh. She will be alone.
V: She is staying alone all these years.
D: But today, she saved our life. Don’t you think we should thank her for her big favour?
Sia spoke in Dadi’s favour.
S: Bhai! Dadi is right.
V: Sia! Don’t take her side.
S: I am not taking her side. She did a big favour on all of us. (Becoming a little angry) Now you see bhai! She was not what you think about her. She saved our dadi today. She saved US today. You all always kept bad mouthing about her, but she never said anything such about you all. Today, Her silence and her actions proved you all wrong.
Ishani listening to her spoke,
I(cutting her): I agree we should be thankful to her, but that doesn’t mean we would let her stay here again.
Vansh glared her to shut her mouth.
I: She knows everything now Bhai. She forced Sejal and Angre to reveal. So, we did.
Sia: Bhai! Whatever the past was. Whatever hatred you all have with Riddhima but for me, what she did today is the greatest gift. How much bad she would be, but whatever she did with you all is small in front of what she did today. Bhai! You asked her to stay away from us, you wanted to save dadi. Look now, what you did with her and what she gave you in return.
V(angry): Fine!!! I will bring her..
Saying so, he left.
It was night. Only Riddhima was left in the hospital. She went to rest room to bandage herself. She called Aryan. He picked up.
R: What are the updates Aryan?
A: We are under process. Soon, They will reveal everything.
R: You know we don’t have much time. Danger is increasing day by day. I want a permanent solution for this all.
A: I got updates about the case too!
R: What is it?
A: Just not much evidence. The case is weak. They will try every method to win.
R: They won’t!
A: I have a question?
R: Shoot.
A: You stopped us today from doing anything that could reveal our identity. Then, you yourself put out your gun? Why?
R: They won’t stop unless I took some actions against them. I stopped you both because by doing so you both will also come in everyone’s eyes. Vansh already doubts me. I don’t want him to doubt you too. In this way, he will remain focused on my mystery only. And in the time, you would finish everything on my orders. (Smirking)
A:Right! Right!
While talking, Riddhima listens someone’s footsteps coming towards her room. She craned her neck in reflex but her wound stretched and again started bleeding.
R: Ahhhh(in pain)
A: What happened? Don’t tell me you didn’t bandage your wound yet?
R: Aryan! I will do it. First, there is someone in the hospital. Let me check who is it.
She turned to find Vansh standing in front of her.
A: Hello? Who is it? Are you fine?
R:(on call): Its Mr. RaiSinghania. I will call you later.
She cut the phone call and looked at him.
R: What are you doing here?
V: Haven’t you bandaged yourself yet?
R: I was going to do it. First, tell me what are you doing here?
V: I won’t tell. First do what you were doing.
Riddhima made a face and surrendering, she brought a first aid kit. She put some medicine on the cotton to clean her wound. She stretched her hand to make it reach her neck back on the wound. But it didn’t. Due to this, the wound also stretched making it bleed even more. Riddhima wriths in pain.
Vansh snatched the cotton from her hand,
V: Let me do it.
R: I will do it Vansh. I don’t need your help.
V: Why are you always so stubborn? Can’t you just keep quiet for a moment?
R: I am not stubborn. I am just….I am just not used to taking favour. I can’t afford someone caring for me. I can handle myself. Give it back to me. I will do it.
Vansh glared her. She was standing in front of the mirror. Vansh came forward and stood behind her looking in the mirror. He dragged her hair towards her left shoulder clearing her back. Riddhima looked at him in the mirror. Vansh was also staring her. He asked while looking,
V: May I?
Riddhima looking at him with awkward looks, nodded in Yes.
Ishq mein marjawan plays.
Vansh starts cleaning her wound. She was continuously struggling to bear the pain. She had closed her fist tight and even her eyes were closed tightly.
Vansh was looking at her condition in mirror continuously. Observing her, he started blowing at her neck. Even his breaths were falling on Riddhima’s neck. Riddhima opened her eyes feeling his breaths and looked at him in the mirror. Vansh was badaging her wound. While doing so, he spoke,
V: I am sorry!
R: For what?
V: You got hurt because of me.
R: It was not because of you. Everyone present in the hospital is my responsibility.
V: I am talking about yesterday when you got hurt on your head.
R: That was not your mistake either! I got hurt accidentally.
V: Still I shouldn’t have pushed you. I never intended to.
R: I know.
Vansh looked at her.
R: And thanks!
V: For What?
R: For bandaging my wound.
V: Hmm.
After completing it, he was just standing still watching her in the mirror. She was packing the first aid box when noticed his glares. She spoke,
R: Ask!
V: Huh?
R: Whatever going on in your mind. Ask!
Vansh was surprised how she knew that he wanted to aske something. He spoke,
V: Why were you carrying a gun?
Riddhima smiles sarcastically.
R: Don’t you get tired with your investigations?
V: I am asking generally.
R: That was my own licensed gun. I have faced many people like them in my profession. For the safety of my patients, I keep it with myself. Even some criminals sometimes come for treatment. For them, I had to keep it with me all the time.
V(to himself): For the first time, she answered my questions without any argument.
R: Because it was not a personal question!
She spoke as if she read his thoughts. Vansh was surprised too.
V: Huh?
She realized what just happened. Covering it up, she spoke,
R: Nothing.
An awkward silence prevailed in the room for sometime. Then, Riddhima spoke again,
R: Why did you come here?
V: Glad you asked?
R: I asked it before too.
V: I was not in a mood to answer that time.
R: Like I would wait for your mood swings.
V: Don’t start again Riddhima!
R: Then answer the question. Simple!
V: Dadi sent me to bring you.
R: Where?
Riddhima looked at him shocked and surprised.
R: And you came here to invite me. Huh?
V(getting angry): Riddhima! Its Dadi’s Request. I can’t deny.
R: Tell her that I refused to come.
V: I am not requesting you. I am telling you!
R: You please…..
V(cutting her): I am not in a mood to fight right now. So, don’t start your arguments now.
R: Like I said before, I don’t care for your mood swings.
V: Riddhima!
R: I won’t!
V: Don’t be stubborn Riddhima. It the matter of one night only. Your ego will not be hurt if you agree.
R: I said I won’t.
V: If you don’t come, I will call everyone here to stay in the hospital.
Riddhima glared him in frustration. He glared at her back.
V: What?
R: Fine! I will come!!!
She angrily steps out. Vansh was smiling.
V: Where are you going now?
R(pissed): To get my things!!!
She went out and started thinking to herself,
R:(to herslef): Why did he agree so easily to take me there? Whats going on in his mind? He is not the man to agree so easily when the matter is about me. Something is fishy!
Meanwhile, Vansh standing in the room thought,
V: Who was she talking about?
Flashbacks starts,
Riddhima was talking to Aryan on call. Vansh came finding her. He stopped outside the rest room listening her conversations,
R: They won’t stop unless I took some actions against them. I stopped you both because by doing so you both will also come in everyone’s eyes. Vansh already doubts me. I don’t want him to doubt you too. In this way, he will remain focused on my mystery only. And in the time, you would finish everything on my orders
Vansh listened her words And got shocked. He took three steps back silently and then, took three steps forward making noise of his steps. Riddhima heared his footsteps.
Flashback ends.
V(to himself): Who were you talking to? Was It Aryan or Kabir? I have to find out. That’s why, I agreed with dadi so that staying in VR Mansion, I can keep an eye on you. Let the fun begin now Riddhima! Your mystery will be solved soon.
He smirks…..
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