Love Beyond Limits (A RIANSH LOVE SAGA) Chapter #27

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Hey guys! I am not adding much pictures today as I got late in uploading. Being busy, I completely forgot that I am writing a Ff for which I have to upload next episode😁😁😁😁😁😁Chapter 27: “The madness continues!!!”The episode starts with Everyone except Riddhima at the breakfast table gossiping about everything that could come to their mind. Ajay and Dadi were in their own mother-son world. Well, they both were not giving lift to anyone as they had got alot to talk with each other. The youngsters were in their own gossips. Vansh joined them too.
Angre: Hey Vansh! Come join us for breakfast!
V: No! I have done my breakfast!
Angre: When?
Sia(playfully): With our bhabhi! Right Vansh bhai?
Vansh smiled remembering how he teased Riddhima alot.
V(stern): Yeah! Got any problem?
Sejal: How is Riddhima Vansh bhai?
V: She is fine Sejal! If she wasn’t before, I am sure she would be absolutely fine by now!
I: What You mean?
Aryan: Don’t tell me you both again had a fight?
K: Or some silly argument?
Dadi listened this and said,
D: Well, I don’t know about any arguments but when I entered the room it looked like Riddhima has just escaped from a Poultry farm! What did you do with her Vansh?
Sia: What?
Vansh narrated the whole incident making everyone laugh holding their belly.
D: Vansh! This was not right!
Ajay: Don’t worry Dadi! He did absolutely right! To make Riddhima out of her tensed lifestyle, It was needed. She will take time to be in a chill and comfort zone. But gradually, she will be like before. Afterall, she has a very tough life. Some fun is required for her.
Sia: But I am really eager to know about Riddhima more. I mean what she likes and what she doesn’t. I just want to know everything!
Aryan: Our Riddhima is a pure angry bird! Extreme Khadoos but sweet at heart!
I: You better keep your mouth shut Aryan! Riddhima was never khadoos at all. She was always chill and full of life. Always cracking jokes, talking alot and making everyone laugh with her craziness.
K: No No! Riddhima makes everyone mad with her anger. And talks alot? Riddhima hates gossips.
Angre: How can she hate gossips? Haven’t you seen Vansh and her always chattering non-stop?
Sejal: That is called arguments! Not gossips! But Yeah she is really a gossip girl. Even she was a pure bollywood at heart. There was no movie and no song that she has not seen or listened.
Aryan: Its impossible! There are three things that Riddhima hates the most; Gossips, Movies and flirting.
Ishani: You know nothing about her Aryan!
Aryan: Keep your mouth shut Ishani!!!
Angre: And what does she loves?
V: Arguments, Arguments and alot of Arguments!!
He smirks.
Everyone giggles.
I: I am sure she hates flirting beacuse of Aryan only?
Arayn: What problem you got with me?
I: Got a problem? You are yourself the biggest problem that I got as a gift by Riddhima!
Aryan: Why are you blaming me for being a flirt? When did I flirt with you?
Ishani: You always find ways to talk with me.
Aryan: I always find ways to get rid of you!! You are a walking disaster!
Sejal: Will you both shut up! We were talking about Riddhima here!
Ishani: Zip your mouth Sejal! Today, I am really going to teach this flirt a lesson!
Aryan: The lesson of being a disaster like you? Huh?
Ishani: I am not a disaster.
Aryan: Then, I will make you one!
He grabbed a glass filled with juice and about to throw on Ishani when Sejal tried to stop him and in this fuss, the juice fell over Angre!
Sejal: Hawww! Angre are u fine?
Kabir(teasingly): What did you do Sejal? Now, Angre is not going to leave you! He will not talk to you!
Sejal(emotional): I am sorry Angre! Will you not talk to me now?
Angre(wiping his T-shirt): When did I say that??
Sejal: You said it! I know! Its good Kabir heard it!!
Angre: Sejal! Kabir is pulling your leg. I didn’t say anything!
Kabir: He even called you stupid, Sejal!
Sejal: Did you Angre???
Angre: Kabir! Are you mad? I didn’t say anything like this Sejal!
Ishani: Look! It all happened because of you!
Aryan: Me? How?
Ishani: You spilled juice on him.
Aryan: I was throwing it at you!
Ishani: In return, I will throw at you too.
She threw juice on Aryan but Aryan in a defensive mode, jerked the glass that landed over Sejal!
Sejal didn’t see who threw juice over her, she said,
Sejal: Only I was left in the madness! Angre! You threw juice on me too in revenge!
A(shocked): Sejal! I didn’t do anything! Why are you blaming me?
Vansh, Dadi, Ajay and Kabir were suppressing their laughters looking at them. And Sia was holding her head In frustration, berating herself in her mind that why did she even ask about Riddhima! The four of them were fighting madly when not taking anymore, Sia shouted,
Sia(loud): SHUT UP ALL OF YOU!!! Ishani! Aryan! Sejal and Angre!! Just zip up your mouth. Have you all gone crazy??
Kabir: Everyone has gone crazy today.
Sia(politely): Kabir! Please don’t say anything right now.
Ishani: Why are you talking with him politely? He created all this fuss. You should scold him Sia!
Aryan: Finally, you agreed that it was not me.
Sejal(wiping her crocodile tears): Was it not Angre??
Angre(pissed): Again Angre! Blame everything on Angre! Angre is the culprit here.
V: You all just stop your nonsense before the real angry bird arrives here. Otherwise, she will make you all so quiet with her anger and attitude that you all will not even talk to yourself for days!
Girls(unison): This happens with you only bhai!
Boys(unison): Its your experience speaking.
Ajay and Dadi started laughing.
Ajay(laughs): This is too much Vansh! Everyone knows how are you being treated by Riddhima.
Vansh narrowed his eyes at all the youngsters.
Ajay: There she comes,Everyone looked towards Riddhima coming downstairs. She was all set and ready wearing black pants and black hoodie with high ponytail.When she was coming downstairs, Angre, Aryan and Kabir were staring her. They were engrossed in her beauty. And our dear Vansh was instead of staring at Riddhima which is actually his right, he was staring the three of them with angry glares.
V(Angry): Are you all done?
All the boys looked here and there. Riddhima came downstairs and joined them. She looked at Sejal and Angre confusingly.
R: What happened to both of you?
Sejal: Angre threw juice at me.
A(pissed): Stop it Sejal before I really threw a tank full of juice on you.
Sejal: Look! He even got intentions to do so.
Angre banged his head in the wall.
Angre: Where should I go?
Vansh: Go to hell Angre!
Riddhima was still confused. Aryan finding her confused, spoke,
Aryan: 50% of the same happened with them what happened with you today. Just no one emptied pillows on their head. They still look humans. Not pigeons!
Everyone burst into laughters.
Riddhima glared Vansh realizing that he had told everyone about his madness.R: Shame on you Vansh!
V: Thanks for the compliment Riddhima!
She gave him “I-will-sue-you” looks.
Sia looking at her all dressed up, spoke,
Sia: Are you going somewhere Riddhima?
R: Yeah!
Ajay: Where?
R: Delhi!
Everyone: What! No!
R(shocked): Relax! I am not going forever! I am just going for a day.
Everyone took a sigh of relief.
Ajay: But why?
R: Dad! I need some files urgently. Moreover, I have not gone there for many days. I have to check upon Mrs. D’souza. Even I got some more work too.
Ajay became suspicious but didn’t say anything.
R(to herself): Its the right time. I will get an escape from Vansh and would be able to investigate about him. I got one lead. I shouldn’t miss it.
Vansh gestured Ajay with his eyes. Ajay understood.
Ajay: Aa..Riddhima! Why don’t you take All of these youngsters with you. They will explore Delhi!
Riddhima became speechless and looks at Vansh who was smirking.R: Dad! I am going for a day only. What they all will do there?
Sejal: Dad is right Riddhima! I really want to see your house.
Sia: Even I want to see where you live.
V(smirking): Come on Riddhima! Everyone wants to see your house. Me too.
R(pissed): Its a house not a museum Vansh! Anyways, Weren’t You going for a meeting? You stay here with Dad and Dadi!
V: Oh I will postpone the meeting. Don’t worry. How can I leave this chance Riddhima?
R: But…. (herself): What should I do now? Excellent!! I was trying to run away and now All this chillar party will accompany me. Great!!
R: Fine! Get ready you all. We will leave in an hour.
Saying so, she glared at smirking Vansh and left from there.
The girls, Dadi and Ajay also left from there. Kabir, Aryan and Angre came to Vansh.
Aryan: Whats the plan dude?
V: What plan?
K: Don’t hide it from us. We can help.
V: How can you?
Angre: First, we should find her weakness. So, that we can target that point.
Aryan: Exactly. I have a plan.
V: What are you all upto? I just want to irritate her so much that she come out of anger mode and start chilling.
K: There are three ways to irritate her.
Angre: Yeah! Flirt, Movies and gossips.
V: And madness also.
Aryan, So, Step 1 is Flirt. Have you got some embarrassing photo of yours in your phone Vansh??
V: Why would I keep them?
K: Ok some cringy one? That could be like…you know..
Angre: I know one. Vansh! Give me your phone.
Vansh: Why?
Angre: Just give it.
He gave his phone to Angre. Angre selected a picture and showed Kabir and Aryan.
Aryan: Perfect!
He clicked the sent to Riddhima option and sent.
V(shocked): Are you all crazy? You sent it to her?
Kabir: Now, Lets see her reaction.
All of them went in the hall where Riddhima was sitting. They hid behind a curtain to see her reaction. Riddhima was checking her phone when she received a notification. She was drinking water while checking her phone. When she opened the notification, a picture of Vansh popped up.Her eyes became widened and her mouth opened with shock. She felt choking and started coughing. She threw her mobile on the sofa. Aryan found it right time. He came running to Riddhima.
A: Riddhima! Waht happened?
He picked up Riddhima’s mobile and about to turn it to face the screen when Riddhima snatched her phone.
R: What are you doing here?
A: I saw you were checking your mobile and suddenly, you became shocked and threw your mobile away. Did someone sent you a threat? Anyone blackmailing you??
R: Its nothing like that Aryan!
Aryan(hiding his laughter): Then, did you got any lead for some case?
R: Aryan! Don’t eat up my brain! Its just a stupid person has gone totally insane and now, he is sending me his cringy pictures.
Vansh, Angre and kabir giggled silently.
A: Is he your lover Riddhima? I mean….(acting innocent)if he is Vansh then Alright! He is handsome and smart and…(acting angry)if someone else then I am going to sue him.
R(glaring him): Did I ask for your suggestions about who he is?
Aryan: I am just giving my opinion. Well, I am no one to interfere in it. Just be careful. Don’t start coughing again while looking at his picture.
R: Why would I look at his picture? Get lost Aryan!
Aryan sneaked away from there and again hid with them.
Aryan: Now, See the reaction.
When Aryan was gone, Riddhima hesitatingly again looked again at his picture,
R: This Vansh is driving me crazy. Unbelievable he is!! He has gone insane.
Then, She again zoomed his face and unknowingly she smiled,
R: But he is the same handsome as before!
Saying so, she went from there.
The four boys laughed their heart out.
Aryan: Hasee Toh!!!!
Angre: Phaseee!!
Kabir: Lets move to Step 2 now.
V: I know what we have to do next. Just wait until we start our travel to Delhi.
He smirks.Meanwhile, at a dark and closed place, Someone is seen rotating a globe placed on his table. Someone came to him and said,
Person 1: Boss! We got her location. She is in Mumbai!
Person 2: What else?
Person 1: She is coming to Delhi today for meeting someone. Maybe an informer. Nothing else.
The person glared him angrily and shot him right in his head.
Person 2(angrily): I don’t like incomplete information! (Smirks) Coming to Delhi! Lets show her a glimpse of her fear. She should know whom she had cheated! I have waited for so long for this moment to come. Now! Get ready Riddhima Shah! I am coming Baby Doll!
He smirks.Riddhima in the lawn, was thinking into something deeply,
R(to herself): They all are going with me. I have to be careful. I can’t miss this lead. I have to meet him. I can’t even tell this to Dad. He will stop me. But I am not going to stop now until I make him meet his dead end. I will make some excuse and go away. The game that started 4 years ago, I will end it now.
She had fierceness and anger in his eyes.
R: I am coming to hunt you down!!!! You are close to your dead end now!!!! Be ready!!!

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