Love Begins with Friendship (IMMJ)- Episode 2

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Love Begins with Friendship (IMMJ)- Episode 2
 After attending the party, Riddhima leaves with her parents.The next day, Vansh and Riddhima finish their breakfast in their respective homes. They get ready to go to school. When they entered their class and sat on their bench. Vansh saw a new student Kabir, sitting silently and lonely as nobody befriended him. Riddhima sees him sad and befriended him. She asked the teacher to let Kabir sit beside her. The teacher agreed and asked Vansh to sit on the last bench and Kabir to sit on the first bench with Riddhima. Vansh sadly went to the last bench and Kabir happily sat on the first bench. Not even one hour has passed, and both Riddhima and Kabir become best friends. Vansh misses Riddhima. Days passed by, Riddhima didn’t talk to Vansh properly as she is always busy talking to Kabir. Vansh gets upset and jealous of Riddhima’s growing friendship with Kabir. He decides to hurt Kabir. He dug a deep hole and acted as if he wanted to befriend Kabir. Kabir is happy to befriend Vansh. Vansh is happy as everything was going according to his plan.The next day, it was Kabir’s birthday. Vansh said to Kabir that he has a birthday gift for him. He blindfolded Kabir’s face and took him to the place, he had dug a deep hole. Riddhima comes running there to wish Kabir happy birthday, and she fell into the deep pit, shocking Vansh.Who will save Riddhima now? I am little girl, with a zest for learning new things and be creative.

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