Love after Death # OS on Riansh

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Hello guys, I know that I have said that I’ll post after my exams. But I can’t stop myself from posting. This isn’t a part of my FF but its the first OS of mine. Since its my first one I don’t know whether it’ll be good enough. Its a very long one too. If its a boring one then please don’t throw chappals and raw eggs on me 😅.So Let’s start…A man is sitting on a dark room which has some photos on the wall. The face of the man is not visible enough but the photos are little visible due to the small light of bulb hanging on the ceil. A lovely and chubby girl in early twenties is seen in all the photos. Some of the photos have a handsome guy too with her. The man come forward from the darkness and touched one of her pic. The man is revealed to be Angre. Going through the photos, many memories flashed into his thoughts.FB starts.A girl is seen selling flowers in the streets of Mumbai. A handsome hunk is jogging in the park. When he is on the way to home by jogging, a cycle suddenly hit him. When he looked to the person angrily, he saw a girl with angelic beauty and stood mesmerized because of it. Her beauty and innocent face removed all his anger. It is revealed to Riddhima and Vansh.R – Sorry Mr…. I’m very very sorry. I didn’t mean to hit….it accidentally…I am really sorry.V – Ms. Sorry, its okay. I know its not deliberately happened. Anyway what’s your name ms. Sorry?R – Riddhima. And thank you so much sir for forgiving me.She left saying so but Vansh stood looking at her for a long time and reached VR mansion. But he didn’t know that even she had a feeling of butterflies in stomach seeing him.Angre – Vansh, where are you lost ? I am seeing you smiling like this for past one hour. What happened ?V – Angre, today a girl hit me with her cycle. She even stole a most valuable thing from me.A – How dare she hit Vansh Raisinghania and robbed him. I’ll search her and make her stand in front of you. Then you can give enough punishment for her.V – Arey buddhu…How did my sister find you romantic yaar. I meant that the girl stole my heart. I fell in love with her….something like LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT.A – Oh my God!!! The great Vansh Raisinghania fell in love with a girl that too love at first sight. I’ll tell the news to Dadi and Ishani now itself. They will be very happy.V – Angre, I just know her name nothing more. So first we need to enquire more about her. And I assign the task to you. Do it well.[ Guys, Vansh have only Dadi, Ishani and Angre as family. He is a buissness man and Angre is his best friend cum Brother-in-law. Ishani and Angre are married about 4 years back and they didn’t have a child yet and they are sad about it. ]After sometime at VR mansion ‘s hall where dadi, ishani and vansh are chitchatting. Angre came there running.A – Vansh, I got to know Bhabhi’s whereabouts….I mean to be bhabi.Vansh gave him a sharp look. Then Angre realized that there are Dadi and Ishani too.Dadi : What are you saying Angre beta ? Kaunsi bhabhi ?Ishani – Tell me Angre otherwise I’ll surely punch you hard. You remember last punch right.A – Please spare me. Vansh will tell the truth. Bolo Vansh.Vansh told them the whole incident and Everyone are super excited to meet Riddhima.I – I am very excited to meet bhabi. We should go today itself to her house with proposal.V – But…D – No ifs and buts. We’ll go today itself.V – Ok dadi.Everyone went to Riddhima’s house. She is a not too much rich but belongs to a middle class family and her only family is her dad Ajay.The families talk about the alliance and then the two got married fastly.(I don’t want the each and every ritual to be explained. )The two are like free love birds now. They often spend time by travelling and exploring new places. They never miss any chance to romance (we know Vansh very well right 😆).One day they went to the farm house in Manali with whole family for a picnic. They didn’t know that this day will change the stream of their life.When Vansh went to a club with Angre, he got a call from Riddhima. He came rushed to her.V – What happened sweetheart, why did you call me suddenly? Everything is alright na ?R – Everything is not as before now Vansh.V – Why are you increasing my bp riddhu. Tell me clearly.She went near to Vansh and held his hand made him touch her belly. Vansh stood shocked.V – Sweetheart are u sure?Riddhima nodded.V – No sweetheart. We don’t want the child now. Its just two months since we married and we want our lone time. No one can come between us. We can go and abort tomorrow. We can plan babies after some years.Riddhima is shocked to see Vansh’s reaction.R – Vansh, how can u say so. It’s our baby. How can you just say to abort it.Then Dadi, Angre and Ishani came. Actually they were eavesdropping them.D – Vansh, how can u think so. She was very happy to know the good news. Children are gift of god. (Eyeing Ishangre) Everyone are not so lucky to have the gift and you are going to abort the child. No, I won’t let it happen.V – But dadi…D – My decision is final and that’s all.Vansh agreed to dadi half heartedly.V – Dadi, I got a call from the labourers from factory in mumbai. They’re in strike due to some reasons and I have to go there.He bid farewell to everyone and went to mumbai alone as Riddhima can’t travel during this time and he assigned Angre to be with them.But when Vansh reached Mumbai and cleared out all problems the government there announced lockdown due to pandemic. Vansh was struck in Mumbai and Riddhima in Manali. But as the pandemic patient’s numbers became huge, the state bounderies were also closed. And seven and half months passed like this but Vansh contacted Riddhima through video call everyday.Suddenly a day Riddhima felt a pain in her stomach and when went to doctor, doctors said that there is complications in her pregnancy. She has an internal bleeding now and they have to operate her now. But when the doctors came after surgery…Dr – Congratulations..its a baby girl but….A – What happened dr. How is bhabi ?Dr – Sorry we can’t save her due to the internal bleeding.All were crying hard with the baby in the hands. They don’t know how to tell it to Vansh. Vansh called Angre when he didn’t get connect to Riddhima’s phone.V – What happened to Riddhu, Angre ? Today I am having strange feelings. Please give the phone to her.A (sobbing) – Vansh…vo…bhabhi…V – Why are you stammering ? What happened to Riddhu?A – You have become father Vansh. Its a baby girl but we lost bhabi as she had internal bleeding. (He can’t stop himself from crying).The mobile fell from Vansh’s hands and he stood dumbstruck hearing Riddhu’s demise.He arranged an emergency pass from government and participated in Riddhu’s funeral. After two days…D – Vansh beta, you didn’t eat anything since two days and didn’t even see the face of your daughter.V – Its not my daughter. She is my Riddhima’s murderer. I won’t look at her ever.He packed his bags and going to leave the house.I – Bhai, what are u doing ? How can u leave ur daughter.V – You can do whatever with the child. I don’t have any right on the baby. Either you can adopt the baby or can leave it at any orphanage. I won’t see her face ever in my life.He left the house.Five years later…..Angre and Ishani adopted the baby and named her Riva. Riva doesn’t know that they are not her real parents. One day when Dadi was returning home with Riva, some goons kidnapped her. Dadi is died when they hit her own her head during kidnapping. Angre and Ishani filed police complaint. They also informed Vansh about it. Vansh reached there to be a part in Dadi’s funeral. Vansh then tried to track down Riva. The fatherly love burried inside him made him do it.He took help from Kabir, a police officer and his friend and finally he got to know that his Riva is being exported to aboard. Actually she is kidnapped by human trafficking team. He also got to know wuth the help of Kabir that the exporting is being held tomorrow but don’t know where it happens.The Final day.When he was driving without any hope he stopped the car on a side of road and slept in his hands on steering. He saw Riddhima in his dreams saying ” Vansh don’t lose hope. Our little princess is near you. You have to save her. Be her father and think, you’ll definitely save her. I know you can Vansh… you can. Save her…save our Riva”.He wake up from his sleep hearing a horn. When he looked into the back of car, he saw little hands on the glass but the face of child is blurred. He suddenly felt his heartbeats increasing and Riddhima’s words echoed in his ears.V – Its my Riva..yes my child…I am coming Riva… your papa is coming.He followed the car and reached a place here there are many goons with many children. He fought with them all killed all of them thus freeing the children from the gang’s arms. He is badly hurt as a goon stabbed him when he was in fight. Blood is oozing out of his body profusely but he is relieved as all the goons are died.Suddenly he noticed a pair of small little hands behind a car. He went towards the car and saw Riva hiding behind the car. ( Vansh have seen Riva’s pic with Ishani and Angre)He hugged her and kissed her forehead. He then fell on the ground breathing his last. Before dying he called kabir and shared the location.After sometime the police arrived and Safely took the children to their respective houses. They confirmed Vansh’s death.FB ends.A six year old girl came to the dark room and held Angre’s hand.Riva – Papa, we have to go there. We are being late.Angre wiped his tears and said “yes baby, we’ll go now.”Ishani, Angre and Riva reached a graveyard.Riva was holding three bouquets of flowers and laid each bouquet on Riddhima, Vansh and Dadi’s graves.Riva : Papa, Mama, Mamu is so brave right. I love him and mami very much.Then the trio left from there.  But Kabir is also standing near the grave and heared Riva’s words.Kabir (in mind) : Riva, today about whom you are thinking with proudly, you will get to know that he is your dad and mom. That day you’ll be more proud about them.He also left from there.There, Vansh and Riddhu’s souls are seeing all this and smiles seeing their cute Riva.I know guys its not so good enough but please spare me bcoz I just gave a try to write an OS.My FF ‘A Fairy Tale Love Story ‘ will be uploaded on 22 April. Till then Bye.

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