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hi Everyone!!. thank you for everyone for supporting in this FF.and here is the first episode ☺️.jaisalmar:sirat is seen roaming here and there tensionly…sirat pov: why no one is there at home?what happened to everyone and where did they go?Sirat shouts: maa…papa and maudi where are you all?sirat shouts for sometime and gets tired and sits in sofa angrily…Sirat pov: no one is caring me nowadays… Everyone left me alone here and went away and this idiot ranveer also dint come to see me.i think everyone got crack…suddenly she hears a huge sound…she hears a chorus sound…Everyone: happy birthday to you… happy birthday to you!!! happy birthday to sirat… happy birthday to you…may god bless you dear and happy birthday to sirat….sirat is suprised to see everyone wishing her for birthday and gets happy…sirat gets teary and hugs sheela and mukesh happily…sheela caresses sirat’s face and…Sheela: what did you thought? Did you thought that we don’t care for you huh?? Actually we became crack and that’s why we planned suprise…sirat laughs and hugs her and then her father(mukesh) feeds her cake and blesses her.Sirat feels happy and says: thank you my dear family..I never thought that you would suprise me in this way….thank you so much for everyone…my 24 th birthday was really fantastic.the celebration finishes and after sometime sirat sees her necklace missing and gets tensed and searches for it while maudi sees her tensed and comes to her….Maudi: sirat…why are you tensed? Is there any problem?Sirat: my necklace is missing…maudi: sirat…. don’t get tensed…just search with peaceful mind. If you do any activities then you must do it with peace or else it will spoil things only…sirat gets more tensed…Sirat shouts: can I be peace??you know how important that necklace is right? I don’t care if that necklace gets lost but that pendant is very precious to my heart….while she was shouting in anger suddenly something hits her foot and she looks and gets shocked…it’s her pendant and she takes it in her hand and gets shocked seeing it’s shine…. Sirat: maudiiii…Maudi: yes iam here only…Sirat: see this(points towards her diamond pendant) .it is shining like a star and how can it shine on its own?maudi too is shocked but feels happy….Maudi: I think today you shined and that’s why your pendant also is shining….sirat glares maudi..Sirat: you are a 15 th century lady!!.you always speak like the 15 th century people who told that earth is flat and like that you are telling this….Maudi:…i told by mistake…Sirat: actually this pendant never shined these 23 years…but it is shining suddenly….how is this possible?sirat thinks while maudi too gets an idea and..Maudi: do you remember how you got this pendant?Sirat: yes…in my 1srt birthday you took me to shiv temple near a palace(haveli) and there a lady gifted me this…Maudi: yes…then we will go to the shiv temple and ask that women atself so that we will get answers….sirat thinks..Sirat: are true..we will go to shiv temple so that we will know about this pendant…telling this sirat takes her necklace and hangs the pendant on it and wears and once she wears it starts to glow more…THE SCENE FREEZES…haveli (palace):in the haveli a women is seen dancing before lord shiv…after some time she finishes her dance and prays to lord shiv…Manyata: my lord…today is the day where your ancestral stone would been got its power back after 23 years and I hope it should get safety before those evils steal it or else the whole world will be destroyed by those vamps…and today is the day where our princess got killed brutally by those vamps before 23 years…. and our boon(power) got locked up for these 23 years as our princess died and now our boon got released as our boon reached its agrabati time (agrabati time means when a princess of the world dies then their boon gets locked for 23 years including that ancestral stone).and those evils would have started searching for that stone and so please send a new princess and make that ancestral safety before those vampps steal it…..lord shiv hears her prayer and suddenly a thunder starts to make sound outside in the sky…and the princess grave is shown and the grave starts to break with heavy ghost sound and the storm comes out from the grave….and the storm becomes into a white soul and it starts to go towards jaisalmar direction…..THE SCREEN FREEZES…mehra mansion:prachi is seen sitting and reading books in her bedroom and suddenly she feels dizzy and she holds her head…Prachi: what happened to me?why iam feeling dizzy???let me drink some water..prachi drinks water but also she faints down and there is no one in Mehra mansion but sahana comes there to visit her and gets shocked seeing her fainted and she runs to her and tries to wake her up….Sahana: prachi! Prachi! Please wake up….prachi! Common open your eyes..but there is no response from prachi…and so sahana takes her to hospital nearby…..and calls doctor..Sahana: doctor.. doctor…please come and check this girl…doctors comes and takes prachi in stretcher…Doctor: wait here and we will examine her and tell..Sahana: ok.doctors examine her and calls sahana and sahana goes with tension…Sahana: what’s the matter doctor?but to her shock doctors congrats sahana…Sahana: why are you congratulating doctor?Doctor: because she is pregnant…sahana gets shocked…THE SCREEN FREEZES..precap: sirat drives the car and that while soul scared her and sirat loses control on driving the car. Kartik proposes Rhea Sharma. Ranbir assaults prachi

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