LIFE OF MYSTERY- Character sketch and introduction

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hi Everyone!!. Iam writing my 2nd FF here and hope you all will support me ☺️. this FF will be based on supernatural, mystery, horror and romance and I hope you all will like it..😊.this story will not be a continuation or it won’t be related to any part but it’s a new chapter of new generation of kkb and yrkkh.character sketch:abhi and pragya :Parents of prachi, Rhea and kiara. During the birth kiara was declared dead mistakingly and Everyone presumed kiara to be dead but she is alive somewhere else.kiara/ sirat shekhawat:Adopted daughter of sheela and mukesh.girl friend of ranveer. Professional boxer. Interested in finding ancient items..rhea Mehra:Daughter of abhi and pragya. Twin of prachi. Girl friend of ranbir.hates prachi.prachi mehra:Daughter of abhi and pragya. Twin of Rhea. Younger sister of kiara. Loves Everyone. Kind hearted… possesses some kind of magical power without her knowledge.purab and disha:Purab is smaller brother of abhi and elder brother of aliya. Purab and disha are parents of Aryan.aryan Mehra:Son of purab and disha. Kind of playboy. Works in Abhi’s office.aliya Mehra:Sister of abhi. Mood swinger.  Good at heart but sometimes does selfish acts..manish and suwarna Goenka:Manish is brother of pragya.parents of kartik. One of the richest family in new delhi.kartik Goenka:Son of Manish and suwarna. Boy friend of Rhea Sharma. Loves his parents a lot. Richest man.rhea Sharma:Girl friend of kartik. Greedy girl. Loves kartik as he is so rich.maudi:Grandmother of sirat. Very good grandmother.mother of sheela.sheela and mukesh:Parents of adopted daughter sirat. Loves their daughter.ranveer/ Vasundhara:Boy friend of sirat. There is some past related to him.yamini/ vaidehi:Mother of ranveer and shesha. There is some past related to her.shesha/ Avantika:Daughter of yamini/ vaidehi. Sister of ranveer/ vasundharan. There is some past related to her.ancestral book kept in a hidden palace.contains many secrets.cant touch by anyone easily.crystalline stone:This stone belongs to lord Shiva.used to be Kept in a palace along with the ancestral book but now it’s missing. Protected by princess of the palace. Further will be revealed in episodes…friends I haven’t written any details deeply because if I wrote deeply of how horror or mysterious it will be then the story won’t be interesting si I just wrote shortly… ranbir and his family will be revealed in episodes.. hope you all like it 😊.

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