Laal Ishq 4 RiKara, SamAina, BeHir, RoshAn, DriKshit FF Part 16

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Laal Ishq4… Red love…Part 16
Ajitabh went towards the door and opened it.He saw Divya.Divya was stunned to see a stranger.She was nervous.Divya:Who are you?
Ajitabh:I am ACP Ajitabh.Divya was stunned.Divya asked him in disbelief:You are ACP Ajitabh?Ajitabh:Yes.Are you Drishti’s sister Divya?Divya was surprised:You know me?Ajitabh:Yes I know everything.
Divya was relieved.Divya:Please save me.Ajitabh:Yes..come with me..   Drishti told the truth to Sumit-Kumkum and Druv.All were shocked.Drishti:Ajitabh did suspected me because I was a con girl before him.I know that I broke your trust.I betrayed all of you.I was cheating Sumit Uncle the most as I came here to leak your business secrets.I was wrong.If you can,please forgive me.All were upset.Sumit:You confessed the truth to us before doing anything wrong.That shows that you are not bad.Kumkum:Yes,it shows that good people cannot lie for a long time.Drishti smiled emotionally:Did you all forgave me?Sumit:The moment you confessed everything your mind has become pure.Kumkum:The same moment we forgave you.Drishti smiled happily:Thank you very much.Really you both are great.Sumit:But how will Ajitabh react to this?Kumkum:I am also worried about that as he already suspected her before.Drishti:Ajitabh knows everything and he also forgave me.Sumit-Kumkum and Druv were surprised and happy.Suddenly Ajitabh arrived with Divya.Ajitabh:As I promised i rescued your sister Divya.Drishti turned back and saw Divya.Both Drishti and Divya became so emotional that they ran towards each other and hugged each other.Drishti:How are you Divya?Divya:I am fine di.And you?Drishti:I am also fine.I am so happy that you have come back safely.Divya:Di,what happened in your life?I just know that Daksh sent you here.Drishti:It’s a long story Divya.I will tell you everything.Drishti caressed her.Everyone smiled seeing the reunion of the sisters.Drishti:What about Daksh?Ajitabh:I shot him.All were shocked:What?Ajitabh:He is alive.But he is under police control.All were relieved.Drishti introduced Wadhwas to Divya.Drishti:Thank you all of you for taking care of me.I will be always grateful to all of you.Now since Divya is back to me,we have to go back to our house.All were shocked.Ajitabh:What’s the need of it?Druv smiled at Ajitabh:You can’t sit without seeing Drishti.Right?Ajitabh became embarrassed.Kumkum:Ajitabh is right.Why are you leaving?Both of you will stay alone in that house.I am not comfortable with it.It’s not safe.Sumit:I agree with Kumkum.You both stay here only.Drishti:But how can we stay here?Kumkum:Why not?You are my future daughter in law and Divya is your sister.You both have the right to stay here.Sumit:We won’t let you both go.Drishti smiled:We will stay here.Divya:Yes.Everyone became very happy.Ajitabh was very happy.   Raman applied ointment on Ishita’s bruises.Raman:How dare he hurt you?Ishita:He did not hurt me.But while catching me forcefully I got hurt.But poor Bela suffered a lot.Raman:I will not leave him.Ishita:Don’t worry Raman.Raghbir had called me.Daksh is arrested by the police.Bela’s operation is over.They successfully removed the bullet from her body and now she is fine.Raman:I curse that Daksh.Horrible person.Ishita:Calm down Raman.Raman:How can I calm down?He threatened you that he will kill all of us.Ishita:But since he got arrested, he won’t come to trouble us again.
Raman:That’s the only relief.She smiled.  Bela was sleeping on the hospital bed.Raghbir was sitting besides her.
Slowly she opened her eyes.Suddenly she remembered Daksh shooting her.She got panicked.Raghbir:Bela,don’t worry.You are fine after a surgery.Bela was stunned:Surgery?Raghbir:Yes.You did’nt know anything.Bela:Raghbir,are you alright?Raghbir:Yes,I am alright.After all you saved me.Bela smiled.Sumitra became emotional:Thank you Bela for saving Raghbir’s life.Bela:Raghbir is my best friend aunty.He protected me always.The same way I tried to protect him.Sumitra:I always misunderstood you.But you saved Raghbir without even caring about your life.I am sorry Bela.Please forgive me.Andy:I am also sorry Bela.I did not know your value.Bela:Please don’t embarrass me by talking like this.They all smiled.Sumitra whispered to Andy:This girl is so nice.But I misunderstood her.
Andy:Even though i did not misunderstand her just because she was not our daughter in law I did’nt care about her.I was so wrong.
Sumitra:We both were wrong.Now it’s the time to correct our mistakes.Bela tried to get up,but she lost balance and fell over Raghbir.He held her.
Raghbir:Bela,you just had a surgery and you are trying to get up?You are really a fool.Bela pouted:Raghbir!He smiled.He placed her on the bed.Raghbir:Take rest until you become fit.She nodded.  Drishti entered Ajitabh’s room.Drishti:Thank you so much for saving Divya.Ajitabh:Thanks is not accepted.Drishti:Why?Ajitabh:Because this thanks is not coming from your heart.Drishti:Why are you saying like this?Ajitabh:If you are thankful to me,why did you decide to leave me and go?Drishti smiled.Drishti:I am only your fiancee Ajitabh.It’s after marriage that girls live with their man.Ajitabh:I did not ask you to have a live in relationship with me.I just wanted you in our house.So that I can see you daily.She blushed.Drishti:Sorry baba.But you know that I changed my decision and decided not to leave.So you can forgive me.Right?Ajitabh smiled:Ok.They both embraced each other with a sweet smile.Sameer entered his room.He was stunned to see lit candles all over the room.Then he saw Sanjana smiling at him.Sameer was surprised:Is this true or am I dreaming?Sanjana:I worked hard to arrange these candles here and you are saying that it’s a dream.So mean.He giggled.She smiled:Every time it’s you who surprise me.So this time I decided to surprise you.Sameer:It’s a beautiful surprise.In the candle light you look very beautiful.Sanjana blushed.Slowly they held each others hands and started dancing romantically.Suddenly he noticed food on the table.Sameer:What kind of magic is this?Sanjana:This is not magic.I only kept food here.Because candle light will be complete only if there is dinner.A romantic candle light dinner.He smiled:You have become very romantic under my influence.She smiled.Sameer:I always wanted to have candle light dinner with you.Now it is going to happen.Sanjana smiled.They both started having candle light dinner together.While having food they had cute eye locks.  Aman went near Roshni.Aman:Mom is complaining is that you are not eating well.Roshni:How will I feel like eating Aman?The food is tasteless.Aman:Even for me the food is tasteless.Roshni:The cooks are so bad here.Aman:The fault is not with food.The problem is with our tongue.Because of our health and treatment the food is tasteless to us.Roshni became upset.He joined her forehead with Aman’s and wept.Roshni:Because of our disease we are not able to even eat food peacefully.When will these days get over Aman?He became upset.Aman:Even I am fed up Roshni.I miss the days where I used to enjoy eating food.Roshni:Sanjana is praising Maa’s food.But I can’t even enjoy my own mother’s food because of my condition.I feel jealous of Sanjana as she can eat well,but I can’t.She embraced Aman and cried.Ishita sat near Meera.Ishita:Meera…good proposals are coming for you.But we want to know your opinion.Do you love anyone?
Meera became dull.Then she smiled slightly:No Ishimaa.I don’t love anyone.Ishita:We thought that you love Sameer.Meera was stunned as her parents too had noticed it.Meera:I am not denying that I had feelings for Sameer.But that was just an infatuation which melted with time.So I am ready to move forward.Ishita smiled caressing her.  After a week…Bela got discharged.Raghbir:Now you can take rest at home.Bela:Daksh got what we wanted him to get.He will get capital punishment for sure.Now it’s time for me to return home.Raghbir:What do you mean?Bela:I will go to my own house.All were shocked.Sumitra:It’s true that I told you that after Daksh gets exposed you should leave our house.Raghbir was shocked:Maa!Sumitra:But now I don’t want you to leave.I want you to stay in our house.
Bela was stunned:Aunty!Andy:Yes Bela.Pragati too wanted you to stay with us.Raghbir:I won’t allow you to leave.So Keep quiet and come with us to our house.Understand?Bela:But Raghbir!Raghbir:I won’t allow you to live alone in that house until you find true love.Bela:What?Raghbir:Yes.When you find true love in a nice man you can get married to him and leave this house.Until then you are our responsibility.Understand?Bela:I don’t want to get married again.Raghbir:Then stay with us forever.Bela pouted:Raghbir!He smiled.Andy and Sumitra also smiled.
Omkara and Gauri were sleeping in each others arms.Omkara opened his eyes.He saw Gauri sleeping besides him and he smiled.He caressed her face romantically with his finger.Gauri opened her eyes:Omkara!They looked at each other passionately.They smiled romantically.Omkara:Get ready.We have to meet that fool Komolika.Gauri:Yes.  Omkara and Gauri went to Komolika’s house.Komolika smirked:Welcome guys.Where is Jugnu?You guys came here to hand over Jugnu to me.Right?Omkara:Stop it.Why should we give Jugnu to you?She is our daughter.Gauri and I got married.We will be adopting Jugnu legally.No one can stop us.Komolika was shocked.Komolika:No,you cannot snatch Jugnu from me.I can even fool the court by making the Judge believe that Jugnu is my blood.Since I am mentally cured I will get Jugnu.Omkara and Gauri laughed.Gauri showed her the phone.Gauri:We have recorded what you said.You cannot prove that Jugnu is your child.Because court hates liars.Komolika was frustrated.Omkara laughed:See her facial expression.Gauri laughed:She is a loser clown.
Omkara:You think that we are fools.But we outsmarted you.We will complain to the police that you are mentally harassing us for Jugnu’s custody.They will not spare you.Get ready to rot in jail.Komolika went inside her room angrily and broke things.Komolika:No…They won’t be able to arrest me.They cannot even imagine what I will plan.

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