Kyun Utthe Dil Chhod Aaye 4th March 2021 Written Episode Update: Uday embarrasses Vashma

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Kyun Utthe Dil Chhod Aaye 4th March 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.comThe Episode starts with Brij saying you didn’t ask me why did I go to the brothel, its because of this woman. Radha cries. Lala says wrong thing is wrong, whoever be the reason, you have to go away. Bua scolds Radha. She asks Radha what did she do, she made the brothers against each other. Radha apologizes to Lala. She asks why are you doing this, I told you the truth so that Brij doesn’t get a sin, if you punish me for telling truth, then no one will tell the truth, forgive Brij for the sake of your promise. Lala scolds Brij and asks him to see his wife and value her. He says I will forgive you because of her, if you do this again then I will not leave you. He leaves. Brij gets angry on Radha. He says I have seen a bad character woman today, you trapped me and saved me, you have become Devi in their eyes. He goes angrily. Rajrani asks Radha to come with her. She makes Radha sit. She gives her water. Radha says don’t know what happened to him, he used to laugh and talk to me, did he get possessed, I will take him to the baba, he will get fine. Amrit looks on. Rajrani asks did you make any relation with him or not. Radha says we had a relation on the marriage day itself.She advises Radha to drop her chunri in front of Brij at night. Radha asks will he agree with this. Rajrani says yes. Radha says fine, I was just worried. Amrit looks on. She thinks is there no way that she can convince Brij, its strange that men do wrong and women convince them this way.Uday talks to his friend. He says I won’t play hockey. The guy says team needs you. Uday says go and take anyone else, Vashma taught me to value hockey and left me. Vashma comes home. She sees the hockey stick. Uday stops and sees her. Farooq says we had to go by train, we couldn’t go with the family. Abrar says there was curfew, so I got them home.Uday embarrasses Vashma a lot. He says I couldn’t help you in the marriage, I will serve you well now. Iqbal takes this as his kiddishness. Uday says I will show you all that I have grown up and will become a big man. Randhir tries to cover up for his anger. He asks Uday to come with him. Vashma cries and thinks of Uday. Amrit recalls Vashma’s words. Radha says Vashma has shown him dreams and then broke it, what would he go through now. Randhir and Amrit try to explain Uday about love that family has for him. Randhir says one that changes isn’t love. Amrit says we are also paying a price for our love. Uday says I have seen the elders’ love. He says I will also show my love in a different way. He goes crying. Randhir says Vashma promised to support him and refused to him. Amrit says they both are right on their front, the situation is bad.Vashma is at her house. Uday comes there singing. He asks do you remember this song. Farooq comes. Uday says I got some fruits, you can enjoy the fruits, its good for us if you stay here. He goes. Vashma asks Zara to leave. Zara laughs and goes. Uday stands outside. Farooq asks are you shy or scared, its fine, I like both.She says I need time, I used to like someone else. He gets shocked. He asks who was he. She says I can’t tell you, I will try to save this relation, we are married, but I need some time. He nods and goes to lock the door. Uday is tensed. Farooq says I don’t wait or give time, I can just make you mine. He pushes her on the bed. He says I will punish you for your shamelessness, you were asking for time. She gets a knife and says don’t touch me, I m not a thing that you can make me yours, don’t dare to touch me against my wish. He smiles and says wow, I like this spice, it will be fun to show you your place, we are at your place so you are saying this, you can’t go anything at my place, when I know about your lover, I will kill him.Amrit comes to meet Vashma. Amrit asks are you fine. Vashma says I will get habitual. Amrit hugs her and asks how do you get so much courage in yourself. Vashma says love teaches everything. Uday calls out Vashma. They go to see. Uday says Farooq and I have a match today, arm wrestling competition. Iqbal says yes, Uday has challenged Farooq. Farooq says I m not habitual to lose. Uday says I understood life after losing. Farooq asks what will the winner get. Uday says Vashma… They get shocked. Abrar gets angry. Farooq stares at Uday. Uday says Vashma will tell what will the winner get. Uday and Farooq sit to arm wrestle. Iqbal says don’t know, whose side shall I take. Vashma says you have to take my husband’s side. Farooq smiles. Uday gets angry recalling her words. Uday wins. He says I have won, tell me what will you give me as reward. Iqbal says we will give reward later, get sweets for the winner. Vashma gets sweets. Uday stops her and says my hands are dirty, you feed the sweets to me. Vashma feeds the sweets to him. Vashma drops the sweets. She says I won’t feed sweets to the person who defeated my husband. Amrit asks Uday to come with her, Rajrani has some work. Farooq thinks why is Uday behaving such, I have to talk to Abrar about this. He goes. Iqbal goes after him. Abrar stops Uday and scolds him. Zaheda asks Abrar to control his anger for few days, Vashma will leave soon. Uday asks Abrar to control himself.Radha says a letter has come for you. Randhir says its mum’s letter. She asks what do mothers write in letters. He says they give advice and blessing. Radha says Rajrani also gives me advice and blessing. She goes. Randhir reads the letter… come back home, we will start the marriage preparation, it doesn’t matter if Lala blesses you or not, Bua had played the game with us. Randhir recalls Bua.Randhir stops Bua and apologizes. He asks why did you do that. Bua says you will go to Lala and complain, go and get me punished. He says no, anyone would feel bad and do such a thing, I came here to apologize, I didn’t respect the promise and wanted to marry Amrit, tell me, how can I make you happy. Bua and Kiran look at him. Randhir asks how can I end your hatred. Bua slaps him. She asks did you get hurt, did you feel insulted, now I will also fold hands and apologize, will your pain end, will you get the respect back, no…. leave it. Randhir says you are elder, your slap didn’t make me feel insulted, if you get peace by slapping me, then you can slap me again. Bua and Kiran leave. Rajrani looks on and cries. Amrit thinks Uday and Vashma aren’t happy. She stays sad. Rajrani comes to her. She says I couldn’t become a good mum. Amrit asks what is the matter. Rajrani says I have seen my daughter’s sorrow and didn’t say anything, I did injustice with Uday, I will get justice for you. Amrit says I know you had locked him. Rajrani says I have done a bad thing, I had pointed gun at my head and asked Vashma to stay away from Uday, I felt I m doing right, now I feel that I did wrong with Uday, he was a little baby when his mum left the world, I raised him as my son, when he needs me, I couldn’t help him. She says you have done a lot for our happiness, we won’t let this happen.Kiran says you should have not slapped Randhir. Bua scolds her. Rajrani gets Amrit there. She begs for Amrit’s happiness. Amrit stops Kiran from getting hurt. Rajrani says Lala has done Amrit and Randhir’s roka, until you get happy, he will not bless Amrit, do this favor on us, say yes for this alliance, tell Lala that you are happy with this alliance. Lala comes and shouts. He takes Bua’s side. Rajrani defends Randhir. She says he will keep Amrit happy. She says she had slapped Randhir in front of public. Amrit and Lala get shocked.
Amrit says Rajrani has agreed seeing your goodness. Bua says I won’t let your marriage happen. Uday dances with Vashma. Abrar gets angry.Update Credit to: Amena

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