Kyun Utthe Dil Chhod Aaye 3rd May 2021 Written Episode Update: Amrit refuses to Randhir’s love

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Kyun Utthe Dil Chhod Aaye 3rd May 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on
The Episode starts with Veer following Amrit and thinking you are trying to cheat me Amrit. He sees her wearing a burqa, but identifies her seeing the anklet. Randhir waits for her. He says you have come, Amrit. She asks how do you know it without seeing or hearing my voice. He says partition snatched everything from me, except your fragrance. They smile and recall their moments. Kyun uthe…plays…Veer comes and thinks I have seen you going here, where did you go. Randhir says I was passing by the market and saw his beautiful diary, it needs Ranjhan’s words, so I got this for you, take it, Amrit, you know, I was sure that my Amrit will come. She says I have come here to tell you that you go away from me and my life. He gets shocked. Randhir says look into my eyes and say, are you happy with him. She says a lot. He says your eyes can’t lie, tell me, why are you cheating yourself. She says I m very happy in my life. He asks why did you marry him, why did you not wait for me. She says four years are long, it wasn’t easy for me to accept someone, but this marriage was imp for my family. He asks does Veer love you. Veer looks for her.Amrit says more than himself, he loves me a lot, forgive me, I would like to get you in next birth, till then, you forget me, now I m someone else’s wife, I can’t be yours in this birth, go away and spend life with a better girl, stay more happy than me. She gets away from him. She says we lost a right to touch each other. He finds her ear bleeding because of heavy earrings. He asks is this his love for you. Amrit says no, he refused to me, I was adamant to wear it, his house respect is my responsibility now, you go away for the sake of my love. Randhir cries and says okay, you know that I have just wanted to see you happy, if this is true that someone else can love you more than me, if you are happy, then I swear on our love, I will go away from your life, if I know that his love is fake and you aren’t happy, then I will come back and snatch you from him. She says you go, you won’t need to come back. Randhir leaves. Veer comes to Amrit.He sees her fainting. He holds her in arms and says open your eyes. He takes her home. He sees her ear bleeding and removes the earrings. He thinks I m sure Nalini did this. He gets angry and goes to get aid. He does the aid. Nalini and Bindu come. Nalini asks what happened to her. Veer says nothing. Bindu says if she fainted after a month, we would think its good news. Nalini says I will call a doctor. Veer says we visited the doctor, she fainted due to mental stress. She says I have seen you happy, she is staying in this luxurious palace, how did she get mental stress. He asks her to come and see the truth. She steps on the earring. He asks did you get hurt, sit. He shows her the earring. He breaks the earring. He does aid to Nalini’s foot. He asks didn’t you know that these earrings will hurt my wife, you did it intentionally, right. She says you aren’t capable to manage our throne, I found my bahu’s intentions weak as well. He says Amrit may wake up by your voice, leave us on own state, go and handle your throne, take care. Nalini and Bindu leave. Veer sits on a chair and drinks. He sees Amrit.Its morning, Veer stays awake and looks at Amrit. Amrit wakes up. He says I was waiting for you to wake up, who did you meet. Uday teaches the girls at the brothel. Vashma says you are teaching us, do you want to change this brothel into an ashram. Uday says no. He feels shy. Vashma recalls his words and laughs. He says your laugh is just like…. She says don’t say that my laugh is also like that girl. Uday asks them to sit and study. Veer shouts tell me. Amrit says I went to meet my fiancee, we had love between us, we were going to marry, but we got separated because of partition, I still love him a lot, he also loves me. He says you were going to run away with him. She says no, I told him that I promised someone, I told him that our relation ended, I refused to him, I told him that we can never unite in this birth.He asks her to drink kada. She drinks and spits. She asks why are you making alcohol a medicine. He says person just tells the truth after having it. She says I m saying the truth, I didn’t learn to break the promise. He says you are saying that you have sacrificed your love because of the promise given to me, no girl can be so great, girl’s other name is cheat. She says no girl can stay happy with you, you don’t deserve love and even friendship. He laughs. He says congrats, you know me well now, the people who cheat and lie to me, you don’t know what I do with them. He drinks the alcohol. He goes. She cries and thinks I didn’t know that life will bring me at this point, I would ask my Randhir to go away from me.

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Nalini asks can you get Veer to the party office, he shouldn’t be drunk. Amrit asks Veer to attend the party meeting. He takes the keys from her to go and have alcohol.Update Credit to: Amena

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