Kyun Rishton Mein Katti Batti 31st March 2021 Written Episode Update Samaira frames Shubra

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Kyun Rishton Mein Katti Batti 31st March 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on
The episode begins with Sam talking to the watchmen and asking him what Shubra was talking about. He says that Shubra asked her to quit smoking and take care of his family. Sam tells him to tell everyone that Shubra asked him to switch off the lights and lock the cabin.At home, a champi session is going on where Shubra is giving a head massage to Biji and Biji is giving a head massage to kids. On the other hand in office, the watchmen tell Kuldeep what Sam asked him to. She pretends to be concerned and asks does only Shubra knows about it or Biji as well. Kuldeep says that only Shubra knew about me being claustrophobic. He adds the Shubra met me for the first time in the lift only. Sam says then she must have done this to recreate the memories and win Kuldeep back in her life.  Sam tries to instigate Kuldeep that she would have killed you in her obsession. She first came to Mumbai, then brought her kids as well, I never knew she will stoop down so low to win you back. Kuldeep agrees and says that I will talk to her but in private.Phirki receives a call from Sam, she tells Phirki her plan. Phirki throughs a fake lizard on the kids while they are studying. Rishi picks it up and realizes that it is fake. He puts it in his pencil box. Phirki records it all on her phone.Ayi has brought dresses for Rishi and Roli and a saree for Shubra. She tells Vitthal to courier them. Sadashiv sees the gifts for kids and agrees to send them prohibits her to send gifts from Shubra. Ayi says that her opinion about Shubra is different and she also knows the culture. She says that your ego is your biggest enemy. I have bought these gifts with my money and I will give them to my daughter.The entire family is sitting at the dinner table having dinner. Roli sits beside Kuldeep and asks Shubra to serve him first. Sam pretends that she is getting bored and play the video footage on the tv where the watchman is telling him that Shubra asked him to switch off the light and lock the office door. Kuldeep yells at Sam and asks her to switch off the tv. He says that you shouldn’t have brought this up in front of kids. Sam says that they should also know the reality of their mother. Rishi says that his mother cannot do such a thing. Biji tries to intervene and says that she sent Shubra to the office and she absolutely had no clue about my plan. How could she plan so much? Sam says that I don’t want to eat and is about to leave when Sam screams as there is a lizard in her food. She asks Phirki how is there a lizard in her food. Phirki says that she saw a lizard in Rishi’s hand. Sam asks Shubra to prove that Rishi is innocent. Shubra says no need as Rishi never lies. Rishi insists that he will prove his innocence. He searches his pencil box but there is no lizard in it. Sam once again tries to instigate Kuldeep.The episode ends.Precap: Rishi retaliates and argues with Sam. Kuldeep slaps him. Shubra says that she will take her kids back.Update Credit to: Swapnil Namaste, I am a Blogger and a Voice Artist. Born with a flair to play with words, I invigorate feelings through thoughts, woven with words for the world to imbibe.

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