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pragya- after you left alia started acting that she accepted me as her bhabhi(sister in law) she talked with respect with me, sahana amd sarita ji for 1 year one day she told your father and mr.kohli to sign papers as it is related to office and since she.was behaving nicley you father signed it without looking at it amd she revealed it was property papers and it was written that the whole m.k will be the servant and we have been like this since few months
prachi- that witch how dare she and you should have called me ofcourse i wrote not to find about me but i did not told not to call when you have a bad condition
pragya- prachi cool down
prachi- ok now please everyone go to sleep
next morning
prachi was in dining table drinking milkshake and she hadn’t changed clothes after doing gym

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kiara comes and pulls her ears
prachi- kiu aah it pains
kiara- oh when you drink milkshake after doimg gym amd not changing clothes the this is the punishment
prachi- i do 2 hours gym just to eat like this food amd you are stopping me where will i go now (dramatic tone)
everyone laughs
prachi- ok now my milkshake is finished i am going to freshen up you see the news and tell me
kiara- ok
she switches on the tv
news alia mehra is bankrupt
another channel businesswoman alia mehra is bankrupt
(purab divorce her but he is with m.k family in srora mansion)
prachi was about to step in the first stair
kiara- prachi
she turns
prachi- what happened (innocently)
kiara- prachi fid you do it
prachi- any doubt
m.k family who witnessed it were hell shocked that how se bankrupt a person just in few hours )
aryan- but how
prachi- when i saw how she teated you i was very angry that time i decided i will bankrupt her but my work started at night when all of you were sleeping first i hacked the cctv and saw she was drinking first i buyed 75% of her company share then the rest i buyed from another buisness persons i showed to them that the company was at loss and they sold it to me
purab- didn’t they ask you why you wanted to buy it
prachi- ofcourse chicks they asked and i told them personal issues and no one has dated to enter my personal life
kiara- except one
prachi- you need to tell and okay his name is tuteja
sahana- tuteja what kind of name
kiara- sahana it harish actually prachi and he share a enemy bond
prachi see the clock
prachi- oh i need to foro office kiu you tell 5them
she goes
ranbir- can you please explain
kiara- he and prachi used to be friends but she didn’t knew he had lust for prachi and me and one day prachi had invited him to her house in vietnam to party
abhi- my daughter has house in vietnam
kiara- not only vietnam she has house all over the countries she like and he had locked all the door and she made prachi unconscious as she knew martial arts,karate amd boxing and she know how to use a sword so she would have easily beat him so he then started to come close to me but thank god piyush and akash came with police
ranbir- who is piyush and akash
kiara- akash is my boyfriend and piyush is
aryan- prachi boyfriend
ranbir felt tensed
kiara- no he is her best friend and harish had been bailed amd we could not to as we had no proofs and he comes to office everyday to challenge prachi one day he challenged prachi to walk on broken glass ans she being stubborn walked and after some time harish went out prachi had fainted she now accepted a challenge where she have to dance on both classical and modern dance un one song and have to release it
prachi voice comes from her room
prachi- kiu
kiara- coming
dasi- why is she calling
kiara- don’t worry her everyday is like this first she calls me and tells me to choose her what to wear while she wearing bathrobe dances on bed wearing her wireless headphones amd i have to call her loudly and tell her to stop and change
she left
pragya- oh my god this girl made me shocked
vikram- we never thought she will walk on broken glass
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