Kumkum Bhagya 4th March 2021 Written Episode Update: Pragya gets shock seeing Abhi’s mental state

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Kumkum Bhagya 4th March 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.comThe Episode starts with Aaliya telling Pragya that she will keep her on trial for 3 days and if she works well then she will get 6000 Rs as salary. Mitali says half of Vandana’s salary. Pragya tells that the salary is less, as she was offered 15000 Rs in her old house. She taunts Aaliya and tells that if they get more money then give her more salary. Tanu asks her about her name. Pragya says Gayatri. Aaliya says she don’t like her attitude. Tanu asks her to keep her stuff in her room and asks Mitali to show her room. Aaliya asks did you find difficulty to come here, Tanu. Tanu tells no and tells that she got excited when she asked her to return. Pragya hears them. Aaliya says you are hearing us. Pragya says she don’t have such habit. Mitali asks her to wipe the floor. Aaliya says she can’t work here, as she don’t like her attitude. Pragya says her language is Haryanvi and that’s why even she talks, it seems like she is fighting. She asks her not to feel bad. Tanu and Mitali ask Aaliya to hire her. Mitali asks her to do the kitchen work. Pragya asks where is Kitchen. Mitali shows the way. Pragya goes. Tanu says it seems she is hardworking.Prachi comes to Palak and wishes her for the happy marriage. Palak takes her to side and asks her not tell anyone. Prachi agrees and says you have to tell your parents some day. Palak says she will meet her later. Prachi asks her to forgive her, as she left from her marriage suddenly. Palak says try to understand, my friends are coming here. Prachi asks her to forgive her. Palak says that day Ranbir and your marriage was happening in the temple. Prachi asks what were you telling? Palak says they asked me not to tell me and tells that Ranbir wanted to marry you. Prachi says you was sitting in the temple. Palak says Ranbir loves you so much and wanted to marry you. She says his plan was very romantic and asks her not to fight with him. Prachi breaks friendship with Palak and gets upset.Sarita behen calls Pragya and asks if she met Abhi. Pragya says she is going now and reminds her that it is her new number. She takes the mop and bucket and knocks on Abhi’s door. Her Dupatta flies and moves from her head. The Servant comes there. Pragya starts wiping the floor and asks her to go. Servant goes. Pragya enters Abhi’s room holding the mop and the bucket. Abhi sees the mop and gets angry. He comes out of the cupboard and holds her neck, asking her if she will beat him. They fall down. Aaliya tells that what is this sound? Mitali says if Gayatri went to her room. Aaliya says Bhai will kill her. They run. Abhi sees her hand and bites on her hand. Pragya gets shocked to see his state. Aaliya beats him asking him to leave Gayatri. Pragya sits shockingly. Tanu asks Mitali to call Doctor and asks him to give injection. Mitali tells that Doctor will come at 10:30 am. She asks Gayatri if she is hurt. Pragya goes out to the kitchen and thinks of her moments with Abhi and how Aaliya was beating him in that state. She cries. Dadi comes there with Tai ji and ask Pragya not to leave the job, says everything is fine here, you will have no problem to work here. Tai ji says why don’t you tell the truth to her, Abhi has gone mad, we shall shift him somewhere else. Dadi says Abhi is not mad, he will be fine. She asks her to go and tells that her grand son needs love and care, which he can’t get here. Tai ji asks are you coming or shall I call Aaliya. Dadi goes. Pragya thinks what has happened to him, his sister is beating him so much and he is not doing anything. Aaliya continues to beat Abhi and asks Mitali to take the mop. Mitali is about to take the mop. Abhi takes it. Aaliya beats him and gets the mop. She gives it to Mitali. Aaliya says he has messed up the room, says they have call the electrician again. Tanu walks towards Abhi. Abhi gets up. She gets scared and runs out. Abhi says I am hungry, give me food. Tanu tells that Gayatri went, who will do the work. Tai ji says Dadi has brainwashed her with her sweet words, now she will not go. Aaliya says Dadi had done the same thing with Pragya. Mitali tells that they want behenji type servant, and says Pragya is that type. Tanu asks her to think about Gayatri and goes to talk to her. Pragya is crying and sitting in the kitchen. She thinks she shall go from here, so that nobody can know about her, else Aaliya will get her arrested again. Tanu comes there and says we came to know about you.Precap will be added when available. Update Credit to: H Hasan

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